A Longer More Happy Life: Free

What if You Could Have That:

A Longer More Happy Life.

And It Not Cost You a Thing?

Well, what have I been thinking?

And Why This Post??

We all go around Beating and Pushing
Worrying and Working…

Doing all that we think we have to do to make a living and Hating all of it.

There’s got to be a better way.

Well, there is…

And Here It Is:

Just Go Do What You Like.


Make That Your job…

Just what brought this up?


Fishermen think that.

They believe the time they are Fishing

is Not Costing them any time out of their life.

Or, to say it another way…

Time Not Being Counted.


What if it was true?

Time Not Being Counted, at least not at the present pace

we seem to feel when doing something we don’t like

At Least True Enough to Follow this Next Point…

That you could spend your time

doing what you love and

the enjoyment you get,


Make you Live Longer.

And Comparing That to a

Stress Filled Life of Dread

Doing what you can’t stand…

And facing That Everyday.

I would bet The Difference between Dreading Something You Do Everyday


Truly enjoying something you Could Be Doing,

Would At least Help

In making a person live longer.

This Week is Thanksgiving and a time to reflect on what your earnest efforts have produced.


If there was a “just get by result that hasn’t produced a bit of excited happiness from doing it”

Then, Why not sit real quiet in the big Chair and Ponder.

What would IT Be that You Could Do
To Make a Change.

A Real Change in your life…

Be Not Afraid of this world.

You are Equipped for the job you would really Want To Do.

Just Believe in yourself and I promise the world can come knocking at your door.




You’re 80 Percent There Already!!

I said in an earlier Post.

80 percent of being a Professional…


Acting like it.

This is Your First Step to becoming
The Man.

The one “known in your field worldwide” or in your backyard, pick one or both…

Acting as if you are that what you said you are.

Yeah, I can fix that.

Well, you just said it…

So you’ve decided you’re it.

The Man

All while standing in a crowd…

And somebody said something.
My cams making noise.

So, right then and there,

You took a job.

Even if you have never done this trick before,
I’m thinking you Must have been 80 percent Sure You could do the job…

Could have been…Sheetrock



Name your flavor,

Pick your pick.

Jump out of the boat,

Can’t test your Faith “stayin in”


Oh, I forgot the Best Part

The Best Part of Being The Man
He Gets Paid “What He Wants.”

Get it??

Did you Catch That??

“freakin Paid…”What He Wants!!”


Give it a try.


Where You At…or…Here’s What To Do

What are your plans?


You better get some…

What do you mean? I say.

Well, the possibility of preparing right now for what ever holds for next year can be,

To your advantage.

People won’t be spending money as much…


They will be repairing and replacing.

Here is where You come in.

And, I Mean You

that hasn’t No Real Know how…

Just a pure ole combination of “want to/haft too,” pick your reason.


With Attitude And Professionality
You Could Be, Dare I say it??


Nothing wrong with THAT either
(another subject later time)

Now sit back a day or two, “prepare your mind to be busy”


Pick your specialty.

Read that again…

What do you want to “be known for.”

The man…

Could be automatic transmissions.
A Profitable business I hear.

A real good starter generator repair shop

Or generator / hydraulics repair store

Security fences and Gate Design

By sheer numbers of things sold:
Start a used tire store

Make it, man.

Sell that junk you have laying around and turn it over…

Even a little cash is a start..

You already know how to stretch that it,


Now it’s your turn.

Lay back a couple of days and

Figure it out.

Turn off the tv
Sit in the dark
Drive 400 miles in no particular direction
Leave the radio off
Do something in the next 2-3 days

That make a definate change in the way it’s going now..


Now Is Your Time

You’ll see a big difference with the even a little effort.

Even as little as how:

A 2 minute conversation could change your life…


There you Go.

Now, You Go.

Best of Luck to You and Yours. (in the best Gomer fashion)


Walk it forward

Part 2 of Where you….

Walk it Forward

This Coming Monday.

Go out. Walk the talk.

Visit flea markets,

Yard sales,

Talk to locals

You walk with not a job in sight.

Bet you’ll find one, tho.

Make enough money to buy that trailer.

Now what???


Repair that gate, mower, plow point, buy you a Rose Bud (big one) for the torches… Lot easier to perform metal miracles if it’s glowing hot before you start hammering.

Just figure what Your New Trade would

The Skilled Trades

I have made rough list..

The List of Trades after a little thinking
(I’ve left out many)

Generalized terms Listed here

Tooling and fixturing
Mechanic, 1000 specialities
Audio and video
Air condition and Refrigeration
Duct work
Chassis/Suspension design
Body sculpting
Machining and Turning
Chemical engineering

All of these further broken down to
Magnetic steel or Soft Aluminum each with it’s vastly different workload handling characteristic.

