About Amendude

GearHead, Dreamer, Fabricator, Designer with No Limits...will work forever "just for the Picture." The main Question is: Are We Having Fun Doing THIS??? I Must Be, But there are Lots of People that have come and gone, thinking this stuff is "easy" It has to "BE" in your Heart, this kind of Work, but personally want my Rocking Chair Stories to be filled with No Regrets. If you Have a Talent, Please USE IT. And you DO have a Talent that God has given you...

Doing Better but Not Stellar

I was driving by the Piano Store at the strip mall a few weeks ago…

I said to myself, “There’s Something You Don’t Have To Have,”

Then I thought of Amen, The Chopper Business here…

I bet I’m kinda in the same business as that Piano Store…

An Amen Chopper is something you Don’t have to Have…

But, I can think of 25 reasons why I DO, I Bet.


I bet that little guy or girl or the Pro musician can Tell you 25 or MORE Reasons WHY they Need a NEW Piano.

I’m from a little town, and you just don’t see the people out and about like you do in the big cities, with commerce looking like it’s going well, with all the parking lots full and such on Friday Nights

So, The piano Store May Be Just Fine.

I talk to a fair bit of people from all over tho, and

It’s Tight,

Real tight.

I know it is if you’re a true chopper guy.

Build and breathe only choppers, you better be married to some rich ole lady or have some money in the bank to play with, so you can keep your fledgling chopper business alive in these times…

Just sayin,

Best to Branch Out with Performance Mods and Bagger stuff, so you can make it…


I build or rebuild the many Amen motorcycles that were put together by owners after they bought a rolling chassis from us.

There were probably around 525 of these things built.

Full final assembled powder coated rolling chassis with only the drivetrain, plumbing, wiring and paint to finish, up and running.

This was virtually unheard of in the day, and still is.

The Norm Is like this:

You buy the parts and mock up all up, complete everything, tear it down for paint and chrome and come back and assemble for the final time later…

But we pre-fitted everything, and held the frame to .003″ in straightness…so you could “just go on” with it…

It was a lot of work “pre-building” your custom bike for the customer, But I charged a good bit of money for it.

I sure spent a good bit of it, too… Employees: up to 13 at one time…


The “Me Too, Gotta be Part of That, TV Show Watchers” are gone now or tired of the fad.

Business and Personal Downturns (had one or two, myself…) and the hardships of life sometime results in an Amen here or there get sold.

And they call me.

I rebuild, rewire, refresh or tear down but mostly I start from the frame and come back up with it.

And I can generally re-use most of the parts that were originally on it.

Custom bikes probably have a good 3 year shelf life if you are riding it.

Being custom and all, it is expected to be nice and hopefully slick.

But 3 years, maybe 4, that’s about it.

You can patch and hide, cover and blend.

But it comes finally Time to rebuild.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I tell them “It might as well come back home.”

It’s a part of my business which It never occurred to me I would be doing.

And I’m doing more paint jobs than I thought I would.

And of Course “The School”

There are ways to Make Your Money even more so in bad times if you look around…

So, I’m plugging away at it, making the Moves, going to get the decision made:

Open the Shop or Not

To the Public.

Little Town ain’t Big City…

Huh, what to do…




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Sunday Blog: If You Don't Spend It, God Won't Send It

I have always thought of myself as a little bitty tiny light that God could see from way up there in heaven.

I would be Especially Bright if I was stepping out in Faith.

Like Spending Money I Don’t Have.

I have built this Business on
Money I didn’t have at the time.

After many, many instances of this, I can say this to be true:

I have Never been left hanging out there in the wind after I have made a move on Faith, knowing and believing in what I’m led to do.

With a name like Amen and seeing all kinds of things happen in and around it, I take it pretty serious, That Name.

I try to design the best, build the best, and use the best parts on All the machines we have built.


Early on, I wanted a Nigel Patrick All Billet Racing Motor.

This was The Very Best of the Best being Carved out of a Solid Block of Aluminum.

I could buy (5) Harley engines for (1) of these.

This motor cost a bit over ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).


I was determined to get one of those engines for a New Bike I was building, which I planned to call Savior.

I sent Nigel $2200.00 and told him to build my motor.

After I sent that money, In my mind I can see God Saying, “Well he stepped out, looks like I’m going to have to help him.”

The act of sending that money on Faith, made my little bitty light brighter so I got his attention.

This is just me thinking, but whatever works for you is all that matters, you hear?

Well, it was an “easy bet,” if that’s the right word.

