Class report review day 3-4

Well, I’m thinking what the next level of work we did.


Day 1 tank class…in one day instead of two.

Reflecting upon it, we will be using 2 days to build the tank per normal.

This class was a bit more exceptional in that they were 1st and foremost more experienced “weldors” than the normal class.

But 2 days it is next time, as it really “takes” it.

Day 2 was the beginning of the frame class. Brought out the fixtures and set them up on the jig table.

Lots of measurements, angles, explaining…

Show the short method they could use in their business, instead of doing it the long and hard and expensive way, too.

A couple of really important tooling and coping inventions was shown.

Then, the “secret” to Frame fab that you have to come here to get.

Guaranteed to set you up in the business in a smart and efficient way once you see it.

Sal (who came back from a class 9 months ago) has set up a complete shop with the tooling built for his jig and (4) bikes/engines and lathe and mill set-ups, done with nothing but determination and no help since he left. Setting up a Powdercoating operation next. (Were showing and teaching a short, fast fact filled couple of hours so they can get an idea if it is something they want to get into.)

Next day (3) we built the complete drivetrain set up modified of course for the new Underslung project I am working on.

Bent some tubing, smoked a few cigars.

I told the guys they would have a part in a legacy build. (Specials of one off construction I build, which I have not done in a pretty long time for several reasons.

Being smart, I told them what they should say about their involvement in the build;

They should say they helped fabricate the experimental drivetrain set up in the Underslung project.

Sorry no pictures tho they were taken and promises made to keep them private.

Its going to be a bad machine.

I can’t wait to begin on the chassis and front end.

We broke out for a day trip (day 4) the next day as George needed to “see” a real tool store as he thought Walmart was really something, eat Wendy’s his favorite I guess then taco bell at the evening end.

This special trip was to help George get his shopping done while he was here with the tools he would need back in Vensuala.

We held lots of personal goal and direction talks while in the car driving probably 225 miles that day.

The evenings were open for anything and everything and was primarily aimed at putting a direction on what we all seen as strong points of each one of these guys. And talking about the ins and outs of getting started by making money from the beginning of the start up.

A real good set of sessions other than learning not to feed the cat unlimited amounts of milk, man can she make a mess when she gets the runny poops started.

I’m going to break away from class for a blog or two.

Got something on my mind.

It might pop up and out of mind here shortly.

Gone thinking…


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