Before and After ll

Not what you thought I bet.

This picture is of an evolution process of my work…

The red bike is state of the art 2003.

The Blue chassis design is the latest of the latest.

Note: The Frame Is As Long As The Whole Bike in the background.

The origin of this design was on the 2002 Savior, first shown in 2003.

I’ve got you guys a new design to see, too.

The new Underslung Project…

You guys that come to the school will actually get to Do Some Work On It, too.

Come to the School for the “Inside Stuff.”



Before and After

Here is a sneaky way to get in a couple of good pictures….

Here goes:

I thought I would do a Post on “How You Feel,”

And Your Ability to Get Your Work Done And That Dream Fulfilled…

And, How They Go Hand in Hand.

After all,

If You Don’t Feel Like It, How are you Going to Get Er Done??

Below is a pic of Me with the 2nd Bagger bike I built.

I had quit smoking and gained 20 lbs easy.

Food sure began to taste good, too.

So, I Put It On.


Yep, pretty fat here in the pic, but ain’t that a cool machine…

The belt drive is HandMade and The First One Ever Built for a Bagger.

This bike was built about 3 years ago.

The next picture is of the 19′ LONG VW Bus we built on Fox Sports South TV Show: What Would Mike Do?

We used 10 guys from the Tennessee Technology School, and They Did A Great Job, too.

This Machine is Something To See, too.


Get this:

Your Attitude and The Belief You Have in Yourself…Is The Most Important Part.

Just Knowing You Can Do the Work of Your Dreams…

To Design/Create/Fabricate/Paint and Polish Raw Steel into Something Beyond What You Thought You Were Building.


You also Have To Feel Like Doing It too…

That’s where getting rid of that extra weight comes in.

It sure worked for me,

And I tell you, the guys that built the Bus, while they were here,

There was a couple 3 of them lost that couch fat…

Some lost over 20 lbs.


All you have to do is…Get Started…

Just Get Moving…

I am enjoying getting the shop ready for the school and setting it up in a more formal way.

It is after all, my “work,” my “job.”

And I want to have the energy to do all of it well.

So after all the daily treadmill work…

Here is an “after pic.”

The post is “before and after,”

Get it??


Huh, that didn’t work…

Looks like it would be best…

To just come to the class and see for yourself.

Bet You figured I’d say that tho, huh.


A Month of Amen

I just checked,

And from the first post “A New Site,”

It has been a little over a month now.


I’m amazed…

A few of you have contacted me and have told me of decisions you have made.


The Guts it takes to “choose” to do what your heart “wants,”

Instead of what ole Dad (for example) wants…

The Decisions that Will Change Your Life Forever.

“Going For It.”

How cool.

Helping to Set Dreams in Motion..

Well, I’m Honored.

And I Will Work Hard to Keep The Information Here Useful.

The decisions and choices you make in your life,

By aiming your thoughts toward What
You Really Want to Do…

Instead of Dragging you’re Old Tired Self Down to That Job You Have Now.

Man, Commitment to self…

Not selfish

If you Choose to Pour Your Life into Something You Like To Do,

Why, There is No Better “Work” for you to do.


You will probably do a Better Job at it.


You will probably finish it, see it thru to the end.

Maybe even make “your mark” in this ole world of ours.

So Congrats To All who have found this place.

I’ll do my best,

With the wisdom I have at this time in my life.

And Hopefully,

IT is Growing.

Over and Out.


Grow Up Words

Here are the words I’m not supposed to say while typing this Blog:

The 8 bad words.

Not… Learn

Say: Discover

Not… Tell

Say: Reveal

Not… But

Say: However

Not… Buy

Say: Claim/Invest/Reserve

Not… If

Say: When

Not… Things

Say: Tips/Tricks/Techniques

Not… Stuff

Say: Insider Secrets or Secrets


Say: Which or This

Out of all of them…

I agree with a couple three of them…

And if I would just admit to it,

All of Them are Right to Use as a Guide…


In this Silly Politically Correct Society We Live In, it’s easy to be swayed when the loudest crowd gets the most attention.

