Each Class Different 2

In an Economy like this, people look around and can always find a smart or even smarter ways later to handle life’s challenges.

I find people want to do things for themselves, at least All the people I talk to,

It’s Always Better, too.

The Satisfaction

The Cost Savings

The Opportunity to Get Paid

The banker says “it’s always cheaper to fix what you got.”

You could easily Have You That Business.

Something to think about.

Try our school, I will make sure you have all the info and see all it tasked to begin your specialization.

I look forward to see you here in Rog-Vegas, you guys that’s coming.



Matt Steding attended the class we held November 23, the one who finished welded and sanded His Gas Tank Complete before he quit.

A good guy, man. Really, one of the rare ones, him and Tony are fast becoming super friends, do I recon he’s happy.

I’m teaching the start-up of his Gas Tank Business “Hammerform” where he will compete with the guys on eBay selling those custom tanks that look “edgy and kool.”

So we’re doing our work and the Van in the previous post will be a part if it.

More metal shaping training, try not to “waste” a hammer lick…

Matt has a hot race motor that will be going into the van, so that’s good,

I’m real blessed to have Matt here, a sure sign to me, and I’ll do anything I can to help him with his goals too.

Good team here



Matt’s new friend: Sweetcream the ugliest cat in the World


My, You’ve Changed

My, you’ve changed…

Have you Heard That Yet?

Or some simple version of That.


I sure hope so,

The thought you were noticed to “be Different” now.

Just keep moving forward
Change will come from your commitment to doing what you want.

The “trick” is to find “that”

And even Specialize as a Professional in an even smaller niche of “that” ‘market.

You’ll Make your money, and be in higher demand, too.


You Picked it…(and Not the Man)…


Sounds like the plan to me…

Think about it


Each Class Different

At Amen as we go thru stages of fabrication just like every shop does…

We work on different things, and

There are lots of cars here…

The most normal is below, but I sure can use it to blow the interstate miles away in custom kool style, save that motel money on the drive to splash around fun money when I arrive,

So here we go…

I Love Astro Vans
Old School, out of Favor now
I have
A Kool One
So and While
In the gas tank building phase of the week…
We’re stretching a bunch of small fun metal “patterns” that will really be used,

and not just bent sheet metal junked in the trash just to prove you could “stretch” metal.


That’s Easy

And fun,

That Shrinking Part , bending steel “in”, so to speak, is sometimes a real b itch.

You’ll see.


The machine next inline is an Ex Show Car: an ’89 Astro, chopped suicide on bags and 20’s. Bought that way, instead of laying out the big bucks for a Full size Chevy conversion van.

Being chopped with the windshield laid back, it really had a good Look to Start the project I had in mind.

I immediately cut it up.

Clear cut out the inner fenders so if a bag failed it would still “roll.”

Installed an Escalade Front end.

Then bought another Astro, a drive in and sell, at the junk yard for $400.00

It WAS a Conversion Van, do I immediately cut the conversion roof off (half thick,) and put it on the Chop van

Man, what a change, perfect look.

Will look factory, and this thing looks Waay smaller than a normal Astro.

With those 20’s (pretty much a real major amount of work would be needed for anything larger, and no need, really)
It looks Matchboxy which makes me happy enough.


Already have an ’87 Panel I drove to Shows early on, me and a bike in the back, front tire is my new arm rest.

I had it down too,
(2) 2×10’s would join together with this tube the same size, made me a big long ramp.
I could load a bike in 2 minutes then tie it down in another 2-3, very convenient for what I was doing.

Well, it had a 350 Chevy in it. I ran tall gearing and it Idled Down the highway.
(Tony just got back from a business trip and got……24.9 mpg, wow that’s good huh)

So … We have a race car motor here,
Came from Matt from Iowa, a Student from last school,

Well, I’ll have to stop now.

I’ll go introduce you to Matt.

Till I get back…


Fight’er to the Finish 3 in 1 Class Begins the 23rd

If you haven’t called in or signed up, be sure to not miss this 3 in 1 set of class sessions beginning this month (January) the 23rd.

I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know each of you and “let it be” 24 hour a day Motorcycles, just as it should be.

This will be the first class with my Buddy Tony here, too.

And Boy, Can He Cook.


A Lot of it,


Real often,

So get ready for the best hands-on instruction money can buy.

Insights and real cost savings tips,

Design and work-arounds

Set-ups showing Formal Fixturing and How to Not have to Have it.

Plus Metal Stretching (easy) and Shrinking (Hard )…

Plus, mechanical set-ups and Build a Bike, (the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-off Get er Done).

Plus, stay here at the factory/shop/home, look out each morning thru the windows of the 2 story skyscraper where you have just slept.


Tony, cooking all that food.

Life’s good.

See ya here



That You Think Important



Just how Bad
Have You Got IT.

“Got the Fever for the Guurl” as Springsteen says in the song…


Just how Bad YOU got it?

Are you In Love With IT

As bad as it appears to be in that song?

You got the FEVER?

You know…
There are Many ways to describe it..

Sleep deprived, coniving, planning, designing, hatching that plan.

But finding it to be you are putting yourself thru paces so natural,

Searching and reading everything you can find, and looking for more.


What Ever THAT IS, is what you Made Important to you.

Because You Chose

Man, what a subject…


Important IS Important, ya know?

IT really should be taken seriously…

Because you choose this… your path.

