Top Gun Touring . Com

Well That’s The Name…


It’s a Brand New Development Here at Amen.

Top Gun Touring goes along with the Expansion Plans ongoing here at Amen.

It includes:

The Opening of Our Manufacturing Facility to the Public for the first time.

This will begin sometime this Spring.

I’ve been planning this for a bit longer than 2 years and have already mapped out the riding routes and activities that begin here at Amen.

The full name is of this Tour Company:

Top Gun Touring & Travel Adventures

Hosted by Mike Brown @ Amen Motorcycles…

I’ve mapped out (2) immediate access super killer scenic, fast if you want …

curvy, smooth roads that show you what Motorcycle Touring is all about.

The 1st ride is a local route that leaves the shop behind just (2) miles to the start of one of the most amazing roads there is in the country.

This one goes from bright sunshine straights to dark close curvy twists that are cool to ride, matching the shade you’re riding thru…

A 17 mile ride, one way, 187 curves between 3 mountain valleys,

With different road “options” on how to get back…

A fast rush thrill, a nice route for sure.

Meet here at Amen Motorcycles, get signed up for Group Rides, or get the map and Ride Solo.

Group Ride with refreshments:
Cost: $20.00/couple.

The 2nd ride is where we leave from here: (Rog-Vegas, Hwy 11W mile marker 11)…Amen Motorcycles…


Deals Gap/Tail of The Dragon Tour…

A day long event, and a 280 mile ride.

An MCI Motor Coach “Chaser Bus” is used for breaks and rest times, along with food and refreshments.

We have a trailer containing a spare bike too…

Just in case of mechanical breakdown, we pull out a new bike so you don’t miss a beat.

Cost: $300.00/couple

We have next:

A 3 day Tour…

Scenic Rides thru Deals Gap to Asheville.

Spend the night there.

Tours thru The Famous Biltmore Estate, the next day,

Then off to Maggie Valley/Cherokee,
With all the sights and museums there.


A Night at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino for fine food and entertainment.

Then back thru to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, with the circuit complete and back at Amen.

Cost: $2675.00/couple.

Broader Invitational Rides with aims and aspirations to Tour Hawaii and New Zealand will be planned in the Future.

From our location here in Rog-Vegas,

We begin a new round of organized activities for the various Motorsports Enthusiast.

From Motorcycle Riders and Automotive Performance Machines,

Add to that:

The formation of a Formal Club…

The Rog-Vegas Riders and Drivers Club…

This is where we take advantage of being organized and friends with many different people with different trades and skills.

A membership in a group like this can help us in our daily lives.

Joe is a plumber
Mark is a Lawyer
Jeff is a motor guy
Lee is a painter
Dale is a gunsmith
Tony is an AC/Heat Specialist

Plus, we Ride Together, raise money for the various Charities around our area, to be part of something bigger that “us,” see where it goes…

Here at Rog-Vegas and Amen Motorcycles,

We have the perfect “Home” for you to come and hang with your like minded buds.

Always something to look at, with Mikes creations hanging from the ceiling and on the walls

There is also his projects in mid-completion everywhere.

Food, Movies, Music,

Scheduled Auction Times

Parts “Ordering” Bar, all Makes all Brands.

Buy and Sell Area: Sell Your Junk…

Professional Photo-Shoot Backdrop:
Get Your Bike Printed Out Poster Size.

Lake Access: right on the property for mini-get away vacations.

Plus: Local activities at the Cherokee Raceway (Drag Strip, only 10 seconds away.)


A complete Motorcycle Mechanic Shop (Wilson Cycle) across the street, for any work your ride needs, before heading out.

Many other developments and activities will be announced as the site develops.

A formal website is being developed and will Launch Shortly

Call 423-272-6000

Talk to Mike for quotes/dates and specifics about everything.