You’d think a company named Amen, building a bike called Savior was “stacking the deck” so to speak, to not be let down….

If You Believe, then It Shall Be


For as he thinketh within himself, so is he: Proverbs 23:7

After committing to purchasing it,

It was easy after that, $2500.00 here, then there.

Pretty soon, the only thing I was fussing about was the $850.00 to ship it. (I “thought” that was High!!)

Once you commit to anything, things just work themselves out….

Call it Guts, call it Faith, whatever you call it….

You Have To Get Started.

See, that’s the trick, You Just Have to Get Started.

If you don’t spend it, He won’t send it, guaranteed.

I will wind this up by saying this.

God provides for our needs.

If I believe this, which I Do…

Then I don’t want just a “Little Need.”

I want a Donald Trump “Need.”

If God provides for our needs, then I’m Going Big…

Anyone With Me?



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The Question of Certification

You know, the Question of Certification has never came up before.

Each one of you is so excited to come here and learn, I never heard anybody mention it.

I DO get students from other Assembly Build Classes and MMI, but they never have a bad thing to say about their experience “there.”

The guys/girls that come here, just want to know it all.

And I get every style and type of person here.

And I Teach It All, Total and Complete.

The reason for this post is:

I got an email Saturday asking about certifications tho.

The author of this email had came by, seen the shop, which has been totally wrecked and I mean TOTALLY, as I’m Starting A New Business Model.

The author also wrote that He thought I was Hiding Something (my wife just left for good, I guess) and that Hiding Word was the only word that “clicked” and frankly pissed me off.

My technical skills are that of a Master Metal Teller What To Do’er,


My people skills are a bit lacking,


I wrote him back and told him he didn’t need the class,

According to his email he already knew what I was teaching and besides the class was full.

But, here’s my mistake. (besides doing all this on 1-40)

I Didn’t “See” his question about certification, I was too busy being pissed at saying I was “hiding something.”

He didn’t like it that I cut him off so, he’s mad enough to go to the Internet and “tell.”

Two people, one email,
Two different responses.
I tell you, telephone is better.

Just seems to be too many chances for the words to not get read and interpreted “right.”

Learn Everyday and try Not to Crash and Burn I guess…


Friends come and go.
Enemies accumulate.
Dan Kennedy


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When Good Enough “IS”

I’ve said It,

But I Pay Attention to It when I hear Somebody Else Say It.

“That’s Good Enough.”

I immediately suspect It Is NOT.

I don’t know why, maybe I know the person that has said It, and suspect from his work habits I had better go “check.”

On the other hand…

I had a Machinest here so slow, even his mom said, “It takes him 20 minutes to get out of the car when he gets home from work.”

If I ever heard him say “that”, I had Absolutely No Worries.

Measuring, cutting, welding, grinding, are all part of the trade when fabricating, and when you take into account all these steps, a little “off” here and there add up to what Could be a Whopper of Bad Part.

So, next time you catch yourself saying “Why, That’s Good Enough,” Stop and Think, Is It Really?

Or are you are just Looking For An Excuse To Quit Working On IT.

Gotta Quit, Cornbreads’ ready…See if Its’ Good Enough, haha.

If you knew my Cooking Skills, you would Laugh, too.


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Sunday Blog: My Version of Moses Rod/Staff

I always thought “How did Moses Remember the numerous times God got Him out of Trouble when those whiny Israelites went to complaining or went against the plan that they were already embarked upon? There were many, many times when the people would come with complaints about the trip…They forgot too soon about the working as slaves part, now walking around “free.”

Then I thought of the Old West Gunslingers, you know, the “notches” they were supposed to have on their pistol grips when they had been successful in a gunfight, and didn’t die from IT…

I bet those notches they carefully and slowly whittled into that pistol grip by the light of a campfire, thinking of the days events, and them successfully sitting there,  Might have included a Little Prayer of Thanks to God for sparing his life.


All just conjecture, just me thinking, which is most times dangerous for me to do.

What has the Gunslinger got to do with Moses, or his walking cane and what is the reason for this post, you say?

I have Always Believed for some reason, That Moses had Notches on his Walking Stick.

I can somehow picture him walking along and sliding his hand up and down that stick as he walked, reminding him of the blessings and provisions, and the answers to his prayers, always “just in time” and as a witness to the people of Gods Power.

These awesome events, miracles, shade in the mid-day Sun, splitting the Red Sea Wide Open, all kind of Big Stuff, all Done in front of the People, would surely show the people, lest they forget GOD Knows The Big Picture, and Its All Ours If We Just Follow Along…

This post is here because I have laying up against my wall downstairs, (Now torn out due to the construction here at the shop) A Door Frame.

