Get You a Job

You know, bike riders are everywhere..

That seems to be the case when you are part of the business.

OR IF You Have Decided to aim your talent toward starting a shop or trying to find work in the motorcycle business, starting out just “where you’re at.”

These days with a good job harder thing to find, that’s are always people (bike riders) who want to find “that guy” they could trust with their “very special personal machine.” (which is without a doubt one of the most true things I have ever said)

These guys LOVE their bikes and always want to be fiddling with them.

The most important part of any of this, is the fiddling…

This is just about as “far” as they want to “take it.”

Most don’t want to really tear it apart.

And they don’t want to do any “heavy mods” on it.

And they don’t want to do this for many reasons, mom, wife, clutter, might mess it up, might not remember how to put it back together, bought the wrong parts, stuff won’t fit, embarrassed to ASK for help, dealership sold them on the idea the warrantee would be no good, I could go on.

One thing for sure: (Another Truth)

They Want To Save Money.

Here is where YOU come in.

Find the Bike Nites, Saloons, Local rallies, Ect. Present yourself as an interested new friend and brag on his bike, just natural enthusiasm, nothing fake. He’ll ask, whats’ you riding?

It would be good if you have something Kool and a bit Custom to show him.

This bike you own and built is part of just “being in the business.” OR as I like to say, “Your Shopping Cart”

This bike “just for business” is a good excuse to the ole lady that you’re spending the house money for IT, too.

As they say, it’s kinda hard to sell out of an empty shipping cart.

You Need Something to “show them.”

So, 1st things first. Get the shopping cart built, even if you have a stock bike, IT WILL DO just fine.

It’s your attitude and professionally that will come thru, that You REALLY are a good guy Interested in His Bike.


Get out to the Bike nights. Bike rallies, Car events, Weekend racers @ the drag strip, I’m Sure you can think of other places you can go and “talk motorcycles.”

This ought to be obvious tho:

Show respect and Do Not Try to Generate Jobs while on the Dealership Property.

That ain’t right and if caught there is not much of anything they can do to you, except every time your name comes up, they can slam your name and your work quality.

After all, They Know you’re taking work from them because your Cheaper, probably better, too.

Just don’t steal their business by getting it right off their property.

Where you going to buy your parts anyway??

This is “early time” and you haven’t got your dealership status established just yet.

I hate to say this, but I got started working on Harleys by figuring it out as I went, no books, really no tools, only the dealership to get the parts from AND I NEVER TOLD THE OWNER:
“I ain’t never done that before.”

But I always got the job done, on time, at the price I said.

Look at me now…..Wow, I’m even blown away now that I’ve put some thought into IT.

Put your time in, it’s a FUN GIG.

Be Not Scared,
All answers Come after you COMMIT.



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Never Think of The Big Picture

You know, if you dwell long enough in your thoughts without taking action, you will surely talk yourself into saying, “Why, There is No Way I’m going to get to (insert what ever Dream or Goal here.)

By Thinking of The Big Picture, you will for sure start A Seed of Doubt.

Where am I going to get the money??

That’s usually the first question because it takes a lot of money these days to do anything….unless….YOU DO IT YOURSELF.

After all, this Dream of Designing and Building “ought to be cheaper than having somebody Do It For Me.

There will be other questions come up that will try to cause you to stumble, doubt or worry.

Don’t listen to Any Of Them.

People can be a stumbling block too, for many reasons so watch out.

If you’re going to “make it” then try the following:

You have to understand that to get the Dream going, you have to take many, many small steps. Thinking of The Big Picture will Certainly Stop You from starting.

Do “Deals” with yourself, to get started OR to finish something.

I’ll sand that gas tank then I’ll build that bolt bin.

Sanding that Gas Tank is work that pays the bills, the bolt bin is fun, because the bin moves the assembly area into being a “New Shop Area we have never had a chance to use before now.

I know this one 1st hand, as this is the deal I did with myself tonight.

Sometimes you just have to get moving. Take it from me, just walk around the job a while, you’ll eventually kick at it or move something… Then you’ll start.

My favorite thing is to clean up my area so I can turn right around and “tear it up again” with tools, paper, tape, paint and bolts just scattered everywhere.

Once its all clean, then i’ll start…It gets me “moving.”

That’s all you have got to do…

Just Get Moving.

Make those Deals with yourself.

Believe me, I always Win when I make Deals with Myself.

