Fight’er to the Finish 3 in 1 Class Begins the 23rd

If you haven’t called in or signed up, be sure to not miss this 3 in 1 set of class sessions beginning this month (January) the 23rd.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of you and “let it be” 24 hour a day Motorcycles, just as it should be.

This will be the first class with my Buddy Tony here, too.

And Boy, Can He Cook.


A Lot of it,


Real often,

So get ready for the best hands-on instruction money can buy.

Insights and real cost savings tips,

Design and work-arounds

Set-ups showing Formal Fixturing and How to Not have to Have it.

Plus Metal Stretching (easy) and Shrinking (Hard )…

Plus, mechanical set-ups and Build a Bike, (the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-off Get er Done).

Plus, stay here at the factory/shop/home, look out each morning thru the windows of the 2 story skyscraper where you have just slept.


Tony, cooking all that food.

Life’s good.

See ya here



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