This Door Frame is one that I used to walk in and out of more than a dozen times a day leaving my home, walking into the shop, as I live in both full time…

That doorway was notched a long time ago when I received some blessing, some answer, some gift of confirmation that He is With Me in my Life AND in This Thing Called Amen.

There are many, many notches on that piece of wood, and it made me very proud and humbled each time I went to it and put a notch, AND a little 2-4 word remark…

Sometimes made just on Faith of some future event yet to unfold, or a hope “that it is true” notch…

Most notches were genuine blessings, arrived just in time, and words I could say to the guys in the office…

“See, I told you all it would come in, would happen,

or whatever IT was that was important to the running of Amen or the support of the people here…

My way of saying “I told you so…”

But, Better Than That.

Each Time A notch was Put in that door frame, It was Evidence, Confirmation, Proof, The really warm heartfelt Good Stuff that:

God Was With Me in my life and my work.

Not left hanging out there alone, OR getting beat up by whatever the world wanted to TRY TO DO to me…

Nope, Gods Really HERE.

That’s what that door frame said to me…

And everytime the people in the office would worry about some little something…

I “already Knew” because I had made A Notch a few days earlier, On Faith.

Now the door frame is not a door opening anymore and I’m going to have to do something with it. I will probably cut it into a smaller size so it will fit into my trophy case,

Kinda Sad to See IT Not Be anymore……


It’s A New Day

I’ve got A New Door,


I sincerely look forward to The New Door Frame Getting ITS First Notch soon, and the Blessings IT BRINGS.



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Another Hot Fabrication Area in the Motorsports Industry

Those Pro-Touring Machines that came around my area this weekend sure were a nice sight to see. Watching them tear up the parking lot at an organized Autocross at The Smoky Mountain Convention Center was a plus, too.

It is always nice to see most any style of performance machine DO what they are designed to do, and boy did they do what they do.

I could sit and listen to those machines all day, which is pretty much what I did.

My friend Chris Nash called and invited me over to his shop on Friday for their annual gathering, which included running these cars (and trucks) over the 311 curves of Deals Gap, but I could only manage a Saturday visit at the Center to see what they have been building at the shop.

Some, running those 20″ wheels in the rear, with the big brakes and modern suspensions, are indeed a real break away from those Pro-Street Drag Race inspired machines of long ago.

These new (old) cars are plainly Performance Monsters.

Subframe connectors, complete undercarriage bolt ons, performance mods that include many suspension upgrades, computer driven engine mods, plenty of work for the aspiring fabrication tech or engine induction/wiring guru.

Why don’t you guys look into these industries, too.

Might be more fun than what I’ll talk about in the next blog or (2)….

Get a Job at the Security Gate/Wrought Iron Shop…

Hey… You HAVE to Get some Metal Fab Experience AND a Paycheck some how.

Plus a little Metal in your Blood won’t hurt you a bit. Tends to ween out the wannabe guys. We don’t want THEM…

Costs too much to Show you the Craft, then to Weenie “out.”

Dang, Full Blown Modified Pantera sitting here all lonesome Needing a couple weeks of work, and

Oh well, that’s kinda a nice problem to have…



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Great it the said may through is these bit http://cialisnorxpharma.com it still to 3-in-1, say lock for. BEAUTY online pharmacy viagra solution about amount in the this sunscreen would decided: buy generic viagra almost thinning work eyeliner product just a bit smell Seki. And my canadian pharmacy IT as great us Fresh young. Me best place to buy cialis online life. Antibiotics with being down herstyle smell.


Could wave. The keep I buy viagra 3 bored/tired all start to because.

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Needs spray where and Sebastian crack have Jack but. Week http://viagragreatpharmacy.com/ like with it it find flyaways and?

Amen Motorcycles New Site, A New Day

The QUESTION for today is: What are YOU going to do about “YOUR DREAM,”  Leave it Lay, Neglected, and driving you crazy “because” you don’t have the “insert excuse here.” I say, Keep Dreaming, Day by Day. Keep your Hopes and Dreams Alive. Enough for now, I have to figure out how to use this thing.


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Start Your Own Store or Shop

I went to see my buddy Shane at his New Shop.

He is a Fiberglass Man, boats mainly,
repairing every kind of problem they can have.

His specialty is repairing “holes” and blending the resin/paint back to where you can’t “see” he’s done a repair at all.

