Well, I’m a goin on

That’s the way I say it the way I say it

What did I say a while back about building some bike….

I’ll have to go look, but I’m pretty sure I’m now working on that 20′ Long VW.

The one we built on Fox Sports South a couple of years ago…

After losing about $55K from the experience (TV ain’t pretty so much, people),

I pretty much have recovered from the experience and have a mission to see it complete.

The Goal: Drive the VW to Myrtle Beach.

Powered and PUSHED by the Vee Rubber Monster 360 Drag Type Bike I built a long time ago for my friend and ole buddy Scott Adams in Charleston South Carolina, it ought to bring in a good amount of exposure for us here at Amen and Scott’s company Liquid Box, which is a really neat idea of converting shipping containers into liquid holding containers that are then shipped worldwide.

So, we’re out riding the bikes yesterday to get rid of the itch ( both from wanting to ride, but to recover from all that grinding from modifying the bus)…

Met up with some real good suspension guys, Sam & Sam who are VW Specialists.

They are going to fix our front steering beam up for the Bus, as it is just mocked up with steering and spindles, not much else.

A nose lifting and steering element is being finished this morning so I can turn this beast “on a dime”,

This is unheard of…

But results is a totally functional and useable machine as a driver. After all the hard work, shouldn’t it be?

And so, this is the latest of updates here.

We also have plans for one of the week long sessions of classes to begin here in about a month, so look for info on that, probably April 2…

There will be lots for you guys to see, and learn from, you guys that are committed to this fabrication lifestyle we create here everyday.

If you are trying to get somewhere in the Fab Business, maybe here at Amen is where you get your start.

I guarantee I Will Open Your Eyes to What Is Possible..

Call 423-272-6000 for the low-down.

Later, Tader


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