I’m In So Much Control, I Don’t (Even) Know It

Wow, what a statement…

Read it again…

I’m In So Much Control, I Don’t (Even ) Know It…

So here, I lay out my case.

In a nut shell:

I believe it’s WE Who are in Control of:
Everything We Are, Want, or Need.

I believe We Personally,

Are running/directing and steering our lives.

I believe the snapshot we take right now of our lives, is exactly what we want it to be “right now,”

“But, I’m unemployed,” You might say,
“I’m not doing what I want in my life.”

The life you’re living right now and what you have settled in to be, right now at this time does not mean you’ve stopped, or stuck…

Life and time is dynamic and ever moving and so are you.

What you are today may not be what you are or do tomorrow.

It’s your Mind that makes true what you are today,

And it’s your Mind that makes what you are today, Change to be what you want to Be tomorrow…

So, here it is…

You are what you want to be, according to the thinking of your mind.


If not right now,

In a short distant future, you will be what you want.

If you wear it, “are it” already in the I Am Part of you that exists in your mind.

So relax

Set on motion your natural you and be what you want.

Just Believe It in that fine Mind you have parked in your head.

That’s it.
That’s All I Got.
Designer and Fabricator
Mike Brown


Ain’t This Something

Ain’t This Something

Today is the first time I began to be aware of people and how communicating with them,

is actually…

them forming opinions…

All the time.


I never Ever cared much about opinions…

Ever……5 dots ever.


“Friends come and go
Enemies tend to accumulate,”

Quoted Dan Kennedy.

What to do With that information???


Why is it that:

“people are a blur to me”
Not meaning anything bad
It just sounds that way…it’s not.

Might be just me…my mind runs so fast…

I think that is the “cause” of the above statement…

Oh, well…

I stay confused about “people.”

Another Thing I Learned this Week:

No response is the right response sometimes.
No response
No words come out of my mouth, or no reaction…


Me learn Big this weak..

A mite slow on the “people” side of things,


I Build A Damn Fine Bike.

That’s all I got.



A New Day, A New Way

Didn’t I have a post sometime ago with that same name?

Never mind,
I’m not going to go back and look.

I’ve probably got something different to say since then anyway.


Got the web site back on, as being seen with the fresh new typing words appearing here.

I’m right Proud
I deleted the files myself and Bluehost blessed it and tuned it back on.
That’s progress.

Then I broke my IPhone last night…
I knew it when I dropped it.
It Made just the right sound when it hit,
That makes the 2nd time.
Going to have to Fix it I says, then started looking at when the new IPhone 5 will come out.

And I’m going to wait for IT.

This phone I have has been the best investment and money spent so far. A machine in which I have un-ending ability to do anything a business owner would ever want…

With the exception of what the new I phone 5 will have.

So I like my phone to be pretty scratch free perfect.

So this broken glass screen is going to bother me. It’s not in the viewing area at all, so I’ll live.

But it’s a new day.

And I’m not going to waste the work of typing on something that just Not important.


Ain’t going to waste the time.

Man, get ahold of Time.

Don’t let “slide” by…

I put things up in the shop building here with the last look being and meaning when the last look is occurring that I might not ever see or touch what I just put up…ever again.

Like, I’m gone and IT outlasted me.
It Could Happen…

So, I’m being aware of time.


Here’s another…

Never say Never.

When you catch yourself saying something, then curiously find yourself right in the middle of it, doing it.

I’ll never get a Tattoo…
I’ll never drive a Ford…
Then buy one,

A dozen things you say casually without thinking can sneak up on you and happen, if you don’t watch out.

Think back and remember something you said you would never do…

Then find it happened,


It fell on you,


You did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do.

Oh, Well

Live and Learn

I say it this way.

Try not to Crash and Burn.


Life Changes: In A New York Minute

Sitting here doing the Coffee thing.

Phone rings, message left…

It’s TCT TV.

I was featured there upon several times.

