Matt Steding attended the class we held November 23, the one who finished welded and sanded His Gas Tank Complete before he quit.

A good guy, man. Really, one of the rare ones, him and Tony are fast becoming super friends, do I recon he’s happy.

I’m teaching the start-up of his Gas Tank Business “Hammerform” where he will compete with the guys on eBay selling those custom tanks that look “edgy and kool.”

So we’re doing our work and the Van in the previous post will be a part if it.

More metal shaping training, try not to “waste” a hammer lick…

Matt has a hot race motor that will be going into the van, so that’s good,

I’m real blessed to have Matt here, a sure sign to me, and I’ll do anything I can to help him with his goals too.

Good team here



Matt’s new friend: Sweetcream the ugliest cat in the World


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