Here Is Where It Will Get You

You have made the decision…
You’re going for it…
Whatever IT is.

You feel Great.

Finally made that commitment,

Going for it,
(because you have decided this is something very exciting to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it…moving out of that complacent comfort zone you’re in.)

All is Good,

For a while, even for a couple of days…


You get uneasy,

Then you start to doubt,

Or even before that:
You begin to not Think its the right time to be making this decision
Trust you can do it.
Trust the decision you made is a Good one.

These things we commit to…

Even after we’ve done it,
Can become stressful.

It just depends on on, get this:

How you think…

Most times (me)

I just tend to throw a wrench in it,
And stop it cold right on the spot.

Wow, how dumb, and I thought I was Smart.

Just goes to show how Fickle and Weak we can really be if we do not keep a check on ourselves.

By controlling ourselves and keep our courage up long enough to “get in to it.”

Then we get:

A potential life changing blessing,
For sure, A new direction,
A commitment you made that may make your personal or business life much more rewarding and enjoyable.
Much more enjoyable than you can probably think of.


I seem to have to keep more check on myself than usual these days,

maybe it’s because I’m getting older,


I think it’s because we have to make our decisions really count these days,

To make the best decisions we can make, now that we have an economy like we have.

These potential decision making mistakes could cost a lot of money,
And time,
And time really does count.

Even More so now, in our lives.

That used to not be the case.

Being cautious is good,
Even smart.


You cannot be scared of changes you have decided to make.

You cannot let “your mind control you” and stop you.

You have to make yourself have a reason to be a “little scared,” because change in its self is a little scary.

Or if you’re really gutsy, go for a commitment that is a bit more “big scary”

Like if you’re going for,


A Donald Trump sized Deal.

I like this reason tho It rarely rattles around in my mind as a “reason to use” but it has returned while writing this piece tonite:

So here it is:

I like what Naomi Judd said:

“The Best Revenge is Living Well.”

So, I say:

Go and Do what you want.

In doing so, you have a better chance at “Judd’s Living Well” attitude…

Beats the alternative as the boss says,
while you’re reading this…

“Quit dickin off on that computer phone and get yur ass back to woik.”

Over-n-Out for now,


The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing,


What Is IT?

The Next Big Thing:


You Are The Next Big Thing

That is, Able and Equipped,

To Making Something Happen In your life.

A New Direction…

A decision to Enjoy this thing while here on the earth.

This “making something happen” part,

If controlled by you…

Will be better

Than someone from “the outside” calling “your” shots.


The mistakes of your past has equipped you for the next move in your life.

Just don’t Think It To death.

Let it just happen,

What you dream you would enjoy,

Just might be what you need to do.

After all,

If you enjoy something,

Would you not work a little harder,

Or longer?

Probably be a lot more successful in seeing it thru to the end, too.

What is it that Peter Drucker says?

The best way to predict the future


To Make It Yourself.

That is a good saying


Are the next big thing.

Totally in Your Control

Sleep is optional too, for Some of Us…

If you like what you’re doing,

There is nothing better than “Getting into that Zone,”

A virtually indescribable place few know of,

Where tools drop in your hand,

Where ideas flow at such speed it makes you anticipate your next set of steps to take,

A place where technological problems become the most enjoyable of all missions to solve.

Maybe even to “See” the future.

The above best describes

The newly Found YOU, or the You that you have “to Develop.”

Or, at least the part of you who has decided to Make a change in your life

The one,

Who is reaching out, reading information like this in hopes of helping you to know how to make the next move.

So, in closing,

You are truly “the only one in charge.”

A mans heart devises his way…

But the Lord himself Will Direct Your steps with help, money, new contacts, education, and more.

Just believe

Just commit

Just go get started.

Call or write, too if you like


January 23: Get Here If Possible

Announcing the next set of Sessions and Classes here in Rogersville, scheduled for January 23, 2012.

These highly successful classes and pretty much non-stop Sessions were very successful last time we held the classes in November.

The New Live-in Format…

No Motel Needed While Here…

Really brought us close, so we could spend a greater number of hours getting specialized information to the guys who attended.

All this in the comfort of the house/kitchen/2nd story sky-scraper we have here.

I know of 2 of the guys who have totally went a different way in their lives after attending.

You will see and be part of a non-stop 24 hour Everything Custom Experience
while here.

Here is an overview of what we are doing:

6 Days and Nights of Training, covering all aspects of Motorcycle Building and Fabrication.
No Motel Fees, Stay here at the Home/Shop.
Food provided.
Come Build the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off Bike, The Get Er Done.
Hosted by Industry Veteran Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Design and Engineering (Amen Motorcycles).

The sessions are:
Gas tank fabrication,
Stretching and shrinking metal and understanding why, and what the metal is trying to tell you.
Complete the spot welded tank, done, throw it under your arm, carry it home.
“not bad for 3 dollars worth of steel” I say at the end of that class.