Something like 96 million viewers, probably more.

Worldwide and “even live” if they choose.

With access to Satellites, these guys beam you “everywhere.”

And, I always have a good message for these guys to use.

Wow, haven’t heard from them in a Long Time.

Wonder what they want.

When I do a show with them…

The calls come in…really, emails…

Nice to hear from friends in India and New Zealand, even Dubai, but it’s hard to do much else than talk…or Type…

But that phone…

It is probably the most often used piece of equipment

That conveys the message to you

That something in your life is about to change or is actually changing,

Right there on the spot,

Even As you’re having the conversation…

Life from now on may never be the same, ever again.

Pretty Big Stuff.

Kinda scary, too.

And having said that…

Change has arrived…

Simple as that.

Same with email…it comes in fast,

Even faster is those Text messages.

Yes, there is no hiding from change.

It can get you.

Change knows how to get “ahold” of you.

But don’t dread change,

Be ready for it.

As best you can.

Embrace change, even.

And if I can push the point a little farther…

Be Change…

Make Change Happen Yourself

For if,

You Are The Reason

For all the change that comes…

That it was you that put these Changes in Motion,

Why then,

You have just become,

The Captain of your ship.

Turning those wheels yourself, in any direction you wish, under the power ordained in you by God Almighty who says:

A man’s heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

So, you go on now with your plans and those dreams of yours.

As really, Time is Wasting Away…

Better Get On With It.

I’m going to call TCT…


Sunday Sermon, Our Lives: Our Show

I speak of our Lives as a Business.

And We Ought to Analyze our moves and decisions so we maximize the enjoyment of it.

We do that best in our Worldly Thinking as…having Money…or Freedom…

Which we think will make us happy and usually Does…if your Spirit Side is Right.

If not, we Chase “Happiness” with dozens of versions of things we think will make us happy.

I’ve certainly had my share of stuff I went for and chased thinking it would make me happy.

And I wasted a lot of my life hunting for Happiness,

When you hunt for happiness in the wrong ways,

You also lose that natural ability to gain your wisdom,

Knowing what good decisions or bad decisions are.


If you’re screwing up…

There is no wisdom in you, I’ve gradually found that out.

Now I “teach” attitude.

You Can Do It kind of stuff.

But you have to have your Spirit Right.

Begin by Knowing God and Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Stop being yourself, and Let God Be God…

He will take care of you.

So, in all this life experience, chasing happiness before I got my Spirit Right…

What did “people” get out of knowing me?


Just what has “My Show” been like?

Until my “Change”

I can tell you,


They got nothing….

Not one positive life changing/shaping “good thing” did they drag out of being around me…

How sad…

That was 22 years ago…

I have changed my ways…

Today I am still a big screw-up…

I still lose my temper, and get un-reasonable.

I do try hard to watch what I say tho.

I believe the spoken word puts “things” in motion and,

You Might Not Really want what you said,

To Come True.

So be careful with that tongue I say:

Lest we cry at our un-controlled silly selves, when it would have been so Easy to Not Have Said…


Make your Show be,

Something People Remember.

Make it that,

Just From Knowing You:

They are changed…

And “their” Change spreads…

And that “their change” gets passes on…


That The Whole World is “feeling it”

All because of You and The Show you made…

Using that Great Mind of yours,

And a bit of control called Wisdom,

That resulted in you being,

Many, many times,


Than We Think We Are”

Remember this:

Everybody IS Watching.

Just look around…

You’ll see…



Matt Steding attended the class we held November 23, the one who finished welded and sanded His Gas Tank Complete before he quit.

A good guy, man. Really, one of the rare ones, him and Tony are fast becoming super friends, do I recon he’s happy.

I’m teaching the start-up of his Gas Tank Business “Hammerform” where he will compete with the guys on eBay selling those custom tanks that look “edgy and kool.”

So we’re doing our work and the Van in the previous post will be a part if it.