Nobody beats ME, especially Not ME.

Over and Out


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Buy You a Table

The best money you can spend before you commit to the tools and wrenches I say, is to get a good motorcycle lift.

Handee is the best too for the money, and American made.

I read they shut down but one of my students, Ian says the website is still up.

You can try the website yourself or search Craigslist and find you one.

By the best table you can and try to stay away from that Harbor Freight table if you can.

I used to build my 1st series of bikes on 1000 lb surface plates, then used the fork truck to take them off.

“Pulled on the top tube without the gas tank on”

I held an Assembly Class in Louisiana and Dale, my buddy had bought one of those Harbor Freight tables for the class.

There is a couple of things wrong with this table even tho it is “give away priced” and hard to beat for the money.

The problems:

It is very hard to keep clean, with that tread plate texture.

I feel uneasy laying down those expensive on that table.

It was flimsy feeling too, and not long enough for the chop school bike.

If you have to settle on that table, that’s OK.

Start fabricating and strengthening it up for daily use.

Make a longer ramp, add strength here and there.

It’s the beginning of the many fabrication/modification jobs you will do in setting up your shop

A good table will make your job easier,
Make you feel like a pro, ready to do any job and make the shop “look” professional.

So enjoy the ride, Think Big, Aim High.

There you go,


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The Tool of Doubt

The Tool of Doubt.

I heard this years ago.

Maybe you can use it.

From what I hear, the devil had a yard sale and this guy was looking at the tables with all the devils’ stuff.

The guy asked what that thing at the end of the table was, the devil said it is his secret tool, a wedge, a tool of Doubt.

The guy asked, “Why is it the highest priced thing here.

That’s easy, said the Devil, “nobody knows I got it”

Doubt…from the Devil.

Recognize where IT comes from.

Then, proceed ON with that dream you have.


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Well, Let me ask you, Where can you go and get to put your hands on a motorcycle, let alone build it…A complete Custom Hand-Made Motorcycle…AND A Famous one, too boot. How about YOU BUILD the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off Bike Mike Built in 10 Days for TV?

Yep, It’s finally scratched up enough to not care, so I’ve decided to “use” it for the Assembly/Training Class. Hands-on, build it from the frame up to running. The plus stuff about this is you will get to see complete one-off stuff, like the oil tank in the primary, Stainless steel foot controls made a certain way, different kinds of tank mounting tricks thanks to Chica. segmented axle adjuster plates that give it a retro look, but was made that way because it was a very fast way to do it…a total custom Split Rocker Shovel using an alternator case on the left and a generator case on the right side…on and on…

The best decision I’ve made as far as cost and value to the students so far, has been to hold a total of (3) different classes over a period of (6) days. I am also offering to you guys that you can stay here at the Home/shop to keep the costs of the Motel down…

I am always holding “after hour” sessions anyway, so It would be more convenient to just get cleaned up and bed down without travel being involved…after were done with the “sessions”

For those of you who don’t know about the after hours sessions, this is where I talk about “Stuff”…like… to set up your shop, get your accounts started, lots of problems for the new guy to get his dealer status established and how to get one to make the next one happen, other topics: what;s hot in the industry, what’s coming in style in the future, what’s dying off. what tools you need, including the Fabricating tool stuff…., name brand vs middle of the road quality vs Taiwan parts. A whole host of topics that get you what you need to know fast without making a bunch of mistakes….After you leave here, just go right to it, up and running, make your money. Call me if there is a question or problem…..After all what is this all for…Do the Job you always wanted and get your money to go play, take care of the family, what ever reasons…

There are (3) classes which are Frame Fabrication/Modification, Assembly/Training, Build-a-Bike, and Gas Tank Fabrication Class, take it home with you when you’re done….

More details about the 3 classes later…time for Paint work…



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I’ve added the Assembly/Training Class description to this site.

I have been for quite some time now, concentrating on the many aspects of building these custom motorcycles and showing the people How To Do It. I’m really not interested in building you a bike, it’s just time to SHOW YOU HOW to do it, and believe me, It takes just about every talent you can muster up to build one, too.