And generally…

This Crowd wants a more equal system
where everyone is the same.

Well, Were NOT the Same.

Some want to Dream.

And Create…

I believe in “strong words” that come to a point.


I really would rather use the words, written in whatever fashion (or non-fashion as it appears here sometimes)…

To get the words to actually help you, which in turn, helps “me,”

As I really want to think and believe I’m making a difference out “there.”

So the Grow Up Words just Have to be “Said.”

Add to that, I’m not supposed to
Mention the word “Work”

What about Sacrifice?

Bet that one is a “real turn-off,” too.

This life can be very rewarding,

I just found out early:

It (whatever “it” is) just doesn’t fall out of the sky,

You have to plain ole “Work Hard and Sacrifice Some Things” to get your Dream Going.

So: The Grow “words” of the day:





Let these sink in a couple of days.

Then you’ll be a little stronger knowing a little pain along the way will come…


It will be worth it in the end.

You want to understand what it takes to get thru step 1…

As typed above.

You will come to a different set of problems after you “Make It.”

And You Will Make It, If You Commit To It.

Joyce Meyer (the Lady Preacher) says:

They Want What you Got…


They Don’t Want Where You’ve Been…

Something to Think About.


The Other Way

Monday morning, up and reaching for the door now.

Going to work these days is a hassle.

And add in “these possible facts”…

What IF you Don’t Like That Job…

or The People there,

You feel a little Dread setting in and Unhappy.

I did all that for 11 1/2 years.

I’m Very Fortunate not to have to Do Any of That now.

But, it took a Concentrated Time of Work to Organize and Pay, and Build that first shop.

It took about 2 years for my first one, and this will be about normal for you too, pretty much equipped and all.

I used to Buy/Build/Scrounge Tables and Line the Walls With Them in the early days, (No Real Equipment, back then.)

My first shop was a new Small 30×40 Commercial Metal Building with Insulation and Gutters for $5200.00.

Got er done,

No more driving to work. Yea…

The Other Way,

You could $Rent$.

You and Your Shop would be up and Running in 3 months tops,


That Overhead…It Could eat you alive.

It will definitely Cost You an employee “helper” or two.

That Would Suck Big Time,

Ya mean I could have Help too,

If I had Just Built My Shop Where I’m At?


One thing for sure, if you need to Make A Sale because You’ve Got your Rent Due at the High Traffic Mall,

You will do anything, and with your mind set under pressure…(that Rent, that Rent…)

You’re going to make that sale, and usually it’s the “price it cheap” method.

Quoting your work “cheap” is not the way to start this thing off….

There is another…

The other version of The Other Way.

Just keep driving to that Old Job and forget about it.

But I bet,

If you put your mind to it,

For 25 minutes,

You could call and see how much Roof Trusses Cost these Days.

Heck, Just think…

You could be walking out to your shop, about 30′ away, heated up and the phone already ringing.

Man, that’d be nice, Huh.


Products Page Added

I have Added a Section where You Can Buy What You Need To Help Get Your Fabrication Skills Up and Running.

This will Ensure You and Your Business Will Get Started Faster So You Can Be Paid.

I Specialize in Supplying and Providing The Tools and Knowledge To Get You “There,”

Once You’re Equipped with the Tools and Training, Then you’re off to The Big Show, if you like.

You will know You Can Do Your Work and Show Like A Pro in any area of Creation/Fabrication you care to specialize in.

Direct one on one conversations to “Get Er Done” performed as Private Consultation Sessions will be listed for you to Buy too.

Don’t think I take any part of this Profession “Lightly,” either.

“You Buy, I Satisfy.”

You have My Promise on That.

My Job Is To Get You Prepared.

If you’re committed enough to stick out your chest and say “I’m going to Do it,”
I promise I can get you there.

Invest in Yourself, Nobody Else Will.

Aim High, Pick Yourself Up a Notch Or Two.

I Guarantee You will be Glad You Did.