More metal shaping training, try not to “waste” a hammer lick…

Matt has a hot race motor that will be going into the van, so that’s good,

I’m real blessed to have Matt here, a sure sign to me, and I’ll do anything I can to help him with his goals too.

Good team here



Matt’s new friend: Sweetcream the ugliest cat in the World


My, You’ve Changed

My, you’ve changed…

Have you Heard That Yet?

Or some simple version of That.


I sure hope so,

The thought you were noticed to “be Different” now.

Just keep moving forward
Change will come from your commitment to doing what you want.

The “trick” is to find “that”

And even Specialize as a Professional in an even smaller niche of “that” ‘market.

You’ll Make your money, and be in higher demand, too.


You Picked it…(and Not the Man)…


Sounds like the plan to me…

Think about it


The Mike Brown Era The World Has To Endure

Began Today…

That means…

The fact that I am on the planet,

Means that I will have an effect upon it,

And the people who live on it.


That could be scary.

But that’s just the facts when you look at the big picture.

So my era began

in 1954 on this day, January the 4th.

The day I began this Journey here on Planet Earth.

That was a good many years ago.

Tho I am a real gear head,

It somehow comes back to a few moments that capture your attention


Those moments can and often do

help form or shape you into what you will eventually begin to be, or

Hope to be,


I believe too,

It is never too late

to do what you really want to be doing in life.

But know this:

You effect people just walking thru this life.

If they Love you, then certain things happen…

If they Hate you, then other actions happen,

As Both effect your thinking, thereby
“your actions.”


Certainly effect “their actions.”

It’s just the way it is…

Waking around, living our daily lives sometimes as a weak, fickle, easily offended human is hard enough,

Even if Love is all around you.

Add negativity and doubt, jealousy and the 20 other emotions you “could” have to your life,

and it would be hard to make Wise Decisions Everytime,


We in effect





All actions tend to “spread out.”

Something to the effect the butterfly flapping his wings here in the U.S. had on affecting something that goes on in Japan.

There is some writing about this subject to which I remain ignorant of the rest of the story and the reasoning behind it.

Some things I just don’t care to know,

Often, an overview of The Idea is all I need…

So, to say it the way it needs to be said…

We really are:

A Pretty Big Deal…

If everything we do

And everything we say

And how we act

Places in motion


Chain reaction event

That starts a “wave.”


Go start YOUR Wave.

Make it a positively lively big and wide wave


go make that wave make a real “splash” with your life…

Make it Something to Remember.

I want to thank you guys, too.

Here is to all of you that come here and read these blatherings.

I sincerely Hope your 2012 is a blow out year for each of you.


Life On A Chain

When did that happen…

Our lives lived by limits…

Lived by an imaginary chain…
Not an actual chain,
It Does the Same Thing.

Something that is:
Stopping me.

Making my decisions for me.

A Limit.


No You Can’t minute…

You can’t go.
You can’t afford.
You can’t get off work.

That’s a bunch of bull.

You can…


At present you are Living Life on a chain.


Your thinking is holding you back.

Get ready for this:

It’s nothing more than You Letting
Your Mind Do The Controlling Of You.

Your mind is running the show.

Your mind is running and maybe ruining your life.

Your mind is running the show instead of you…

In essence,

Life is being lived by the thoughts and beliefs you are carrying around in your mind.



You better get to know yourself,

And pretty quick.

Time is wasting away and flying by.

The faster you control yourself instead of letting your mind run free thinking down and second guessing everything,
convincing you how scared all this is, then you’ve got work to do.

So, this week, count your blessings from the past year.

And once you’re done with that, concentrate on making yourself stronger and resistant to the second guessing thoughts,

Then, go do something big and different this year with your life.

If you get scared…

Good, that means “its big.”

When you get done with the commitment and decision

And it is in motion and In place, and caused a big change in your life…

I promise you will look at what you done and will find yourself to be the most proud of yourself,

More so than you have been in a long time.

Go Big, this year.