School is Filled, Nxt. Round: January

The Final and Formal List of Attendees has been put together and their schedule is set.

The steel sheeting has arrived for the fabrication of the gas tanks we will build.

The welding equipment and plasma cutting equipment is mounted on roll around carts.

The guys can test and try out their skills before they spot weld the tanks together.

We will use shrinker and stretcher tools that help curve down “edges”


The most important tools will be “simple” ones….

Hammers, dollies and sand bags…

Maybe the English wheel.

Big metal files to “check quality.”

Maybe some heat from the torch…

There is slways one who overstretches his steel….which is good….for “learning”

But An “undesirable thing.”

I show how to straighten it up by shrinking it back….

Stretching steel… easy.

Shrinking steel is why you came here in the first place.

Lots more to come, and I mean…

A Lot More.

Well, I’m going back in.

Just thought I would type the Thoughts of the Minute.


It’s Technique and Attitude, Demonstrated November 14

It’s “How To” Week here at Amen Motorcycles, Beginning November 14.

You guys that have signed up will see just what it takes to do this “Wild Stuff.”

And if you can “see into the wild stuff” then you Can Certainly Go Do What It Is You Have In Mind With Your Work…

Just to begin to understand “why” the Machines around here were built in the first place…

And How this Knowledge Could and Probably Will affect you…

And How You Can Use this Week of Fabrication and Assembly Training Sessions to Fully Change Your Life.


I would say, “That’s Big.”

And going by past experiences and feedback from the students,

You are going to be “changed.”

I’ve wrote, and said this, stated that,
Expanded here, chosen that…


Until you see it…

Attitude and Understanding, all without over thinking…

Techniques demonstrated…and modified constantly…

Everything within eyesight used as a tool.

Measurements based off the thickness of a quarter,

Tolerances figured as a dimension of a paper match head turned sideways.

Un-ending versions of understanding just what it takes to get the job done.

And it is most pleasing to the past students who have been thru these sessions,

To carry away this:

You have Everything it takes,

once you see it…


Be a Part of it…


That changes things…

After you get this knowledge broken down to the bare essentials, there is no end to your possibilities…

After you get your shop area set up.

I’ll go into “that,” too…


Top to bottom


As ELP says

Come on in…

“See the show…”

Call me with your questions




Before and After ll

Not what you thought I bet.

This picture is of an evolution process of my work…

The red bike is state of the art 2003.

The Blue chassis design is the latest of the latest.

Note: The Frame Is As Long As The Whole Bike in the background.

The origin of this design was on the 2002 Savior, first shown in 2003.

I’ve got you guys a new design to see, too.

The new Underslung Project…

You guys that come to the school will actually get to Do Some Work On It, too.

Come to the School for the “Inside Stuff.”



Question of the Day: See pic Below…


    Why is The Swingarm, and Future Tire Assembly coming out…

    where the Motor Was… On this Bagger Frame…???…

    Might as Well Push Some Limits…On Fab Technique.

    I will demonstrate during the upcoming class.

    So, I’m Announcing:

    I Have A Top Secret Bike…

    I have decided to open it up to the guys That Come To The Class beginning November 14.

    And actually work on it during Frame Class.

    By the way…

    The bike is named: Underslung.

Building the Machines Gallery

I’m Setting aside the time to load the pictures and do a bit of write up on the motorcycles that are special to me.

They represent one-off fabrication and good clear thinking, while pushing the limits of design.


These bikes Are Quite Old Too.

From 1998 to 2005.

These machines are here as a testament to Making A Commitment


I must……absolutely, have to have them.

That means

I Absolutely Have TO Build Them,


They ain’t gonna “fall out of the sky” and into the shop, full of gas.

And so here they are.

So, you’re turn…try this out:

You know, You Don’t Have To Worry about Your Decisions really, things just have a way of working out.

And you’re either going to build That Machine of yours or you not, you’ve Probably Started On It Already.

You Don’t even have to think about the “How Am I Ever Going To”…..Part.

You know…

The stuff that makes you “Doubt.”

So, Your Job Is To Be Strong Enough To Not Listen To IT..

So, off I go for Load Time over there.


You WANT a Recession-Proof Gig

That’s It. Right There.

You want a Reliable, Never-ending Supply of High Paying Work that You Do.


Your Customers Come To You Wherever you are.

I can think of No Better Thing,

As Recession Proof


A Motorcycle Owner “Problem Solving” Service….

Or Simply:

A Professional Motorcycle Shop

It’s Recession Proof:

This I Choose To Believe.


You already answered that question once you have made That Commitment.

Because You Will Do Whatever It Takes.

You Already Know You Can Chase The Work if You Need To.

Yep, That’s EASY…

Ride your bike to the various Bike Nights and all…

Talk and Be your normal self…Work is standing right next to you,

AND He (your brand newly met friend) Will Be the One Who Brings It Up…

You will be Waay More Successful if you are Riding Your Own Mostly Custom Bike that you put some of your time and talent into.

