Here Is Where It Will Get You

You have made the decision…
You’re going for it…
Whatever IT is.

You feel Great.

Finally made that commitment,

Going for it,
(because you have decided this is something very exciting to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it…moving out of that complacent comfort zone you’re in.)

All is Good,

For a while, even for a couple of days…


You get uneasy,

Then you start to doubt,

Or even before that:
You begin to not Think its the right time to be making this decision
Trust you can do it.
Trust the decision you made is a Good one.

These things we commit to…

Even after we’ve done it,
Can become stressful.

It just depends on on, get this:

How you think…

Most times (me)

I just tend to throw a wrench in it,
And stop it cold right on the spot.

Wow, how dumb, and I thought I was Smart.

Just goes to show how Fickle and Weak we can really be if we do not keep a check on ourselves.

By controlling ourselves and keep our courage up long enough to “get in to it.”

Then we get:

A potential life changing blessing,
For sure, A new direction,
A commitment you made that may make your personal or business life much more rewarding and enjoyable.
Much more enjoyable than you can probably think of.


I seem to have to keep more check on myself than usual these days,

maybe it’s because I’m getting older,


I think it’s because we have to make our decisions really count these days,

To make the best decisions we can make, now that we have an economy like we have.

These potential decision making mistakes could cost a lot of money,
And time,
And time really does count.

Even More so now, in our lives.

That used to not be the case.

Being cautious is good,
Even smart.


You cannot be scared of changes you have decided to make.

You cannot let “your mind control you” and stop you.

You have to make yourself have a reason to be a “little scared,” because change in its self is a little scary.

Or if you’re really gutsy, go for a commitment that is a bit more “big scary”

Like if you’re going for,


A Donald Trump sized Deal.

I like this reason tho It rarely rattles around in my mind as a “reason to use” but it has returned while writing this piece tonite:

So here it is:

I like what Naomi Judd said:

“The Best Revenge is Living Well.”

So, I say:

Go and Do what you want.

In doing so, you have a better chance at “Judd’s Living Well” attitude…

Beats the alternative as the boss says,
while you’re reading this…

“Quit dickin off on that computer phone and get yur ass back to woik.”

Over-n-Out for now,


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