So, start buying every book and video you can get your hands on. Come to one of these sessions, too. I guarantee you, I’ll Blow You Away with the amount of info, not sitting around and watching me either. This is a hands-on gig, with set-ups, conversions, mods done on the fly, right on the spot as needed to get the job done. Heck, we’ll probably have to rub out some paint after all the scuffs that were put on by handling them thru the school…

OR You Could PAY EVERYBODY to do the work…BUT, Imagine handing that beautiful handmade gas tank to the UPS driver and take the chance on him losing it, sending it out to a painter that WILL BE LATE AND NOT DO THE JOB THE WAY YOU WANTED IT……AND CHARGE YOU MORE THAN HE QUOTED……..NO OFFENSE TO PAINTERS, BUT I KNOW HOW YOU “ARTISTS” ARE…….so, plan on learning how top paint in the next couple of years, too….

That thought aside, There is enough on your plate already with these custom bike parts, frames and their shapes and different set-ups, wide tire, stuff, component quality, name brand vs the Taiwan stuff, wiring, both simple and complex, plumbing, brackets and such, and JUST HOW ARE YOU going to mount that gas tank without “seeing the mounts,” you know….The STUFF that sets you above the rest of the “assemblers” out there.

I’ll say this,

It Takes a Professional¬† to BE a Professional,” so if this is what is driving your thoughts, and this stuff is in your heart, then get ready, come on in…I’ll blow you away, get you ready…might as well make you some money too…beats getting a real job with the man, or at the dealership at $8.50 per hour…

Enough already




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Hubless Monster: Back Home

Funny, I was just writing about the piano store and up comes the tractor trailer bringing the Hubless Monster back home.

The truck drove by, as usual not knowing “They’re Here.” (No Name Outside)

And as It was Driving By, I read something like: Piano Express or something…

And sure enough, when he got here and we open the truck,

Parked in front of all the bikes, was a New Yamaha Piano, In The Box.


Funny coincidence I guess.

Anyway, The Hubless Monster has been in Kansas City for the better part of the summer at an Art Exhibition which was held at Union Station, a very well known location and attraction there.

Now that it’s back…

I think it’s time to ride the durn thing.

It’s got its’ scars and scratches and I am really ready for it to go back to the original color:

Black and Orange, as was originally photographed for the book Art of the Chopper.

I remember riding it tho, out in public.

It has never went well.

It tends to cause near car wrecks when I get out on it.

Drivers sure forget where they are going when seeing it running down the road,

People are hitting each other on the arm, and actually reaching and Turning their buddies head to Make Them look …


I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens during one if these rides.

Also, has it, if you search Hubless Monster over there…

I’ll learn links soon and my rss is messed up, too…what ever that means, haha…NOT FUNNY




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Doing Better but Not Stellar

I was driving by the Piano Store at the strip mall a few weeks ago…

I said to myself, “There’s Something You Don’t Have To Have,”

Then I thought of Amen, The Chopper Business here…

I bet I’m kinda in the same business as that Piano Store…

An Amen Chopper is something you Don’t have to Have…

But, I can think of 25 reasons why I DO, I Bet.


I bet that little guy or girl or the Pro musician can Tell you 25 or MORE Reasons WHY they Need a NEW Piano.

I’m from a little town, and you just don’t see the people out and about like you do in the big cities, with commerce looking like it’s going well, with all the parking lots full and such on Friday Nights

So, The piano Store May Be Just Fine.

I talk to a fair bit of people from all over tho, and

It’s Tight,

Real tight.

I know it is if you’re a true chopper guy.

Build and breathe only choppers, you better be married to some rich ole lady or have some money in the bank to play with, so you can keep your fledgling chopper business alive in these times…

Just sayin,

Best to Branch Out with Performance Mods and Bagger stuff, so you can make it…


I build or rebuild the many Amen motorcycles that were put together by owners after they bought a rolling chassis from us.

There were probably around 525 of these things built.

Full final assembled powder coated rolling chassis with only the drivetrain, plumbing, wiring and paint to finish, up and running.

This was virtually unheard of in the day, and still is.

The Norm Is like this:

You buy the parts and mock up all up, complete everything, tear it down for paint and chrome and come back and assemble for the final time later…

But we pre-fitted everything, and held the frame to .003″ in straightness…so you could “just go on” with it…

It was a lot of work “pre-building” your custom bike for the customer, But I charged a good bit of money for it.

I sure spent a good bit of it, too… Employees: up to 13 at one time…


The “Me Too, Gotta be Part of That, TV Show Watchers” are gone now or tired of the fad.

Business and Personal Downturns (had one or two, myself…) and the hardships of life sometime results in an Amen here or there get sold.

