Sunday Blog: Be What You Think

That’s right,

Be what you think.

Think Sad
Be Sad

Think Bad
Then Bad is Coming…

Think: big ole smooth and easy blessing is coming my way, well…
Watch it happen.

It is Already Upon You…
Shrug that one off…Quick…
For Fear Manifests itself. (makes itself happen)

Think slim
Be slim

Think rich
Be rich

It takes Action tho…

Think you’re a Designer?
Then Design…
Be “at it.”
Do it
Just Do It. (great slogan that Nike)

If you just go walk around the hobby or industry, Some Of It Will Rub Off On You.

But, that’s what “motorcycle builders” who get their “experience” from watching and memorizing those popular TV Shows do.

To Be It….

That Takes…Believing you are That.

Then go do something about it.

Be around those people who Do What You Would Like To Do.

That’s it in a nut shell

Go be around those bike builders
Heck, even the fiberglass boat guy,

Anybody that works with his hands that builds from nothing.

Lend them a hand.

You’ll go home Bee ing more than what you was this morning.

So go Be Yourself

Get that Dream going

Guarantee it will be better than sitting in that rocking chair wishing you. “had”


Another Thing…

It’s really important too..

Here it is:

There is nobody to stop you from being what you want to be

Nobody can stop you…but you.

There might be the occasional Nay Sayers and Doubters.

These “friends” have worries, generally that you’re going to begin to do something fun.

Something they are not able to go and do at this time, and maybe Never.


You control these people.

If you’re smart you recognize these people for what they are.

So Today,

Go make a 2 sentence plan on a piece of paper today.

Look at that paper and write whatever it is you want from your heart.

Make it big enough to get you interested in doing it.

Nothing like a “little boring dream”

Go for something big enough that:

Here is the secret…

Big enough “You Can’t Do”

Except prove to yourself


“You Can”

One time thru…
Go wear it out.


Spic and Span, Nice and Neat

Yeah, that’s it…


If you’re going to get anything done in your Fab shop,

Then you’re going to Make a Mess.

And It will be a Big Mess.

I mean Shovels full of mess…

Hard and heavy to pick up with one of those flimsy plastic broom scoops,

If you’re doing any work at all.

I call this type of mess:


Forward moving toward completing something only you had the guts to try.

Lots of people want to:

But don’t have the guts to do it.

To start.

So, that mess you have made is a testament to you and just how proud you should be of yourself.

Not many people these days do this type of work.

Building from scratch
Modifying something that already exists
Repair and update

There’s all kinds of “work” out there for you to do.

Just setting up a shop covers a large variety of abilities you have to know a little something about.

So, I hear a few of you are setting up shop, and when you are getting tired,


Go sweep and haul off all that mess…


Go sit down and look…

You did good today.

Now go do what it takes to get ready


You can start it all over again,



School is Filled, Nxt. Round: January

The Final and Formal List of Attendees has been put together and their schedule is set.

The steel sheeting has arrived for the fabrication of the gas tanks we will build.

The welding equipment and plasma cutting equipment is mounted on roll around carts.

The guys can test and try out their skills before they spot weld the tanks together.

We will use shrinker and stretcher tools that help curve down “edges”


The most important tools will be “simple” ones….

Hammers, dollies and sand bags…

Maybe the English wheel.

Big metal files to “check quality.”

Maybe some heat from the torch…

There is slways one who overstretches his steel….which is good….for “learning”

But An “undesirable thing.”

I show how to straighten it up by shrinking it back….

Stretching steel… easy.

Shrinking steel is why you came here in the first place.

Lots more to come, and I mean…

A Lot More.

Well, I’m going back in.

Just thought I would type the Thoughts of the Minute.


It Costs What it Costs… Maybe

I once had a Plating Business.
I loved the plating business, too.
A different job everyday, forever constantly a challenging job.

And a real satisfying feeling of pulling quality parts out of the tank, everytime…hopefully.


I had it down pat.


I made me some money, too.


I was expanding, too.

2 properties
A new house
An apartment built new
A giant metal shop building,
A big 2 story building out front of it with
Plans to Make into a store, a home, a showroom, whatever…

I bought the 2 story because I seen those “towers” at Bristol Dragway

Then build 4″ square tubing all around and “on” the outside of this structure, because of the way they built architectural “visuals” on the buildings at the 1982 Worlds Fair.

All during the construction I had to learn how to:


Build footers

Pour concrete

Smooth that concrete and babysit it,

Build with steel,

With wood

Handle electrical and plumbing, and make it work…drain, not leak, stuff like that…

Wait, there’s more…

Meters and meter poles
3 phase disconnects and negotiating with the power company to “get it brought in.”


The only thing that came close to beating me was:



That Heavy, Brittle, Dusty stuff that once put up and sanded feels like you just got done working the whole Empire State Building… All sanded FLAT like a un-ending body work “job” on a big Giant Car…

All this work,

For pretty much nothing…

Looked like crap.

Started out this way

The big metal building was done.

