3 in 1 Class Week: 6 Days and Nights of Training

Beginning January 23 and covering all aspects of Motorcycle Building and Fabrication, These Sessions will Get You Way Ahead In your Business Start-up and Dream of Designing/Build/Fabricating.

The cost for this Week Long Session Is $2085.00 for the week.

No Motel Fees: Stay here at the Home/Shop

Food Provided.

"After Hours Sessions" covering all aspects of Your Specialization and Questions are addressed in its' entirety. (In-Depth Discussions Covering the Next Moves you want to make.)

These Sessions will help you know How To Get Started when you Get Back Home.

Were Building The Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-off Bike during these sessions, complete up and running.

Call 423-272-6000 and I'll fill you in with all the details.

Mike Brown

Price: $2,085.00