Frame fabrication
Every town has a place to teach Welding.
Nobody teaches complex suspension design and fabrication of motorcycle frames and chassis, except here at Amen.
When it’s all over (frame class) I tell you how to do it all with a trick that don’t cost you the 600k I spent.

Assembly Class, 2 days.
Ins and outs of every technological development and a complete background history of everything custom

Along a complete 2 day hands on assembly class building the actual Tv bike off the Discovery Channel Great Biker-Build off. Unheard of, and never done before.

Includes complete chopper wiring explained, and many secret fabrications techniques opened up to see on this machine.

These highlights in a few sentences in no way cover the “every couple of minutes nuggets” of hints, helps and insights that will save you a bunch of Time And Money

Things you can go on with and do the day you get home.

This will help you make a new start, doing what you really love…

getting paid for it is a really nice bonus, too.

So, get yourself ready and try to come to this one.

It might be a while before I get to hold any more sessions for a while, as we are getting the shop ready to open the doors here to the public for the first time.

I know there have been a lot of people who have been trying to get in here for years.


Now that time has come…

The Signature Handmade Bikes are bring loaded on Display Tables…

Formal Seating and Entertainment is next,

The VW Pusher out for all to see…

A Top Secret Build going on in my room for everyone to try to get a “peek”

Plus Lots more soon.

Should be a very exciting time here…


Get ready
Get left behind.

Come be a part of these classes beginning January 23.


Call or write for more information



You Think You’re Stuck?

I’ve gotten myself in some predicaments here at Amen, like buying a ten thousand dollar engine or something I don’t need like a Nascar Liftgate like Jeff Gordon uses on those flagship Featherlite trailers those guys pull around to the races.

No problem, the above purchases, if I Had The Money, but I went ahead anyway.

I figured with a name like Amen, why worry about money when God’s name is on the building, and on the bikes, and on the wheels, and In God We Trust on every dollar we spend.

So, I guess I don’t pay much attention to worrying about “my needs.”

I just happen to have very large needs sometimes.

Mom, years ago would call, “Mike, you have seventeen thousand in bills, you only brought in eleven. What do you want me to do?”

I would say, “Put your hand in the bag and what ever you pull out…Pay.”

I did that for years,

I never did “run out”

That’s the way I live,”

Gets on people’s nerves, especially the wifes.

“Ain’t had a “real job” since ’82,” I says, in an ole timer dialect, as if I was slightly making fun of those who do have real jobs…but absolutely hate them.

You know, you might be one of them…

Hate the job…
No challenge to it…
Too many bosses who do nothing and know nothing
Bored doing the same thing
Got debt because you bought something you thought would make you happy…
but all it done was make you have to keep working for the company,
to pay off the debt you made,
when you bought that thing you thought would make you happy.

The most common one… They offer health insurance, and I can’t afford to buy it.

Man, tough one that last one.

But please do not let that job of yours stop you from doing what you want.

I played music after I got out of factory life and another musician was talking to the crowd, what he said was these simple words,

There’s life after the Factory.

I was used to that steady paycheck and not having it was a little scary, that was before I got my life straightened out, too.

So when he said that, it stuck.

There is life after the factory job is over and gone.

You have all the time in the world to figure out what to do.

The answer will come, too.

So, remember, you’re never stuck.

You will be paid, and usually you will find yourself doing what you like with your time anyway,


Go do what you like.

Guarantee somebody will like your work and say,

Hey man, can you fix me up with one of those?

Yep, he says, and under his breath…says:

There IS life after the factory.

So, try it out for yourself,

Go for it.



Man, change comes quick,
Most times…

And these quick ones are those that are kinda unexpected, the ones that catch you off guard…

These are the ones I dread, the ones that according to what type they are… The ones that can hurt.

You know, a surprise change, a quick happening thing in your life, the one you wasn’t prepared for.

Like losing a loved one.

Then there are the changes You Want To See…

These usually come very slow, seems like, and seemingly never to come.


When these slow changes you dreamed of finally come, take the time to savor and enjoy these.

Sux Change, tho.

I generally hate it.


Things change
Circumstances change
Plans change
Lives change

Change can be a real heartbreaker, too.

But Change CAN Be Good, and usually is.

Come dragging and kicking


Be Man and Walk straight into the face of it…

If done right, You Can Control Change.

I’m not real good at it, (only being a master metal teller what to do er) the people stuff is dynamic, with reactions that are hard to predict.

So, what are we going to be guided by when these various versions of change happen to affect us?


We have our life experiences,

What we’ve been thru ought to teach us something.

There ought to be some tool or lesson from going thru changes in out lives that should equip us…

Something we have faced in the past that we can refer back on, so we know how to react to these new changing circumstances we are facing.