I was Doing contract industrial metal finishing,

“They” went on a 2 week shutdown…

I brought the 3 employees in instead of laying them off 2 weeks.

Let’s sheet rock this 2 story I Say…

2 1/2 months later. Re-worked a couple of times it finally was acceptable

Lesson here:

Pay the professional for his help

They could have done the job in 4 days
And walked out…done

And done right,

The first time.

The first time.

Had to type that one again

Here it is

You Will. Pay.

4. To. 5. Times.

What it “would” cost

In the long run.

If you try to “learn” it yourself

Thinking you’re going to save money,

5 years can go by with nothing to show for it sometimes.

I’ve seen it

And sadly

I’ve done it.

So come get your training here,

I guarantee it to be worth 4-5 times what you Paid OR More.



It’s Technique and Attitude, Demonstrated November 14

It’s “How To” Week here at Amen Motorcycles, Beginning November 14.

You guys that have signed up will see just what it takes to do this “Wild Stuff.”

And if you can “see into the wild stuff” then you Can Certainly Go Do What It Is You Have In Mind With Your Work…

Just to begin to understand “why” the Machines around here were built in the first place…

And How this Knowledge Could and Probably Will affect you…

And How You Can Use this Week of Fabrication and Assembly Training Sessions to Fully Change Your Life.


I would say, “That’s Big.”

And going by past experiences and feedback from the students,

You are going to be “changed.”

I’ve wrote, and said this, stated that,
Expanded here, chosen that…


Until you see it…

Attitude and Understanding, all without over thinking…

Techniques demonstrated…and modified constantly…

Everything within eyesight used as a tool.

Measurements based off the thickness of a quarter,

Tolerances figured as a dimension of a paper match head turned sideways.

Un-ending versions of understanding just what it takes to get the job done.

And it is most pleasing to the past students who have been thru these sessions,

To carry away this:

You have Everything it takes,

once you see it…


Be a Part of it…


That changes things…

After you get this knowledge broken down to the bare essentials, there is no end to your possibilities…

After you get your shop area set up.

I’ll go into “that,” too…


Top to bottom


As ELP says

Come on in…

“See the show…”

Call me with your questions




When The Man Says…

I need you to Make a Payment…

Or worse…

I need to Let You Go…

Heck, these days,

Something like this may have already happened to you.

Face to Face, Phone Calls, Letters, Emails…

However the method…

When the “word” comes in,

Or comes down…

You better have a Plan.

And be ready when it comes…


It sux.

Moves us out of “the comfort zone.”

Makes us nervous.

Makes us have to “work.”


Probably harder than we “were.”

And for probably “less”

You mean harder for less???



You Be The Man Yourself.

By Yourself.

Only You,

With that talent you are either:

Born with
Cultivated thru hard work
Developed by practice

However you Got It,

You’ve Decided…

You can walk out to your work area and turn on that “money making machine you have”


In your own shop.

So, whatever you do…

Get your talent skills honed,

Be practiced up for that day,

When you are hopefully happily forced to make your Hobby or Dream into a Full time job.

Go for it,



Top Gun Touring . Com

Well That’s The Name…


It’s a Brand New Development Here at Amen.

Top Gun Touring goes along with the Expansion Plans ongoing here at Amen.

It includes:

The Opening of Our Manufacturing Facility to the Public for the first time.

This will begin sometime this Spring.

I’ve been planning this for a bit longer than 2 years and have already mapped out the riding routes and activities that begin here at Amen.

The full name is of this Tour Company:

Top Gun Touring & Travel Adventures

Hosted by Mike Brown @ Amen Motorcycles…

I’ve mapped out (2) immediate access super killer scenic, fast if you want …

curvy, smooth roads that show you what Motorcycle Touring is all about.

The 1st ride is a local route that leaves the shop behind just (2) miles to the start of one of the most amazing roads there is in the country.

This one goes from bright sunshine straights to dark close curvy twists that are cool to ride, matching the shade you’re riding thru…

A 17 mile ride, one way, 187 curves between 3 mountain valleys,

With different road “options” on how to get back…

A fast rush thrill, a nice route for sure.

Meet here at Amen Motorcycles, get signed up for Group Rides, or get the map and Ride Solo.

Group Ride with refreshments:
Cost: $20.00/couple.

The 2nd ride is where we leave from here: (Rog-Vegas, Hwy 11W mile marker 11)…Amen Motorcycles…


Deals Gap/Tail of The Dragon Tour…

A day long event, and a 280 mile ride.

An MCI Motor Coach “Chaser Bus” is used for breaks and rest times, along with food and refreshments.

We have a trailer containing a spare bike too…

Just in case of mechanical breakdown, we pull out a new bike so you don’t miss a beat.

Cost: $300.00/couple

We have next:

A 3 day Tour…

Scenic Rides thru Deals Gap to Asheville.

Spend the night there.

Tours thru The Famous Biltmore Estate, the next day,

Then off to Maggie Valley/Cherokee,
With all the sights and museums there.


A Night at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino for fine food and entertainment.

