Killer Testimonials

I read Somewhere if I have Testimonials from previous students, then put them out for the people to see.

Going back thru those emails and reading those things, Well, there’s probably a better way.

But, I’ll dig out a few of those and put them here.

It should be easier now that I’ve got the website under control, so these Testimonials can “Build” over time.

As a side note, the bike below was the machine we used for Assembly “Build a Bike Class and I know for sure the engine had been put in and out over 175 Times, before a Student Bought it for $27,000.00.


Testimonies begin Here:

Mike gives you a great opportunity to build the chopper or choppers of your dreams. He shows you how and tells you where the problems areas are, how to overcome those problems and troubleshoot.

He delivers in a few short days knowledge that would take years to get without taking a year out of your life.

If you ever wanted to build a serious chopper the best place to start is at one of Mike Browns classes.

Dale Merriott
Loud And Proud Customs.

Here is Sal,
What he Wrote:

Mike Browns approach to teaching these classes is much different than most, In most schools they just throw you a service manual and tell you to put it together.

Mikes approach to it makes you feel like your right at home in you own shop.
The extra information you get from his years of experience is second to none. So you wont find it in other classes

Sal also sent in his pics of the frame jig he built after spending the week with me last March.

He Says he’s covered up with work.


It was good to here from you today. I wanted to send you some pictures of my latest finished project. The two rear tires are
315 X 17 inch, the handmade frame is a soft tail with an air bag for suspension, the front end is 38 degree with 6 degree trees and 6 over forks.

Out of all the many things I learned while at your school, one thing really stuck with me when you said “good enough is no reason to quit”, and I quote you a lot. Thanks for the education.

Dennis L. Goff


Here is Ken who lives in Mississippi:
Ken has taken a couple of classes here.

Here is what he said:

Mike Brown & Amen Engineering

Nov 2011

A few years ago, I went to see an exhibition of custom motorcycles at, of all places, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. This was a very wonderfully surprising and diverse collection of builders from around the country…and it is the first time I saw (or at least was aware I was looking at) the work master builder Mike Brown. His contribution to the exhibition was his “Hubless Monster”. I was immediately captivated by the simplicity and elegance of this rolling sculpture. This bike is a perfectly blended combination of stunning craftsmanship and individually beautiful details both from an engineering and visual perspective. I thought at the time, and believe to this day, that this is one of the most beautiful motorcycles I have ever seen.

A few months after seeing this exhibit, I knew I would be driving past the town where Mike has his shop, so I called to see if I could stop by to see his operation and get to know more about him and his work. He said he was right in the middle of filming a segment for the Discovery Channel, and unfortunately, didn’t think it would be a good time for me to stop by. He did, however, speak to me about my interest and I told him that I was a novice, beginning to build a bike of my own. Mike mentioned that he would be running some building workshops in the near future and told me to keep an eye on his website for the schedule. I was quite surprised by his informality, openness and genuine engagement with me (some nobody from western TN) and my plans.

My first workshop with Mike Brown was the Frame Building Workshop, a great overview of frame design and construction. He went though all aspects of creating an individual motorcycle frame including; materials, tools, basic geometry, drive-train mounts, etc. Certainly the most valuable component of this workshop was the wealth of information and experience Mike was able to impart from many years in the business. The small group of guys in attendance made it very easy to get real personal attention from Mike, and assistance directed to each of us individually.

Then last year, I took his Tank Building Workshop. This was a true hands-on experience, where everyone in the group got to build their own gas tank. We went through the whole process including: simple design, steel layout, cutting, shaping (hammer & sandbag, English wheel, shrinking & stretching), and welding. As I am still in the process of learning many of these techniques, this was the first time I had ever done any serious sheet metal shaping. What was most comforting was that we did it all without elaborate or expensive tooling or equipment. Mike made it conceivable that each of us could actually build a tank. Throughout the workshop, Mike was always there providing one-on-one assistance as necessary, drawing the whole group together to speak about some unique problem or situation as it developed. Though I didn’t get the tank finished (curved top, sides and bottom tacked together but not finish welded), I left confident that I could, with more practice, actually build my own tank!

Mike is a designer and maker in the purest sense of the concept. He is very personable and down to earth. He breaks building processes down to their simplest steps. He doesn’t pull and punches and he doesn’t hide any secrets. He is more than willing to tell you what he knows and is interested in what you have to bring to the workshop as well. Mike is able to work with each person at his (or her) own level and help them grow at his/her own pace.

I am not a professional bike builder, nor do I have any intention to pursue it at a level beyond that of a serious and committed amateur. Though I am somewhat of a novice in bike building (I am a professional woodworker with decades of tool use and material experience) I have no doubt that even a seasoned and experienced metalworker would benefit from the experience of Mike’s workshops. I had truly wonderful experiences in both that I attended. Each of them helped build my own body of knowledge and experience that I have been able to bring back to my own shop. I would recommend that anyone considering bike building serious look at these workshops.

Ken S.

Matt S is one of the guys that came for a week here a couple of weeks ago.
He wrote his testimonial and it goes as follows:

If you are serious about custom motorcycle fabrication and doing truly one off designs then you had better get yourself out to one of Mike’s Classes.

I’m sure you are wondering if you are really going to learn all this in one week right? I can tell you that you had better bring your notebook to write everything down because you are going to recieve more information than you could ever dream possible, information that has cost mike thousands of dollars and countless years of expirence to aquire and can truly show you the key to this business.

What honestly seperates Mike’s classes from any other in this world is that you will learn about life….your life, and what direction you are headed in…. if that direction is right for you?

Every single person in this world has a purpose to fullfill, and many never get to experience the absolutely amazing satisfaction that comes from living your purpose. If you have found that custom motorcycle building is the path that you want to take then you have two options the way I see it….. you can go on and let life pass you by, and at 75 sit there and tell yourself, man I should of done that, I should of did this, OR you c
an be a DOER and say man I actually DID THAT… I got what I wanted in this life!

You only get one life, so I am saying you NEED to go for this, get yourself out to Mikes class and I promise that it will be the start of a whole new life for you! The ONLY person in this world that can set limitations on you is you yourself!! Go make YOUR DREAM and YOUR LIFE happen!!
Matt S.

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