Usually, we can dig our way thru and figure out the best way to deal with this new “spin” on life.

I personally Pray and straight hand it to God.

Then, I rest, knowing its not in my hands anymore.

Let life happen according to the good graces and provisions God provides.

I go straight to the Power,

He who inclines minds to think a certain way.

Makes even your enemies be at peace with you.

So, don’t be too concerned about life changes and new and different circumstances in your life.

Time tends to heal all and straighten out the road you’re on.


Peace and Rest be to you and your thoughts for the night.

Take the time to be thankful, watch with open eyes what your new thoughts on the subject bring.

And never forget what you’ve learned along the way.

Song: Remember the Future…Nektar


If I Had…

You know, I catch myself saying that a lot. Saying that is akin to doubt, which I really try to avoid thinking even exists.

So if doubt doesn’t exist with me, then why say the “if I had.”

Some I say;
If I had the money
If I had the help
If I had not… Fill in the blank here
If I had just…
If I had known…

That’s a “sampling” of the thoughts a man can have while making his way thru this thing we call life.

I made the decision to catch myself when I say the “If” thing.

Today is today,

And “right now” is what you have to work with.

I want to see progress and forward movement in our lives.

You yourself are the tool, you have all you need…

You have 24 hours to think your way thru anything.

I take it farther as sleep is optional to me when I need to really hammer on a design, a goal, a “thing” that would make me move forward some way.

Remember too, you are in direct tune with the Almighty who can make a change in your life in a New York Minute.

So, here it is;

Be about your business, even if you are only thinking about it, dreaming of a result and developing it with thought…

Be sure to know that even doing that which you think is small and holding you back is as if you are keeping your nose on the grinding stone, so to speak.

And demonstrating a substantial commitment to yourself, that You Are In Control, and not about to let any outside influence stop you.

Control what goes in your mind, from outside sources, too.

Control what you think…Always

You will make progress like maybe never before.




The thing about having a goal and getting it done is…

You need to have a little help.

That can be in the form of a real physical person,


Help that comes by way of getting instruction on how to do whatever it is you have to do to get that goal you have. done.

Well, I just got back from West Palm Beach Florida where I have picked up my friend Tony.

Tony is an Amen bike owner.

He actually has two of them. (1) is a very early model 1999, with a 230 tire and may be one of the handmade rims that I used to catch in the lathe (while still turning) as I cut the wheel center off the rim.

His (2nd) bike is the crazy one-off Extended everywhere Savior 360 with the motor centered left drive (5) bearing jackshaft bike/frame rolling assembly.

Tony is here to make Amen be managed and reinvented to enable me to begin building the wild stuff again.

More crazy design motorcycles from Mike Brown…

The stuff that makes a real difference to people that see them, so they believe that they really could and decided they can…do what they wanted to do on their bikes…

After seeing the crazy designs coming out of here.

So, Announcing tonight, Tony Salmon is the first of a small group of hand-picked members I have decided to pull in to enable Amen Motorcycles and Mike Brown to begin a new chapter of business life.

Just wait.

I Can’t stand the wait.

I’m So ready to get started.

Going to be an exciting time here.

Classes in late January too…

More later,


Class report review day 3-4

Well, I’m thinking what the next level of work we did.


Day 1 tank class…in one day instead of two.

Reflecting upon it, we will be using 2 days to build the tank per normal.

This class was a bit more exceptional in that they were 1st and foremost more experienced “weldors” than the normal class.

But 2 days it is next time, as it really “takes” it.

Day 2 was the beginning of the frame class. Brought out the fixtures and set them up on the jig table.

Lots of measurements, angles, explaining…

Show the short method they could use in their business, instead of doing it the long and hard and expensive way, too.

A couple of really important tooling and coping inventions was shown.

Then, the “secret” to Frame fab that you have to come here to get.

Guaranteed to set you up in the business in a smart and efficient way once you see it.

Sal (who came back from a class 9 months ago) has set up a complete shop with the tooling built for his jig and (4) bikes/engines and lathe and mill set-ups, done with nothing but determination and no help since he left. Setting up a Powdercoating operation next. (Were showing and teaching a short, fast fact filled couple of hours so they can get an idea if it is something they want to get into.)

Next day (3) we built the complete drivetrain set up modified of course for the new Underslung project I am working on.

Bent some tubing, smoked a few cigars.

I told the guys they would have a part in a legacy build. (Specials of one off construction I build, which I have not done in a pretty long time for several reasons.

Being smart, I told them what they should say about their involvement in the build;

They should say they helped fabricate the experimental drivetrain set up in the Underslung project.

Sorry no pictures tho they were taken and promises made to keep them private.

Its going to be a bad machine.

I can’t wait to begin on the chassis and front end.

We broke out for a day trip (day 4) the next day as George needed to “see” a real tool store as he thought Walmart was really something, eat Wendy’s his favorite I guess then taco bell at the evening end.

