When Do You Start


If that thought ran thru your mind…

Then, its probably Time To Start.

And your When is…

…probably now…

You need to begin now.

Starting your new shop…


Your new job…

Or make that commitment to learning your area of expertise…


Use that area of expertise you have that is natural to you.

Fabricate/Build or,

Learn how to build and fabricate thru the schools here.

Change is something you will see and it eventually makes you decide either by choice or by force.

We are changing too, in all our lives and gradually do and begin to think different.


You need to be “ready.”


Dilly dally around and…

Either: Now or Later..,

Often turns into: Now or Never…

Now being the indicator of “When.”

I meant to…

But, I never did…

Sitting in that rocking chair one day will be a lot more rewarding to you,

If you knew you have taken a few chances with your life,

Had a few close calls,

But made it,

To know within yourself: I Had Me an “Adventure,”

Not just sitting there wishing “for a better life.”

When do you start?

I say…

The sooner

The better…

Go to bed Tired.

Go to be Satisfied.

Go to bed Thankful you mustered up the guts to “go for it.”

Super Sessions Week:
November 14,
No reports will come out of here while I’m with the guys who have committed to attend.


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