Fine, now you can relax,

You’ve made the Choice


You’re prepared to “Pay your way IN”

Well, a BiG part of Payin is


Bet you might not have thought of this…

Here it is…

People Are Going to Get Hurt,

Comma, no… Period.


And it ain’t fun, It’ll make you cry.

So, you Pay,

But I don’t care What Ever You Would Have Chosen…

You Would Have Payed Anyway…

You would have made a bunch of people mad, or Lose them straight up.


If you have this One Time Run Thru


Would Like A Good Run at it..this thing called Life…


Apparently by reasoning it out,

You Might As Well Do What You Want To Do.


You Might As Well Do What You Want To Do.


If we’re going to Have To Pay For It Anyway, this Trip thru our very own One Life.


I say,

God Bless You All That
ChoseTo Make Your Choice.

To you,

I say:

Run, Baby Run.

Bet there’s a song in there somewhere…If I think hard enough.


The Mike Brown Era The World Has To Endure

Began Today…

That means…

The fact that I am on the planet,

Means that I will have an effect upon it,

And the people who live on it.


That could be scary.

But that’s just the facts when you look at the big picture.

So my era began

in 1954 on this day, January the 4th.

The day I began this Journey here on Planet Earth.

That was a good many years ago.

Tho I am a real gear head,

It somehow comes back to a few moments that capture your attention


Those moments can and often do

help form or shape you into what you will eventually begin to be, or

Hope to be,


I believe too,

It is never too late

to do what you really want to be doing in life.

But know this:

You effect people just walking thru this life.

If they Love you, then certain things happen…

If they Hate you, then other actions happen,

As Both effect your thinking, thereby
“your actions.”


Certainly effect “their actions.”

It’s just the way it is…

Waking around, living our daily lives sometimes as a weak, fickle, easily offended human is hard enough,

Even if Love is all around you.

Add negativity and doubt, jealousy and the 20 other emotions you “could” have to your life,

and it would be hard to make Wise Decisions Everytime,


We in effect





All actions tend to “spread out.”

Something to the effect the butterfly flapping his wings here in the U.S. had on affecting something that goes on in Japan.

There is some writing about this subject to which I remain ignorant of the rest of the story and the reasoning behind it.

Some things I just don’t care to know,

Often, an overview of The Idea is all I need…

So, to say it the way it needs to be said…

We really are:

A Pretty Big Deal…

If everything we do

And everything we say

And how we act

Places in motion


Chain reaction event

That starts a “wave.”


Go start YOUR Wave.

Make it a positively lively big and wide wave


go make that wave make a real “splash” with your life…

Make it Something to Remember.

I want to thank you guys, too.

Here is to all of you that come here and read these blatherings.

I sincerely Hope your 2012 is a blow out year for each of you.


Life On A Chain

When did that happen…

Our lives lived by limits…

Lived by an imaginary chain…
Not an actual chain,
It Does the Same Thing.

Something that is:
Stopping me.

Making my decisions for me.

A Limit.


No You Can’t minute…

You can’t go.
You can’t afford.
You can’t get off work.

That’s a bunch of bull.

You can…


At present you are Living Life on a chain.


Your thinking is holding you back.

Get ready for this:

It’s nothing more than You Letting
Your Mind Do The Controlling Of You.

Your mind is running the show.

Your mind is running and maybe ruining your life.

Your mind is running the show instead of you…

In essence,

Life is being lived by the thoughts and beliefs you are carrying around in your mind.



You better get to know yourself,

And pretty quick.

Time is wasting away and flying by.

The faster you control yourself instead of letting your mind run free thinking down and second guessing everything,
convincing you how scared all this is, then you’ve got work to do.

So, this week, count your blessings from the past year.

And once you’re done with that, concentrate on making yourself stronger and resistant to the second guessing thoughts,

Then, go do something big and different this year with your life.

If you get scared…

Good, that means “its big.”

When you get done with the commitment and decision

And it is in motion and In place, and caused a big change in your life…

I promise you will look at what you done and will find yourself to be the most proud of yourself,

More so than you have been in a long time.

Go Big, this year.


A Mans’ Life

Why is it we fret over stuff?

Or Worry,

Or Be Unsettled.

We made it thru the year.

We always will.

By Gods’ own providence and promise.

We don’t have to worry about that.

That God is with us to see us thru is a constant thing to be known and relied upon.

So, would I do it different?

Why, yes I would.

I would have spent more time with what family I have left.

There are always things you would do different but that is not what this post is all about.

This post is about Doing what you want.

If God is in control, and you Believe that…

Then you are free to do what it is you feel you are called to do, or being called to do in your life as:

Your Job.

Your “calling,”

Something you would enjoy.

Something that is satisfying to you.

Something you would be good at.

Even Profitable…

Why don’t you get in a place where you can:

Reflect, think, and go thru your thoughts.

Decide if you don’t like where your at,

Decide you are going to make a change,


If the year went just alright.

But remember we are a living breathing, ever-changing and evolving creation from Gods’ own hands.

We have our dreams and goals and hopes of creating a better life for us and our family.

We owe it to ourselves in this one time life we have,

To always try to do a good work with our talent and use our mind in such a way,

So this place is a little better from us having passed thru it this year.

If it is not a little better for you and your family, even the little part of this world you live in,

Then it’s time for a change.


You know what you have to do…

All you have to remember is:

God will see you thru it.


Provide you what you need.

I promise.