Your Job: It’s Simple

If you provide any service:


Repair and replace

Build or Fabricate



Rig or hang

Wire and run

Plumb or finish

Plus the thousands more descriptions of what is “A Job,”

Then you are presenting yourself as a


A person who knows what he is doing…

Resulting in you doing the service of:

Essentially problem-solving for people,
Institutions, work places or homes…

When you do this:

You are to be paid…

You solve problems?

You get paid.

Simple as that.


Here is another thing.


Like to Pay.

Makes them feel good.

Makes them proud.

They “Like” to spend.


They even like to Brag how much they Spent!

Once had a painter who was upset because his customer was going around showing the paint job on his bike…said it cost him $5200.00

The Painter painter only charged $2250.00…

So, the painter learned a bit about “people.”

People are proud of what they bought…


Price is a big part of why they’re proud…

Most times.

But you sure better give them professional quality thru-out.

So, go out there and solve a problem for somebody.

I guarantee there’s satisfaction in doing it.

Bet they “offer up” some money for you, too.

Something to think about.



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