Before and After

Here is a sneaky way to get in a couple of good pictures….

Here goes:

I thought I would do a Post on “How You Feel,”

And Your Ability to Get Your Work Done And That Dream Fulfilled…

And, How They Go Hand in Hand.

After all,

If You Don’t Feel Like It, How are you Going to Get Er Done??

Below is a pic of Me with the 2nd Bagger bike I built.

I had quit smoking and gained 20 lbs easy.

Food sure began to taste good, too.

So, I Put It On.


Yep, pretty fat here in the pic, but ain’t that a cool machine…

The belt drive is HandMade and The First One Ever Built for a Bagger.

This bike was built about 3 years ago.

The next picture is of the 19′ LONG VW Bus we built on Fox Sports South TV Show: What Would Mike Do?

We used 10 guys from the Tennessee Technology School, and They Did A Great Job, too.

This Machine is Something To See, too.


Get this:

Your Attitude and The Belief You Have in Yourself…Is The Most Important Part.

Just Knowing You Can Do the Work of Your Dreams…

To Design/Create/Fabricate/Paint and Polish Raw Steel into Something Beyond What You Thought You Were Building.


You also Have To Feel Like Doing It too…

That’s where getting rid of that extra weight comes in.

It sure worked for me,

And I tell you, the guys that built the Bus, while they were here,

There was a couple 3 of them lost that couch fat…

Some lost over 20 lbs.


All you have to do is…Get Started…

Just Get Moving…

I am enjoying getting the shop ready for the school and setting it up in a more formal way.

It is after all, my “work,” my “job.”

And I want to have the energy to do all of it well.

So after all the daily treadmill work…

Here is an “after pic.”

The post is “before and after,”

Get it??


Huh, that didn’t work…

Looks like it would be best…

To just come to the class and see for yourself.

Bet You figured I’d say that tho, huh.


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