And they call me.

I rebuild, rewire, refresh or tear down but mostly I start from the frame and come back up with it.

And I can generally re-use most of the parts that were originally on it.

Custom bikes probably have a good 3 year shelf life if you are riding it.

Being custom and all, it is expected to be nice and hopefully slick.

But 3 years, maybe 4, that’s about it.

You can patch and hide, cover and blend.

But it comes finally Time to rebuild.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I tell them “It might as well come back home.”

It’s a part of my business which It never occurred to me I would be doing.

And I’m doing more paint jobs than I thought I would.

And of Course “The School”

There are ways to Make Your Money even more so in bad times if you look around…

So, I’m plugging away at it, making the Moves, going to get the decision made:

Open the Shop or Not

To the Public.

Little Town ain’t Big City…

Huh, what to do…




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Sunday Blog: If You Don't Spend It, God Won't Send It

I have always thought of myself as a little bitty tiny light that God could see from way up there in heaven.

I would be Especially Bright if I was stepping out in Faith.

Like Spending Money I Don’t Have.

I have built this Business on
Money I didn’t have at the time.

After many, many instances of this, I can say this to be true:

I have Never been left hanging out there in the wind after I have made a move on Faith, knowing and believing in what I’m led to do.

With a name like Amen and seeing all kinds of things happen in and around it, I take it pretty serious, That Name.

I try to design the best, build the best, and use the best parts on All the machines we have built.


Early on, I wanted a Nigel Patrick All Billet Racing Motor.

This was The Very Best of the Best being Carved out of a Solid Block of Aluminum.

I could buy (5) Harley engines for (1) of these.

This motor cost a bit over ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).


I was determined to get one of those engines for a New Bike I was building, which I planned to call Savior.

I sent Nigel $2200.00 and told him to build my motor.

After I sent that money, In my mind I can see God Saying, “Well he stepped out, looks like I’m going to have to help him.”

The act of sending that money on Faith, made my little bitty light brighter so I got his attention.

This is just me thinking, but whatever works for you is all that matters, you hear?

Well, it was an “easy bet,” if that’s the right word.

You’d think a company named Amen, building a bike called Savior was “stacking the deck” so to speak, to not be let down….

If You Believe, then It Shall Be


For as he thinketh within himself, so is he: Proverbs 23:7

After committing to purchasing it,

It was easy after that, $2500.00 here, then there.

Pretty soon, the only thing I was fussing about was the $850.00 to ship it. (I “thought” that was High!!)

Once you commit to anything, things just work themselves out….

Call it Guts, call it Faith, whatever you call it….

You Have To Get Started.

See, that’s the trick, You Just Have to Get Started.

If you don’t spend it, He won’t send it, guaranteed.

I will wind this up by saying this.

God provides for our needs.

If I believe this, which I Do…

Then I don’t want just a “Little Need.”

I want a Donald Trump “Need.”

If God provides for our needs, then I’m Going Big…

Anyone With Me?



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The Question of Certification

You know, the Question of Certification has never came up before.

Each one of you is so excited to come here and learn, I never heard anybody mention it.

I DO get students from other Assembly Build Classes and MMI, but they never have a bad thing to say about their experience “there.”

The guys/girls that come here, just want to know it all.

And I get every style and type of person here.

And I Teach It All, Total and Complete.

The reason for this post is:

I got an email Saturday asking about certifications tho.

The author of this email had came by, seen the shop, which has been totally wrecked and I mean TOTALLY, as I’m Starting A New Business Model.

The author also wrote that He thought I was Hiding Something (my wife just left for good, I guess) and that Hiding Word was the only word that “clicked” and frankly pissed me off.

My technical skills are that of a Master Metal Teller What To Do’er,


My people skills are a bit lacking,


I wrote him back and told him he didn’t need the class,

According to his email he already knew what I was teaching and besides the class was full.

But, here’s my mistake. (besides doing all this on 1-40)

I Didn’t “See” his question about certification, I was too busy being pissed at saying I was “hiding something.”

He didn’t like it that I cut him off so, he’s mad enough to go to the Internet and “tell.”

Two people, one email,
Two different responses.
I tell you, telephone is better.

Just seems to be too many chances for the words to not get read and interpreted “right.”

Learn Everyday and try Not to Crash and Burn I guess…


Friends come and go.
Enemies accumulate.
Dan Kennedy


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