Then back thru to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, with the circuit complete and back at Amen.

Cost: $2675.00/couple.

Broader Invitational Rides with aims and aspirations to Tour Hawaii and New Zealand will be planned in the Future.

From our location here in Rog-Vegas,

We begin a new round of organized activities for the various Motorsports Enthusiast.

From Motorcycle Riders and Automotive Performance Machines,

Add to that:

The formation of a Formal Club…

The Rog-Vegas Riders and Drivers Club…

This is where we take advantage of being organized and friends with many different people with different trades and skills.

A membership in a group like this can help us in our daily lives.

Joe is a plumber
Mark is a Lawyer
Jeff is a motor guy
Lee is a painter
Dale is a gunsmith
Tony is an AC/Heat Specialist

Plus, we Ride Together, raise money for the various Charities around our area, to be part of something bigger that “us,” see where it goes…

Here at Rog-Vegas and Amen Motorcycles,

We have the perfect “Home” for you to come and hang with your like minded buds.

Always something to look at, with Mikes creations hanging from the ceiling and on the walls

There is also his projects in mid-completion everywhere.

Food, Movies, Music,

Scheduled Auction Times

Parts “Ordering” Bar, all Makes all Brands.

Buy and Sell Area: Sell Your Junk…

Professional Photo-Shoot Backdrop:
Get Your Bike Printed Out Poster Size.

Lake Access: right on the property for mini-get away vacations.

Plus: Local activities at the Cherokee Raceway (Drag Strip, only 10 seconds away.)


A complete Motorcycle Mechanic Shop (Wilson Cycle) across the street, for any work your ride needs, before heading out.

Many other developments and activities will be announced as the site develops.

A formal website is being developed and will Launch Shortly

Call 423-272-6000

Talk to Mike for quotes/dates and specifics about everything.

Get Up And DO Something

Yep that’s right,

You’ll Find Instant Happiness.

Here’s how:

The Fastest way to find Happiness and oddly enough, Contentment which is akin to Peace, is:

Just Get Up and Do Something.


Doesn’t even matter What You Do…

Just moving, being Dynamic,

This can instantly begin the process of making you get the feeling of progress.

Do this:

Go Walk Around your favorite area…

You know where “that” is,

It Could be

The Garage,


The back yard shed,

The basement,


Out where the new shop “will” be….


Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep,
Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Just Do Something to it…

You Know, Just the “Act” of being “at it” puts the wheels in motion to your success.

Nose to the grindstone so to speak…

Being “about your business.”

With out even knowing it you are putting into motion “Your Dreams,”

An act of Faith,

A confirming “belief in yourself.”

An actual “thing” you just produced…


Nothing you can “see,”

But You Can Feel It…

A little stronger…

A little less worn out from the lack of progress…

A little more confident that your Dream would come…

And Sooner than you thought 15 minutes ago.

So, now you’re A bit more empowered.

You can feel it…

And a little bit less concerned that you don’t have the money to do “any of it.”

So now what…

Do this:

Call your buddy friend, or anybody
you like being around.

Have them come over,

Then Both of you Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep, Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Ideas will begin flowing,

There is a saying that:

A “Thing” will make it’s appearance when it’s time,

Another way of saying it:

…What you Need Will Come…

And Just in time,


You are Putting work and effort in,

So you Can Get It.”

Whatever IT Is…


Go Do Something.

Don’t matter What…

I’m Going Out Too,

Make Me some progress.

See ya later,

Over and Out


Sunday Blog: Shut Up Mike

I Say It A Lot…

“Shut Up Mike”

I say it when I am thinking something “Stupid.”

Or having a “Doubt.”

Or if I’m mad at somebody…and let my mind wander and get all worked up…

There are many, many thoughts racing thru our heads continually,

And Not “all of them” Good.

We Are Constantly Talking To Ourselves…

And the things we run thru our mind during the day can find us,


Off Course, if you will.

You Are Not Going where you “Want To Go” with your life.

Or, Getting “Do What You Want To Do.”

If you are Not Controlling Your Thoughts…

And if you’re not controlling what you’re thinking…

Then its Time to Realize, You’re Probably In Trouble…


You May Never Get Back On Course…

Man, Sad…

To Lose Control, and find you Lost That Dream of finding and getting to do what makes you happy…


Do NOT let your thoughts control you.

YOU control your thoughts…

When I’m off course…I really know it too,

So, Shut Up Mike gets Me to Stop and Listen to Myself…

Once I catch myself, then I’m back in control.

So I say,

Control what you think and you control several things…

“Bad” list:

Lost blessings
Lost time
Wasted effort
Lost opportunity
Closed mind so you don’t see your next moves you could make…

Spent Time is Lost too…

This may be The Worst Loss, too…

You Will Never Get That Time Back.

So, when you find yourself thinking something that you ought not,

And you know it if you are aware of yourself.

Then shut it down.


“Shut up (add your name here).”

I bet you will be surprised how many times and how often you will have to “say it.”

Never Ever Quit.

Mike Brown