The breakdown list of what I just said above, makes it Waay Bigger than the list above…Wow

Think about your breakdown list

Find yourself

An Area of Expertise, Your specialty,
You probably already have it or want it.

So go be


I think 80 percent of it is just acting

Like IT

Prepared, studied up

Who’s going to say Different.

Give That A try I say.

See what you can make of it.

So there…

My best is out.

So over-n-out


Yeah, I Built It

Well, I Did…

But I’m not writing in rebuttal of the most outlandish and un-supportive comment I’ve ever heard to come from a fellow countryman and The Actual Head CEO of Our Country…America, saying

You Didn’t Build That.

What I need to know from “him” is:

Where were you when:
I had no eyeglasses for a year and a half
When I had no toothpaste for 3 months
When I was living on $15.00 a week as my food budget,
When I was buying 2×4’s for $1.00 each instead of that McDonalds hamburger, and sit in the parking lot and fret all about it, figuring the 2×4 would last a lot longer …(I really needed that wall I was building, but man…that hamburger would sure be a nice break from all that rice and beans I’ve been having last few months…)

Well I started that company a painful sacrificial dollar at a time.

It went on to provide jobs to 12 people,
And about 4 or 5 outsource people, plus the many many companies we bought their products and services from to keep it going, and I’m sure they had Payroll expenses and taxes too.

What “they” don’t get is this:

Just how much Aggrivation can they “add” to us and our businesses before we say it’s not worth it.


This blog is about….

See the next post…

Build This Bike September 3

This Fine Motorcycle is hanging up on the wall here in the shop.

It is hanging there because it is “retired”
Slightly out of date (tank style and size showing its age).

But we’re building a custom one-off Handmade version of such a machine beginning September 3.


The bike were building is the actual prototype “Savior” I dug out of the attic for my apprentice friend Matt as pictured below.


With a big 127″ motor and a 250 tire, it ought to be spinning that rear tire “at will.”

I know I blasted mine around with a 113″ Nigel Patrick Racing Billet motor and was that thing fast.

So, here we go…

Build a custom handmade Savior motorcycle

Build a custom gas tank shaped like the tank on the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-off: The Get er Done Bike

Might as well put a picture here since I seem to be in a “picture mood.”20120819-104333.jpg

Next, we get out the jig fixtures the frames are made from. Spend a couple days working the tubing and parts to explain the ins and ours of frame building…pic next…


We ought to have Randy’s bike here, fresh off the build table based off the production Savior chassis with its rear fender and shorter Swingarm


Lots to look at

A ton of info to take home

A hands-on Experience

Friends met from all over the country (and world sometimes)

Don’t miss it.

Call me anytime at

I have 1 more bike pic.

It’s a shocker….


There is always something big going on…come “see” for yourself…


Invest In Yourself

These days,

More than ever,

There is need for us,

To get ourselves prepared for a Future that We Make Ourselves,


I don’t see Anyone Coming to help us…

No President,

No Lottery Ticket,

No Rich Uncle,

It’s just Us…

You and me…

And our determination to make a change…

Made entirely by the Heart,

A Passionate Decision…

The Decision that will change your Life Forever.

A Decision you have made by yourself,
Standing alone…

Living your life as you see it now,


What you would “really” like your life to be.

Living your life as if it is “the only one you have…”


You have finally reached a point of

Not willing to keep going,

Like it “has” been…

Knowing there is Nobody to Help get the Dream started.

Nobody but You.


You have to do what you have to do…

And that is:

We have to Get Ourselves Ready…

So we can take care of ourselves and our family.

You already “know” what you want…

It’s on your mind all the time…

Now is the time to get yourselves trained, and prepared…

So, Today

Go do Something

To Get Started

Invest in Yourself and Watch Everything Change.

I Dare you to give it a try.

You will be Glad you did.

I promise.



Your New Life in The Biz: Begins Shortly

As I sit here and ponder, looking out the 2 Story Skyscraper, I see the weather changing for the better. (tho Angela, my wife is sitting in the middle of 9″ of snow, just north of here.)


I’m getting the “itch.”

It’s time to get out in the shop.

Not just any old shop,


I bet you fabricator/builder types who read this stuff I type here, have a good start on your shop or store already.

It’s all about being about your business,
Nose to the grindstone, if you will…

And indeed, if you are about your business…

Either studying, learning, doing, practicing, buying the equipment, or browsing the Internet for inspiration…

Then you know…

Or “should know,”

You are doing what it takes,

For you to take yourself,

To the next level of progress and ability.

So in doing all the above, and even more…

You are putting in motion the work you will be doing in the future.

And getting more professional.

And Believe me, you had better be a professional these days.

You better know your stuff.

And you had better be able to do it in a pretty fast and efficient way, if you are going to compete.