This special trip was to help George get his shopping done while he was here with the tools he would need back in Vensuala.

We held lots of personal goal and direction talks while in the car driving probably 225 miles that day.

The evenings were open for anything and everything and was primarily aimed at putting a direction on what we all seen as strong points of each one of these guys. And talking about the ins and outs of getting started by making money from the beginning of the start up.

A real good set of sessions other than learning not to feed the cat unlimited amounts of milk, man can she make a mess when she gets the runny poops started.

I’m going to break away from class for a blog or two.

Got something on my mind.

It might pop up and out of mind here shortly.

Gone thinking…


A Rousing Good Success, That School Was

Well, I’m sitting in the car, listening to XM, blowing off some time to reflect…

And I can say this: It was The Best School I’ve put on yet.

I believe it was because we stayed, eat, slept everything motorcycles non-stop for a whole week.

Not having to leave, run to a motel…

That’s what did it. Everybody made them a place, their part of the house that they set up for sitting/sleeping and the nonstop time we had together let us really have an effective set of sessions and after hours talks.

The beginning I decided was to be Gas Tank Fabrication, normally a 2 day class…Get the Hard Work done early.


These guys beat and built/welded 4 complete tanks…

Get this:

In (1) Day.

We started about 10:00, we quit about 6:30 probably.

Matt stayed down an extra hour (maybe) and finish welded his And Ground It Down Smooth too.

Dang if it wasn’t a sight to see and hear, hammering/shrinking/grinding/shrink some more, on and on until they finished.

Sal (from the last school came down from New York, and did all the shopping (on his dime, too!!) and took care of setting the house up for the guys when we were finished, plus talked while I needed breaks for drinks and bathroom.

Bo from Texas was a more quiet type that took right to the school and made the most amount of notes and finally showed us a picture of his beautiful bike he completely built, including hand tooled leather and body work that included a killer airbrushed design he done himself, and had never done any of it before!! A good hand. a good motor man, too.

Sean Lee, man what a kool dude, got it figured out, has a wonderful and profitable business with the attitude I Want Everyone to have. He can go Anywhere, begin where he is standing and make his good money, and do this anytime, anywhere. Was a natural and mechanical talented too at the school, “teachable” he says of his self, and he was. Got 2 bikes, a Vette and all the toys you want and need in your life…such is what work is for.

George Tauil, well what can we say… from Vensuala and Spanish speaking. Made him some money by winning a Fricken Gold Medal in Speed Skating and funded the complete tool and fab of custom choppers in his country, where chops are not even legal. Next, he and his family are moving to America, as his heart is here. We all enjoyed George’s company. I will have to re learn to speak in complete sentences now that George is gone, as we all talked constantly in short sentences trying to give him info so he would be equipped to cut up a bad frame he has and correct it so he can go on with his plans. Black Rose Choppers…AMD Championship Bound.

But Matt scared me the most, at first, young, won’t listen, driven, got to have it now, going to finish that tank, even if the shop was closed…

I got to know him well during the time we spent together and I know now he is just a young “me.”

So I’m inviting him back so we can do a couple of “things.”

And Get this part…

I want each and every one of These Guys back as man, I’ve found me some friends.

All because we got this sleeping thing going on at the shop/house (same thing).

Massive Good food was served
We all cooked
Mom and Dick delivered a beef stew on Wednesday night and we all just over did it that night.

Ron came by with his Amen so we could run all the electrical circuits on his bike as the Discovery bike has only (2) Wires total, so I want to thank Ron.

I’m sure I am missing a lot of details and more that could be said and typed here.

Maybe later.

Time to Do Nothing.




When Do You Start


If that thought ran thru your mind…

Then, its probably Time To Start.

And your When is…

…probably now…

You need to begin now.

Starting your new shop…


Your new job…

Or make that commitment to learning your area of expertise…


Use that area of expertise you have that is natural to you.

Fabricate/Build or,

Learn how to build and fabricate thru the schools here.

Change is something you will see and it eventually makes you decide either by choice or by force.

We are changing too, in all our lives and gradually do and begin to think different.


You need to be “ready.”


Dilly dally around and…

Either: Now or Later..,

Often turns into: Now or Never…

Now being the indicator of “When.”

I meant to…

But, I never did…

Sitting in that rocking chair one day will be a lot more rewarding to you,

If you knew you have taken a few chances with your life,

Had a few close calls,

But made it,

To know within yourself: I Had Me an “Adventure,”

Not just sitting there wishing “for a better life.”

When do you start?

I say…

The sooner

The better…

Go to bed Tired.

Go to be Satisfied.

Go to bed Thankful you mustered up the guts to “go for it.”

Super Sessions Week:
November 14,
No reports will come out of here while I’m with the guys who have committed to attend.