A Mans’ Life

Why is it we fret over stuff?

Or Worry,

Or Be Unsettled.

We made it thru the year.

We always will.

By Gods’ own providence and promise.

We don’t have to worry about that.

That God is with us to see us thru is a constant thing to be known and relied upon.

So, would I do it different?

Why, yes I would.

I would have spent more time with what family I have left.

There are always things you would do different but that is not what this post is all about.

This post is about Doing what you want.

If God is in control, and you Believe that…

Then you are free to do what it is you feel you are called to do, or being called to do in your life as:

Your Job.

Your “calling,”

Something you would enjoy.

Something that is satisfying to you.

Something you would be good at.

Even Profitable…

Why don’t you get in a place where you can:

Reflect, think, and go thru your thoughts.

Decide if you don’t like where your at,

Decide you are going to make a change,


If the year went just alright.

But remember we are a living breathing, ever-changing and evolving creation from Gods’ own hands.

We have our dreams and goals and hopes of creating a better life for us and our family.

We owe it to ourselves in this one time life we have,

To always try to do a good work with our talent and use our mind in such a way,

So this place is a little better from us having passed thru it this year.

If it is not a little better for you and your family, even the little part of this world you live in,

Then it’s time for a change.


You know what you have to do…

All you have to remember is:

God will see you thru it.


Provide you what you need.

I promise.



Man, change comes quick,
Most times…

And these quick ones are those that are kinda unexpected, the ones that catch you off guard…

These are the ones I dread, the ones that according to what type they are… The ones that can hurt.

You know, a surprise change, a quick happening thing in your life, the one you wasn’t prepared for.

Like losing a loved one.

Then there are the changes You Want To See…

These usually come very slow, seems like, and seemingly never to come.


When these slow changes you dreamed of finally come, take the time to savor and enjoy these.

Sux Change, tho.

I generally hate it.


Things change
Circumstances change
Plans change
Lives change

Change can be a real heartbreaker, too.

But Change CAN Be Good, and usually is.

Come dragging and kicking


Be Man and Walk straight into the face of it…

If done right, You Can Control Change.

I’m not real good at it, (only being a master metal teller what to do er) the people stuff is dynamic, with reactions that are hard to predict.

So, what are we going to be guided by when these various versions of change happen to affect us?


We have our life experiences,

What we’ve been thru ought to teach us something.

There ought to be some tool or lesson from going thru changes in out lives that should equip us…

Something we have faced in the past that we can refer back on, so we know how to react to these new changing circumstances we are facing.

Usually, we can dig our way thru and figure out the best way to deal with this new “spin” on life.

I personally Pray and straight hand it to God.

Then, I rest, knowing its not in my hands anymore.

Let life happen according to the good graces and provisions God provides.

I go straight to the Power,

He who inclines minds to think a certain way.

Makes even your enemies be at peace with you.

So, don’t be too concerned about life changes and new and different circumstances in your life.

Time tends to heal all and straighten out the road you’re on.


Peace and Rest be to you and your thoughts for the night.

Take the time to be thankful, watch with open eyes what your new thoughts on the subject bring.

And never forget what you’ve learned along the way.

Song: Remember the Future…Nektar


Sunday Blog: Be What You Think

That’s right,

Be what you think.

Think Sad
Be Sad

Think Bad
Then Bad is Coming…

Think: big ole smooth and easy blessing is coming my way, well…
Watch it happen.

It is Already Upon You…
Shrug that one off…Quick…
For Fear Manifests itself. (makes itself happen)

Think slim
Be slim

Think rich
Be rich

It takes Action tho…

Think you’re a Designer?
Then Design…
Be “at it.”
Do it
Just Do It. (great slogan that Nike)

If you just go walk around the hobby or industry, Some Of It Will Rub Off On You.

But, that’s what “motorcycle builders” who get their “experience” from watching and memorizing those popular TV Shows do.

To Be It….

That Takes…Believing you are That.

Then go do something about it.

Be around those people who Do What You Would Like To Do.

That’s it in a nut shell

Go be around those bike builders
Heck, even the fiberglass boat guy,

Anybody that works with his hands that builds from nothing.

Lend them a hand.

You’ll go home Bee ing more than what you was this morning.

So go Be Yourself

Get that Dream going

Guarantee it will be better than sitting in that rocking chair wishing you. “had”


Another Thing…

It’s really important too..

Here it is:

There is nobody to stop you from being what you want to be

Nobody can stop you…but you.

There might be the occasional Nay Sayers and Doubters.

These “friends” have worries, generally that you’re going to begin to do something fun.

Something they are not able to go and do at this time, and maybe Never.


You control these people.

If you’re smart you recognize these people for what they are.

So Today,

Go make a 2 sentence plan on a piece of paper today.

Look at that paper and write whatever it is you want from your heart.

Make it big enough to get you interested in doing it.

Nothing like a “little boring dream”

Go for something big enough that:

Here is the secret…

Big enough “You Can’t Do”

Except prove to yourself


“You Can”

One time thru…
Go wear it out.


Sunday Blog: Shut Up Mike

I Say It A Lot…

“Shut Up Mike”

I say it when I am thinking something “Stupid.”

Or having a “Doubt.”

Or if I’m mad at somebody…and let my mind wander and get all worked up…

There are many, many thoughts racing thru our heads continually,

And Not “all of them” Good.

We Are Constantly Talking To Ourselves…

And the things we run thru our mind during the day can find us,


Off Course, if you will.

You Are Not Going where you “Want To Go” with your life.

Or, Getting “Do What You Want To Do.”

