When The Man Says…

I need you to Make a Payment…

Or worse…

I need to Let You Go…

Heck, these days,

Something like this may have already happened to you.

Face to Face, Phone Calls, Letters, Emails…

However the method…

When the “word” comes in,

Or comes down…

You better have a Plan.

And be ready when it comes…


It sux.

Moves us out of “the comfort zone.”

Makes us nervous.

Makes us have to “work.”


Probably harder than we “were.”

And for probably “less”

You mean harder for less???



You Be The Man Yourself.

By Yourself.

Only You,

With that talent you are either:

Born with
Cultivated thru hard work
Developed by practice

However you Got It,

You’ve Decided…

You can walk out to your work area and turn on that “money making machine you have”


In your own shop.

So, whatever you do…

Get your talent skills honed,

Be practiced up for that day,

When you are hopefully happily forced to make your Hobby or Dream into a Full time job.

Go for it,



Get Up And DO Something

Yep that’s right,

You’ll Find Instant Happiness.

Here’s how:

The Fastest way to find Happiness and oddly enough, Contentment which is akin to Peace, is:

Just Get Up and Do Something.


Doesn’t even matter What You Do…

Just moving, being Dynamic,

This can instantly begin the process of making you get the feeling of progress.

Do this:

Go Walk Around your favorite area…

You know where “that” is,

It Could be

The Garage,


The back yard shed,

The basement,


Out where the new shop “will” be….


Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep,
Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Just Do Something to it…

You Know, Just the “Act” of being “at it” puts the wheels in motion to your success.

Nose to the grindstone so to speak…

Being “about your business.”

With out even knowing it you are putting into motion “Your Dreams,”

An act of Faith,

A confirming “belief in yourself.”

An actual “thing” you just produced…


Nothing you can “see,”

But You Can Feel It…

A little stronger…

A little less worn out from the lack of progress…

A little more confident that your Dream would come…

And Sooner than you thought 15 minutes ago.

So, now you’re A bit more empowered.

You can feel it…

And a little bit less concerned that you don’t have the money to do “any of it.”

So now what…

Do this:

Call your buddy friend, or anybody
you like being around.

Have them come over,

Then Both of you Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep, Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Ideas will begin flowing,

There is a saying that:

A “Thing” will make it’s appearance when it’s time,

Another way of saying it:

…What you Need Will Come…

And Just in time,


You are Putting work and effort in,

So you Can Get It.”

Whatever IT Is…


Go Do Something.

Don’t matter What…

I’m Going Out Too,

Make Me some progress.

See ya later,

Over and Out


Grow Up Words

Here are the words I’m not supposed to say while typing this Blog:

The 8 bad words.

Not… Learn

Say: Discover

Not… Tell

Say: Reveal

Not… But

Say: However

Not… Buy

Say: Claim/Invest/Reserve

Not… If

Say: When

Not… Things

Say: Tips/Tricks/Techniques

Not… Stuff

Say: Insider Secrets or Secrets


Say: Which or This

Out of all of them…

I agree with a couple three of them…

And if I would just admit to it,

All of Them are Right to Use as a Guide…


In this Silly Politically Correct Society We Live In, it’s easy to be swayed when the loudest crowd gets the most attention.

And generally…

This Crowd wants a more equal system
where everyone is the same.

Well, Were NOT the Same.

Some want to Dream.

And Create…

I believe in “strong words” that come to a point.


I really would rather use the words, written in whatever fashion (or non-fashion as it appears here sometimes)…

To get the words to actually help you, which in turn, helps “me,”

As I really want to think and believe I’m making a difference out “there.”

So the Grow Up Words just Have to be “Said.”

Add to that, I’m not supposed to
Mention the word “Work”

What about Sacrifice?

Bet that one is a “real turn-off,” too.

This life can be very rewarding,

I just found out early:

It (whatever “it” is) just doesn’t fall out of the sky,

You have to plain ole “Work Hard and Sacrifice Some Things” to get your Dream Going.

So: The Grow “words” of the day:





Let these sink in a couple of days.

Then you’ll be a little stronger knowing a little pain along the way will come…


It will be worth it in the end.

You want to understand what it takes to get thru step 1…

As typed above.

You will come to a different set of problems after you “Make It.”

And You Will Make It, If You Commit To It.

Joyce Meyer (the Lady Preacher) says:

They Want What you Got…


They Don’t Want Where You’ve Been…

Something to Think About.


The Other Way

Monday morning, up and reaching for the door now.

Going to work these days is a hassle.

And add in “these possible facts”…

What IF you Don’t Like That Job…

or The People there,

You feel a little Dread setting in and Unhappy.

I did all that for 11 1/2 years.

I’m Very Fortunate not to have to Do Any of That now.

But, it took a Concentrated Time of Work to Organize and Pay, and Build that first shop.

It took about 2 years for my first one, and this will be about normal for you too, pretty much equipped and all.

I used to Buy/Build/Scrounge Tables and Line the Walls With Them in the early days, (No Real Equipment, back then.)

My first shop was a new Small 30×40 Commercial Metal Building with Insulation and Gutters for $5200.00.

Got er done,

No more driving to work. Yea…

The Other Way,

You could $Rent$.

You and Your Shop would be up and Running in 3 months tops,


That Overhead…It Could eat you alive.

It will definitely Cost You an employee “helper” or two.

That Would Suck Big Time,

Ya mean I could have Help too,

If I had Just Built My Shop Where I’m At?


One thing for sure, if you need to Make A Sale because You’ve Got your Rent Due at the High Traffic Mall,

You will do anything, and with your mind set under pressure…(that Rent, that Rent…)

You’re going to make that sale, and usually it’s the “price it cheap” method.

Quoting your work “cheap” is not the way to start this thing off….

There is another…

The other version of The Other Way.

Just keep driving to that Old Job and forget about it.

But I bet,

If you put your mind to it,

For 25 minutes,

You could call and see how much Roof Trusses Cost these Days.

Heck, Just think…

You could be walking out to your shop, about 30′ away, heated up and the phone already ringing.

Man, that’d be nice, Huh.


Products Page Added

I have Added a Section where You Can Buy What You Need To Help Get Your Fabrication Skills Up and Running.

This will Ensure You and Your Business Will Get Started Faster So You Can Be Paid.

I Specialize in Supplying and Providing The Tools and Knowledge To Get You “There,”

Once You’re Equipped with the Tools and Training, Then you’re off to The Big Show, if you like.

You will know You Can Do Your Work and Show Like A Pro in any area of Creation/Fabrication you care to specialize in.

Direct one on one conversations to “Get Er Done” performed as Private Consultation Sessions will be listed for you to Buy too.

Don’t think I take any part of this Profession “Lightly,” either.

“You Buy, I Satisfy.”

You have My Promise on That.

My Job Is To Get You Prepared.

If you’re committed enough to stick out your chest and say “I’m going to Do it,”
I promise I can get you there.

Invest in Yourself, Nobody Else Will.

Aim High, Pick Yourself Up a Notch Or Two.

I Guarantee You will be Glad You Did.

So, stay in touch with the Web Site for New Things to Come