There is another way…

The only way to rise above “All” in your industry, I’ve found…

And not have to “compete” with anybody…

Set up your Business and Profession so you can do this:

Produce and Build Very Technical, Over The Top Machines.

The fact that you can even “make” these machines from “nothing,”

Let people know you have more than enough ability…

To do that job “they” want done on “their machine.”


How are you going to get this knowledge???

So many shops will continue to keep their “how to” information secret,

End result: there is a very limited amount of help and insight you will get from them.

People tend to keep “secret” their hard fought knowledge, too.


You will soon learn, you will get some seriously “bad advise” too from some of them…

There are countless reasons for this, too…

Something as simple as “tripping you up, slow you down,

Make you spend all your money…For nothing…

Maybe you’ll even forget “all this nonsense…”

Different subject, for a different time…

What to do:

The Only Way to get the Proper Insight and Knowledge to Build Such Machines,

Is to come to one of the week long sessions we hold here at Amen Motorcycles.

I guarantee you will come out of these sessions,

Fully prepared and ready,

Equipped with the knowledge you need, so you can begin doing what you want to do as a Fabricator.

I know this:

Once you See IT…

It stays with you forever.

It’s up to you how good you get with IT.

I teach it all, too…

•Metal Stretching…easy…

•Metal Shrinking, very hard, 3 techniques demonstrated…

•Welding with the Mig and Tig rig set-ups here.

•Plasma Cutting “shapes”

•Poster Board “patterns”

•Belt Sanding Tricks and Techniques that make you look like a Pro…

•Welding up the Gas Tank you have just made, ready to take it home at the end of the classes.

This is just Day 1 and 2.

So, get ready for a life changing event.

Get your schedules cleared up for a week long class session to begin:

April 2, coming up pretty soon.

Call me when you get the chance, so I can go over the details:

Highlights are:

6 Days and Nights of Training, covering all aspects of Motorcycle Building and Fabrication.
No Motel Fees, Stay here at the Home/Shop.
Food provided.
Come Build the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off Bike, The Get Er Done.
Hosted by Industry Veteran Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Design and Engineering (Amen Motorcycles)..

Call me at 423-272-6000 and I’ll get you the Low-down on all we cover.


Don’t Fall For It: Comfortable


You had better not get “that,” these days with the challenges we are facing…

The Time Has Indeed Arrived…

It’s time to get your thoughts together and get yourself a working plan.

The Plan:

Something you know will take care of you,

If something happens to that present gig or situation you have now…

Time to Learn you a new talent,
Or hone that talent you know you already have,

Or, Better Yet…

It’s Time to Attack that overly-long thought-out plan,

The one that always seems to get put on the back burner.

The one you know already…

That Plan or Dream that you need to point all your efforts into,

The Plan you cant wait any longer for…

IT Really Needs Your Attention…


Comfortable is a death sentence.

The end.

The period on creatively creating…

Anything Comfortable,

Is bad…

I know,

I’ve been Comfortable too long and just now reaching the point in my thinking that I’m ready…it’s time…

We get locked up for many reasons…

And a mans’ mind is so very strong when your mind is made up…

Add to that a Settled Determination and combine That with Total Faith…

You find unlimited strength that would “move” mountains, if you believe it strong enough.

But we too, are a very fragile being,

Especially if we do not control our thoughts, or neglect to control what we let into our minds…

Lack of control in these areas ensure we just get stuck in the world of Doubt and Uncertainty.

If that happens, we are sure not to get any of these plans done.

So, today, try to settle in your mind, you are going for it.

Find your reasons for you to go for it.

Make those reason Noble
Make them selfish

Doesn’t matter,

Use those reasons as a tool

So you follow thru

On that dream of yours.

“The best revenge is living well”
Naomi Judd

That’s what “she” said…

Bring It All To The Table

What ever you get into…

What ever you are trying to do…

When you are trying to improve yourself…

When you are trying to improve your
position in life…

I don’t care what you do or trying to do…

Do the very best you can.

Even If you’re a sorry ass shit, then Be Good at it.

Be a “Professional” Sorry Ass Shit.

At least you will be known “as a good one.”

And, They Will Remember You Too.

Just remember, no half-hearted attempt.

Put it all out there…

In other words:

Bring It All To The Table.


When you are trying to get that dream job…

Or trying to start that shop of yours.

Then, go Learn.

Study, Practice, Think, Dream…

Then go make Deals that get you started.

But you will need to:

Bring Everything You Have

To This New Direction

You are Investing your Life into…

No half-way effort…

Not a half hearted attempt.

Not just trying to get a job.


Not bringing in the baggage you have with you.

Just you, and A Real Determination that you are going to do the best…

And, prove to yourself…

You Are The Best at this Profession you’ve chosen.

If you choose right and put your time in,

I promise the world will recognize it and the work you’ve done.

Now go “do” something.