Life On A Chain

When did that happen…

Our lives lived by limits…

Lived by an imaginary chain…
Not an actual chain,
It Does the Same Thing.

Something that is:
Stopping me.

Making my decisions for me.

A Limit.


No You Can’t minute…

You can’t go.
You can’t afford.
You can’t get off work.

That’s a bunch of bull.

You can…


At present you are Living Life on a chain.


Your thinking is holding you back.

Get ready for this:

It’s nothing more than You Letting
Your Mind Do The Controlling Of You.

Your mind is running the show.

Your mind is running and maybe ruining your life.

Your mind is running the show instead of you…

In essence,

Life is being lived by the thoughts and beliefs you are carrying around in your mind.



You better get to know yourself,

And pretty quick.

Time is wasting away and flying by.

The faster you control yourself instead of letting your mind run free thinking down and second guessing everything,
convincing you how scared all this is, then you’ve got work to do.

So, this week, count your blessings from the past year.

And once you’re done with that, concentrate on making yourself stronger and resistant to the second guessing thoughts,

Then, go do something big and different this year with your life.

If you get scared…

Good, that means “its big.”

When you get done with the commitment and decision

And it is in motion and In place, and caused a big change in your life…

I promise you will look at what you done and will find yourself to be the most proud of yourself,

More so than you have been in a long time.

Go Big, this year.


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