Where You At…or…Here’s What To Do

What are your plans?


You better get some…

What do you mean? I say.

Well, the possibility of preparing right now for what ever holds for next year can be,

To your advantage.

People won’t be spending money as much…


They will be repairing and replacing.

Here is where You come in.

And, I Mean You

that hasn’t No Real Know how…

Just a pure ole combination of “want to/haft too,” pick your reason.


With Attitude And Professionality
You Could Be, Dare I say it??


Nothing wrong with THAT either
(another subject later time)

Now sit back a day or two, “prepare your mind to be busy”


Pick your specialty.

Read that again…

What do you want to “be known for.”

The man…

Could be automatic transmissions.
A Profitable business I hear.

A real good starter generator repair shop

Or generator / hydraulics repair store

Security fences and Gate Design

By sheer numbers of things sold:
Start a used tire store

Make it, man.

Sell that junk you have laying around and turn it over…

Even a little cash is a start..

You already know how to stretch that it,


Now it’s your turn.

Lay back a couple of days and

Figure it out.

Turn off the tv
Sit in the dark
Drive 400 miles in no particular direction
Leave the radio off
Do something in the next 2-3 days

That make a definate change in the way it’s going now..


Now Is Your Time

You’ll see a big difference with the even a little effort.

Even as little as how:

A 2 minute conversation could change your life…


There you Go.

Now, You Go.

Best of Luck to You and Yours. (in the best Gomer fashion)


Walk it forward

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