So, stay in touch with the Web Site for New Things to Come


New Start: Key Bill Style

You know, It Takes Junk to Build The Things we Build around here.

Anybody that gets into my shop says,

“Man, You Have A Lot of Junk.”

And every 3-4 years I bring in a great big tractor trailer sized dumpster and fill it up. Scrap it out.

I have thrown away some good stuff, too.

I Could Have Sold Most of It, too.

But, in the end, a fast scrapping is always better.

Makes you feel better to Just Get It Over With.

A New Start.

A Clean Uncluttered Shop

It’s a rare thing here.

I don’t apologize for it either.

Clutter to me is just normal, but I like to scrap it out, too.

So it’s an endless cycle here.

The smartest guy I ever knew, when you seen him,

You would think He looked like a Mad Scientist.

His house “was his shop” with Everything in the World In There…a total wreck..

And had this crazy monkey as a pet.

His name was Key Bill.

I hung around his place some as a kid, it was a kinda scary place, and that monkey “would bite you” if you didn’t watch him.

I owned a Beer Store later and delivered to him Every Week.

Same monkey except he got crazier, doing things I can’t type to the “cat.”

Bill had a table by the window and he did anything and everything on that table.

Tools, fixtures he made, gadgets, all to fix locks, appliances, most anything that was brought to him.

It looked like a 1000 “things” were always on that table.

The middle pushed out so he could work.

And he knew where every tool was on that table.

Key Bill taught me what you can do with an ordinary metal file.

“A hand mill” for steel if you want to work it that way.

That was many years ago and his impact on me and my work is still being felt today.

I can tell you, you need to find a Key Bill in your town. The repair guy, the appliance guy. The gate and wrought iron fence guy. Heck, a Plumber is a pretty good rocket science guy in his own right.

Talent: Get around it…

It will rub off on you, I promise.

Come see the new shop, too.

(only temporarily clean as per Key Bill specifications)

And get you some “metal wisdom” at some of these class sessions I am holding.



Question of the Day: See pic Below…


    Why is The Swingarm, and Future Tire Assembly coming out…

    where the Motor Was… On this Bagger Frame…???…

    Might as Well Push Some Limits…On Fab Technique.

    I will demonstrate during the upcoming class.

    So, I’m Announcing:

    I Have A Top Secret Bike…

    I have decided to open it up to the guys That Come To The Class beginning November 14.

    And actually work on it during Frame Class.

    By the way…

    The bike is named: Underslung.

Building the Machines Gallery

I’m Setting aside the time to load the pictures and do a bit of write up on the motorcycles that are special to me.

They represent one-off fabrication and good clear thinking, while pushing the limits of design.


These bikes Are Quite Old Too.

From 1998 to 2005.

These machines are here as a testament to Making A Commitment


I must……absolutely, have to have them.

That means

I Absolutely Have TO Build Them,


They ain’t gonna “fall out of the sky” and into the shop, full of gas.

And so here they are.

So, you’re turn…try this out:

You know, You Don’t Have To Worry about Your Decisions really, things just have a way of working out.

And you’re either going to build That Machine of yours or you not, you’ve Probably Started On It Already.

You Don’t even have to think about the “How Am I Ever Going To”…..Part.

You know…

The stuff that makes you “Doubt.”

So, Your Job Is To Be Strong Enough To Not Listen To IT..

So, off I go for Load Time over there.


You WANT a Recession-Proof Gig

That’s It. Right There.

You want a Reliable, Never-ending Supply of High Paying Work that You Do.


Your Customers Come To You Wherever you are.

I can think of No Better Thing,

As Recession Proof


A Motorcycle Owner “Problem Solving” Service….

Or Simply:

A Professional Motorcycle Shop

It’s Recession Proof:

This I Choose To Believe.


You already answered that question once you have made That Commitment.

Because You Will Do Whatever It Takes.

You Already Know You Can Chase The Work if You Need To.