This is a Big point here:

When You Decide To Be A Walking Encyclopedia of Everything Motorcycle,

And come across as a Professional


You’re Done….

You have Just Set In Motion your Completely Reliable, Enjoyable, High Paying, Recession Proof Motorcycle Shop.

Here is the Truth…

America is 15-20 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to using Motorcycles and Scooters as daily transport.

Believe me: They’re Coming, Too.

Rising Gas Prices will be here soon.

They will have A Very Big Impact on All Areas of Motorbikes.

Americans might be driving that Big “Chevy Suburban” to the “Commodore Motel” in Galveston this year,


In 2-3 years They Could Be:

Motorcycle “Touring” on a Handmade Amen Personal Customcruiser Motorcycle, (or another brand)

And “Staying at The Mini-City Campgrounds” at Myrtle beach.

Take the names of the cars/bikes and the cities above and “change to suit.”

You can see the picture…

The reasoning behind buying a Motorcycle:

Motorcycles are The Most Economical
Super Lifestyle Feeling of Fun you can have.

“I’ll Save the Money on Gas”‘he says…

This Is what gets a lot of bikes Bought in the first place.

So, here is the trick:

These guys need somebody to work on IT.


If they Have To.

Most would like the personalized attention of a small niche professional.

They probably like their barber, too,

And probably wouldn’t change for the world…

“They” want to find “You” too,

The Guy,

Yeah, You’re their “guy” once they “find” You.

The Rare Fricken Professional.

Somebody They Can Trust.

They Don’t Care to “Pay” Either.

And just like their barber, They go nowhere else.

I Teach These Classes and I Tell You that if you Act Like A Professional and Have Read and Studied, Worked and Kept your mouth shut Figuring Out, instead of telling the customer How Hard you worked…

Then you Will Make a Good Name For Yourself and your Business.

And a great Living, too.

But, Please, For Gods Sake:

Study and test: What You Should Name Your Shop.

Even Pray about it.

There is no good reason to name your business Bad.

Come to these Classes, I talk this stuff for like, 9-10 hours a day.


Here are the motorcycles:

The motorcycles for your business will come from everywhere,

With a surge every time gas prices move around.

Read: Gas Prices are going up and Going to Stay Up.

There are “These” to work on:

Lots of Buells and Sportsters with owners who want them put on Different Frames…

No problem, you got a frame jig.
Mike Brown “taught you,” hint, hint.

Lots of basement and garage bikes come out for crank up and eventually restorations… Like Honda 305’s all kinds of bikes from the mid-late 70’s.

Lots of promise in the Scooters and Scooter sales.
Buy only (3) and you’re a “dealer.”
which are coming believe me…

Warrantee Plus Work… On them.

Bigger Versions of Hi Horsepower Scooters are the upper end of economical daily transportation,

These are Very Customizable, see Majesty and other variants of the work that has been put into them on YouTube.

Baggers, can’t keep up, there.

Custom choppers, still owners who need regular upkeep and buy/sell opportunities.

Corporate radical one-offs are rare but out there…
Atheletes/business owners/tree surgeons/pool diggers… I’ve built a bike for everybody before….mb…

Cafe racers made from the various 750 dohc and I bet those old Nickel Plated Rickman framed racer bikes come back in, (or a big number built as “copies” of them).

Of course, then there’s those totally Cheap And Totally Taiwan “Bobbers.”

Then the Had Built and Heavy Maintained “Not a Blemish” Show Bike.

A perfect machine.

Which has needs too.

So, There You Go.

The How and What,

Now its Your Time, You Turn..

Your Answer to the Question


Don’t look up a year from now and IT Be The “Same.”

Man, Go For IT.

You only go thru this thing once, and I’ve Never Considered Even Once, IT to be a mistake.



I ain’t even mentioned ATVs yet or………………………..

Updated: 2×4 or a Hamburger, Which One To Get

Well, That Line Sounds Silly…


I did finish this by telling the reason behind making it so hard and running it so tight at first.

It is true tho, we really have to constantly be thinking.

And, not about one or two subjects.

We are constantly having to juggle a very wide and broad series of subjects.

It’s all part of figuring out how to deal with “everything.”

The never-ending choices of How We Make it Thru.

Adding to it is how we put off or neglect to make the choices we really need to make.

We Learn as we go, tho.

I’m Never Scared of making Decisions, as I figure a Bad Decision can be reversed.

But, We’re always Paying. That is one constant in life.

Spending: To Not Get Back

Investing: Spending to Receive back.

Did you “catch” those last two?

Anyway, the 2×4…

Many many years ago, when you could actually buy a 2×4 board 8 foot long for a dollar bill, I actually sat in the car in the McDonalds parking lot and had a debate with myself about buying a hamburger, knowing I could get a 2×4 for the same price.

I made the decision for the 2×4.

