It Costs What it Costs… Maybe

I once had a Plating Business.
I loved the plating business, too.
A different job everyday, forever constantly a challenging job.

And a real satisfying feeling of pulling quality parts out of the tank, everytime…hopefully.


I had it down pat.


I made me some money, too.


I was expanding, too.

2 properties
A new house
An apartment built new
A giant metal shop building,
A big 2 story building out front of it with
Plans to Make into a store, a home, a showroom, whatever…

I bought the 2 story because I seen those “towers” at Bristol Dragway

Then build 4″ square tubing all around and “on” the outside of this structure, because of the way they built architectural “visuals” on the buildings at the 1982 Worlds Fair.

All during the construction I had to learn how to:


Build footers

Pour concrete

Smooth that concrete and babysit it,

Build with steel,

With wood

Handle electrical and plumbing, and make it work…drain, not leak, stuff like that…

Wait, there’s more…

Meters and meter poles
3 phase disconnects and negotiating with the power company to “get it brought in.”


The only thing that came close to beating me was:



That Heavy, Brittle, Dusty stuff that once put up and sanded feels like you just got done working the whole Empire State Building… All sanded FLAT like a un-ending body work “job” on a big Giant Car…

All this work,

For pretty much nothing…

Looked like crap.

Started out this way

The big metal building was done.

I was Doing contract industrial metal finishing,

“They” went on a 2 week shutdown…

I brought the 3 employees in instead of laying them off 2 weeks.

Let’s sheet rock this 2 story I Say…

2 1/2 months later. Re-worked a couple of times it finally was acceptable

Lesson here:

Pay the professional for his help

They could have done the job in 4 days
And walked out…done

And done right,

The first time.

The first time.

Had to type that one again

Here it is

You Will. Pay.

4. To. 5. Times.

What it “would” cost

In the long run.

If you try to “learn” it yourself

Thinking you’re going to save money,

5 years can go by with nothing to show for it sometimes.

I’ve seen it

And sadly

I’ve done it.

So come get your training here,

I guarantee it to be worth 4-5 times what you Paid OR More.



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