Yep, That’s EASY…

Ride your bike to the various Bike Nights and all…

Talk and Be your normal self…Work is standing right next to you,

AND He (your brand newly met friend) Will Be the One Who Brings It Up…

You will be Waay More Successful if you are Riding Your Own Mostly Custom Bike that you put some of your time and talent into.

This is a Big point here:

When You Decide To Be A Walking Encyclopedia of Everything Motorcycle,

And come across as a Professional


You’re Done….

You have Just Set In Motion your Completely Reliable, Enjoyable, High Paying, Recession Proof Motorcycle Shop.

Here is the Truth…

America is 15-20 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to using Motorcycles and Scooters as daily transport.

Believe me: They’re Coming, Too.

Rising Gas Prices will be here soon.

They will have A Very Big Impact on All Areas of Motorbikes.

Americans might be driving that Big “Chevy Suburban” to the “Commodore Motel” in Galveston this year,


In 2-3 years They Could Be:

Motorcycle “Touring” on a Handmade Amen Personal Customcruiser Motorcycle, (or another brand)

And “Staying at The Mini-City Campgrounds” at Myrtle beach.

Take the names of the cars/bikes and the cities above and “change to suit.”

You can see the picture…

The reasoning behind buying a Motorcycle:

Motorcycles are The Most Economical
Super Lifestyle Feeling of Fun you can have.

“I’ll Save the Money on Gas”‘he says…

This Is what gets a lot of bikes Bought in the first place.

So, here is the trick:

These guys need somebody to work on IT.


If they Have To.

Most would like the personalized attention of a small niche professional.

They probably like their barber, too,

And probably wouldn’t change for the world…

“They” want to find “You” too,

The Guy,

Yeah, You’re their “guy” once they “find” You.

The Rare Fricken Professional.

Somebody They Can Trust.

They Don’t Care to “Pay” Either.

And just like their barber, They go nowhere else.

I Teach These Classes and I Tell You that if you Act Like A Professional and Have Read and Studied, Worked and Kept your mouth shut Figuring Out, instead of telling the customer How Hard you worked…

Then you Will Make a Good Name For Yourself and your Business.

And a great Living, too.

But, Please, For Gods Sake:

Study and test: What You Should Name Your Shop.

Even Pray about it.

There is no good reason to name your business Bad.

Come to these Classes, I talk this stuff for like, 9-10 hours a day.


Here are the motorcycles:

The motorcycles for your business will come from everywhere,

With a surge every time gas prices move around.

Read: Gas Prices are going up and Going to Stay Up.

There are “These” to work on:

Lots of Buells and Sportsters with owners who want them put on Different Frames…

No problem, you got a frame jig.
Mike Brown “taught you,” hint, hint.

Lots of basement and garage bikes come out for crank up and eventually restorations… Like Honda 305’s all kinds of bikes from the mid-late 70’s.

Lots of promise in the Scooters and Scooter sales.
Buy only (3) and you’re a “dealer.”
which are coming believe me…

Warrantee Plus Work… On them.

Bigger Versions of Hi Horsepower Scooters are the upper end of economical daily transportation,

These are Very Customizable, see Majesty and other variants of the work that has been put into them on YouTube.

Baggers, can’t keep up, there.

Custom choppers, still owners who need regular upkeep and buy/sell opportunities.

Corporate radical one-offs are rare but out there…
Atheletes/business owners/tree surgeons/pool diggers… I’ve built a bike for everybody before….mb…

Cafe racers made from the various 750 dohc and I bet those old Nickel Plated Rickman framed racer bikes come back in, (or a big number built as “copies” of them).

Of course, then there’s those totally Cheap And Totally Taiwan “Bobbers.”

Then the Had Built and Heavy Maintained “Not a Blemish” Show Bike.

A perfect machine.

Which has needs too.

So, There You Go.

The How and What,

Now its Your Time, You Turn..

Your Answer to the Question


Don’t look up a year from now and IT Be The “Same.”

Man, Go For IT.

You only go thru this thing once, and I’ve Never Considered Even Once, IT to be a mistake.



I ain’t even mentioned ATVs yet or………………………..