I “reasoned to myself,” That 2×4 would last longer than that hamburger.

I wanted My Shop, my business, my own job shop I made with my 2 hands.

I wanted it done without debt as It might just sit there 6 months or longer before I get a contract.

It was important it wouldn’t “cost” anything sitting there Until I got to fire it up. That’s right, NO Bank Payment.

I’m glad I did it this way too, it set for 9 months, not 6 as I figured.

So I’m glad I made That hamburger “treat” wait.

The result: I made me some pretty Big Money.

I bought a new Corvette and built us a new house and some land by the lake where I put a new 10,000 sq ft building that became Amen.

Mainly, I wasn’t under any pressure to taking just any underpaying job or “fear pricing” a job real low so I could get it.

You Have To Keep Making Choices,

Because If you don’t,

Somebody WILL Make Them FOR You.

I would rather make My Own, come what may.

Over and Out

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What are you Doing Tonite?

Did you get to move forward any today or tonight?

Did you take a little time thinking about your “Next Move.”

If you Did, then you’re a little closer to getting what you want  in life.

Apparently you have the talent, if not the talent, at least a Desire to keep moving forward someway.

Maybe just kinda looking around on the internet figuring out what to do next.

At least you’re trying to get information, and it’s out there.

But usually the way it works is this:

It’s the last 10 minutes of your day, you
Need to go to bed.

You get this “almost a panic feeling”.

What is it???

Oh, that Dread…

A thought that comes into your head that you’ve wasted the whole day.

That you’ve got to go to work again tomorrow, to that no challenge, no paying job which just ain’t cutting it any more.

Just be glad you have a job “they say.”


Jobs are out there, if you want them.

And Doing What You WANT TO DO type jobs, too.

Never mind ANY OPINIONS, it’s Get Serious Time, you have 10 minutes before you need to be sleeping.

The panic “What can I do to change this?” is upon you now.

And you’re really serious (after wasting the evening watching Tv…)

So what do you do?

1st thing, Don’t beat yourself up, man.

You ARE Moving Forward Already without even knowing it.

Here it is: You will Eventually Get Tired of Settling for the Way You Live.

If, you don’t listen to anybody, putting stupid thoughts like doubt in your head.

I can write a bunch about this subject, but.

Do this:

Go to bed, rest easy, and let the experience of this day sink in.

THIS is what you do for the last 10 minutes of the day.

Let the day sink in, and think what actions you could do to change IT.

It has Not Been a Wasted Day.

After you have thought thru the events of the day, then throw your head down and let the murmurings of your heart pray for a bit more wisdom. You will need IT to help you keep your focus on this dream you have.

Just keep plugging away,

You WILL Move Forward, I promise.


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No Motel Room Costs Here

The Newest Reason to be a part of The Upcoming Fabrication/Assembly Sessions beginning November 14th IS:

The need not to have to BUY A MOTEL ROOM FOR THE WEEK while your here for the classes…

After the formal classes of the day, I’m in no hurry anyway, and you might as well not be…

After all, leaving your family, home and your job for a week is pretty serious business.

Might as well take all the Advantages the week offers…

This is business that I take seriously, too…For example…

I don’t answer my phone while you’re here. I belong to you.

This is what I’m Paid To Do.

To Be Here For You, With All That I Can Tell, Show, Demonstrate to you while your here.

These after-hours sessions, can last for as long as You Want, too.

We then can eat, get cleaned up, then sleep and get ready to do it all again.

All the stuff it takes to maximize what you are wanting to do in your future with this Dream of yours.

I do Motorcycles. I teach Motorcycles. The complete ins and outs of motorcycles…It is what I live for..Fabricating, cutting, modifying, painting, and upholstering them..If my eyes were good I would be engraving them..I machine, design, Polish, fit clearance, measure, and install. I take box stock parts and modify.. I find it way easier to build from NOTHING… a bare concrete floor, as to modify or fix a Harley…or a rust bucket,

The main idea here is: to do what You want with your life. To Live this thing Hard with your dreams intact One time in this one and only life…It doesn’t matter if “they” understand…This is YOU and Your life , Dreams and Goals… This is what You want to do with your life.

Will you make money?

Why, Yes. You will always Be Paid Solving Problems for people..that what work is, solving problems for anyone Who Has A Problem, and they are everywhere….

The idea is to do what YOU enjoy…AND Know How to DO IT, Professionally, on time and on budget…

Is your Dream to be around Motorcycles or Motorsports all the time…Heck Yeah, There is Not Anything Better.

America has not even began to think about the motorcycle as being a serious mode of transport, as yet,,,

And I say that we are 15-20 years behind every other country in the world as far as theses machines are…..

So get ready, get in here, be about your business, listen to no one, do what you got to do, and go for it.

I’m available for answers to any questions you may have, and what I am talking about here is the formal training classes we are about to hold beginning November 14, coming up soon…Lots of good people are coming, interesting people too, it will be a blast.




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