If you are Not Controlling Your Thoughts…

And if you’re not controlling what you’re thinking…

Then its Time to Realize, You’re Probably In Trouble…


You May Never Get Back On Course…

Man, Sad…

To Lose Control, and find you Lost That Dream of finding and getting to do what makes you happy…


Do NOT let your thoughts control you.

YOU control your thoughts…

When I’m off course…I really know it too,

So, Shut Up Mike gets Me to Stop and Listen to Myself…

Once I catch myself, then I’m back in control.

So I say,

Control what you think and you control several things…

“Bad” list:

Lost blessings
Lost time
Wasted effort
Lost opportunity
Closed mind so you don’t see your next moves you could make…

Spent Time is Lost too…

This may be The Worst Loss, too…

You Will Never Get That Time Back.

So, when you find yourself thinking something that you ought not,

And you know it if you are aware of yourself.

Then shut it down.


“Shut up (add your name here).”

I bet you will be surprised how many times and how often you will have to “say it.”

Never Ever Quit.

Mike Brown

Before and After

Here is a sneaky way to get in a couple of good pictures….

Here goes:

I thought I would do a Post on “How You Feel,”

And Your Ability to Get Your Work Done And That Dream Fulfilled…

And, How They Go Hand in Hand.

After all,

If You Don’t Feel Like It, How are you Going to Get Er Done??

Below is a pic of Me with the 2nd Bagger bike I built.

I had quit smoking and gained 20 lbs easy.

Food sure began to taste good, too.

So, I Put It On.


Yep, pretty fat here in the pic, but ain’t that a cool machine…

The belt drive is HandMade and The First One Ever Built for a Bagger.

This bike was built about 3 years ago.

The next picture is of the 19′ LONG VW Bus we built on Fox Sports South TV Show: What Would Mike Do?

We used 10 guys from the Tennessee Technology School, and They Did A Great Job, too.

This Machine is Something To See, too.


Get this:

Your Attitude and The Belief You Have in Yourself…Is The Most Important Part.

Just Knowing You Can Do the Work of Your Dreams…

To Design/Create/Fabricate/Paint and Polish Raw Steel into Something Beyond What You Thought You Were Building.


You also Have To Feel Like Doing It too…

That’s where getting rid of that extra weight comes in.

It sure worked for me,

And I tell you, the guys that built the Bus, while they were here,

There was a couple 3 of them lost that couch fat…

Some lost over 20 lbs.


All you have to do is…Get Started…

Just Get Moving…

I am enjoying getting the shop ready for the school and setting it up in a more formal way.

It is after all, my “work,” my “job.”

And I want to have the energy to do all of it well.

So after all the daily treadmill work…

Here is an “after pic.”

The post is “before and after,”

Get it??


Huh, that didn’t work…

Looks like it would be best…

To just come to the class and see for yourself.

Bet You figured I’d say that tho, huh.


A Month of Amen

I just checked,

And from the first post “A New Site,”

It has been a little over a month now.


I’m amazed…

A few of you have contacted me and have told me of decisions you have made.


The Guts it takes to “choose” to do what your heart “wants,”

Instead of what ole Dad (for example) wants…

The Decisions that Will Change Your Life Forever.

“Going For It.”

How cool.

Helping to Set Dreams in Motion..

Well, I’m Honored.

And I Will Work Hard to Keep The Information Here Useful.

The decisions and choices you make in your life,

By aiming your thoughts toward What
You Really Want to Do…

Instead of Dragging you’re Old Tired Self Down to That Job You Have Now.

Man, Commitment to self…

Not selfish

If you Choose to Pour Your Life into Something You Like To Do,

Why, There is No Better “Work” for you to do.


You will probably do a Better Job at it.


You will probably finish it, see it thru to the end.

Maybe even make “your mark” in this ole world of ours.

So Congrats To All who have found this place.

I’ll do my best,

With the wisdom I have at this time in my life.

And Hopefully,

IT is Growing.

Over and Out.


New Start: Key Bill Style

You know, It Takes Junk to Build The Things we Build around here.

Anybody that gets into my shop says,

“Man, You Have A Lot of Junk.”

And every 3-4 years I bring in a great big tractor trailer sized dumpster and fill it up. Scrap it out.

I have thrown away some good stuff, too.

I Could Have Sold Most of It, too.

But, in the end, a fast scrapping is always better.

Makes you feel better to Just Get It Over With.

A New Start.

A Clean Uncluttered Shop

It’s a rare thing here.

I don’t apologize for it either.

Clutter to me is just normal, but I like to scrap it out, too.

So it’s an endless cycle here.

The smartest guy I ever knew, when you seen him,

You would think He looked like a Mad Scientist.

His house “was his shop” with Everything in the World In There…a total wreck..

And had this crazy monkey as a pet.

His name was Key Bill.

I hung around his place some as a kid, it was a kinda scary place, and that monkey “would bite you” if you didn’t watch him.

I owned a Beer Store later and delivered to him Every Week.

Same monkey except he got crazier, doing things I can’t type to the “cat.”

Bill had a table by the window and he did anything and everything on that table.

Tools, fixtures he made, gadgets, all to fix locks, appliances, most anything that was brought to him.

It looked like a 1000 “things” were always on that table.

The middle pushed out so he could work.

And he knew where every tool was on that table.

Key Bill taught me what you can do with an ordinary metal file.

“A hand mill” for steel if you want to work it that way.

That was many years ago and his impact on me and my work is still being felt today.

I can tell you, you need to find a Key Bill in your town. The repair guy, the appliance guy. The gate and wrought iron fence guy. Heck, a Plumber is a pretty good rocket science guy in his own right.

Talent: Get around it…

It will rub off on you, I promise.

Come see the new shop, too.

(only temporarily clean as per Key Bill specifications)

And get you some “metal wisdom” at some of these class sessions I am holding.