Part 2 of Where you….

Walk it Forward

This Coming Monday.

Go out. Walk the talk.

Visit flea markets,

Yard sales,

Talk to locals

You walk with not a job in sight.

Bet you’ll find one, tho.

Make enough money to buy that trailer.

Now what???


Repair that gate, mower, plow point, buy you a Rose Bud (big one) for the torches… Lot easier to perform metal miracles if it’s glowing hot before you start hammering.

Just figure what Your New Trade would

The Skilled Trades

I have made rough list..

The List of Trades after a little thinking
(I’ve left out many)

Generalized terms Listed here

Tooling and fixturing
Mechanic, 1000 specialities
Audio and video
Air condition and Refrigeration
Duct work
Chassis/Suspension design
Body sculpting
Machining and Turning
Chemical engineering

All of these further broken down to
Magnetic steel or Soft Aluminum each with it’s vastly different workload handling characteristic.

The breakdown list of what I just said above, makes it Waay Bigger than the list above…Wow

Think about your breakdown list

Find yourself

An Area of Expertise, Your specialty,
You probably already have it or want it.

So go be


I think 80 percent of it is just acting

Like IT

Prepared, studied up

Who’s going to say Different.

Give That A try I say.

See what you can make of it.

So there…

My best is out.

So over-n-out


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