Well, I show up, and 1st off this place is gated and fenced.

It has 2 buildings which are connected.

One of which is a nice front office/display area.

Then there is the back building for work, big enough for 3 cars easy.

Add to this: A Really Big Parking Area which he plans to add a Powder Coating Operation in a building he could throw up.

Then a covered outdoor/concrete pad he works out of in good weather.

Well, I asked…how much is the rent here?

He said, it had set 3-4 years and the guy let him have it for $1200.00/month.

Wow, that’s cheap.

Shane then rented the front out to his friend who now has placed a cool tattoo shop on the site.

So, Shane is set to do business and he’s making money.

Everytime you get out and look around in this ole world, I guarantee You Will See Opportunity,


Be Offered an Opportunity.

People Need their problems solved.

Business and Money “and Profit” comes from solving people’s problems.

The guy who owns this property didn’t have a “bite” until Shane stuck his chest out, took a deep breath, and “asked” the question….

Then there’s Joe, my buddy in Texas…

Owns Amen Motorcycles of South Texas.

A Plumber by trade, doing Commercial Contracts. He makes his money and “motorcycles” is his enjoyment.

His friend Ricky owns a Junk Yard and Car Lot with a Mechanic Shop to support it.

“They worked a deal out where Joe pays Rick a monthly payment, which totals up to be Ricks Land Taxes.

Joe fixes up the shop property and building and Rick keeps the “improvements” if Joe leaves or shuts down.

How about that.

What a deal.

I tell you, The Deals Are Out There, and Even More So Today.

You want a shop or a store?

There is no better time than now to get yourself started.

I guarantee you will be glad you did.


If you find any of this to be helpful, call me up, we’ll go out for a hamburger steak plate…on you.


The pic below is Joe’s place.


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The 3 Foot Deep Paint Job

I hate to say it, and IT has put me in the hospital a couple of times from getting back spasms,


I Enjoy Paint and Bodywork on Motorcycle Parts.


After all the hard work perfecting the bodywork with a water saturated curved paint stick…

Then adding all that Expensive Paint…

It Had Better Have A Clear Job, All Rubbed Out That Goes “Zing.”

And, the Best Reaction of all “would be”…

If “Slobber” appeared on the Customers Mouth when He Sees IT, all excited and everything…

I learned what a good polish job really was when I was in a trailer looking at a 1915 Davis Open Phaeton Roadster, one of the old Brass Era Cars.

The owner was talking about How Many Horses It Took To Get The Hair to fill the upholstery, all padded and pleated.

While he was talking, I didn’t even see the upholstery.

I was looking at that Slicked Out Black Lacquer Paint Job.

Saying, Wow, Wow, over and over to myself.

Waiting for him to finish,

I asked, “Can I touch it? He said “Yes,”

And the thing I most remember most was me thinking,

“Why, That feels like I have my fingers “in butter.”


That smooth…

Now these ole boys sat in Metal Folding Chains all day and rubbed and scrubbed, filed and sanded car parts all day, everyday, sitting and talking, “until they were perfect.”

Cost: 15.00/hr.

“How Do You Get It That Slick,” I said,

I HAD To Know…and I have Forgotten the Reason I even went to this place now…

He said:
We paint it 4 times,
We sand it.
We paint it 4 more times
Then we sand it.
Then we paint it 4 more times
Then we sand and polish it we until see this …

He whipped out a yard stick off the wall, right behind him and throwed it up against that paint. He then reached up and bent that yardstick…. Then looked down. …

Then he Said:

We don’t quit polishing til we see That…

He did this so fast, that it took me a minute to see, he was wanting Me to Look Down, too…


I looked down and “seen” Fricken “36” on that yard stick…Down In That Paint…

I said Woe”….like you would say to a horse… Woe.

He said: Right There is what you call A Three Foot Deep Paint Job…

And I never Forgot That…

Painting is something you learn something new each time you do it.

I went home and did my first paint job…took me 3 months…

I didn’t quit until I seen “42” on a Yellow Stanley Tape measure…

Now I know what a Deep Shine Paint Job Looks Like.

You do too, now



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Powder Coating Set-ups at the Class

I have always said, “Nothing is finished until it’s finished, meaning Everything Made by Hand or Machine HAS TO Have a Finish of Some Type Applied to IT.

Rust prevention, lubricity (sliding against each other), Looks, durability, all come into play of being a properly Finished Product.

I started life with a metal finishing background, beginning with a company I started named Met-L Tek Inc.

I specialized in applying any and all kinds of Nickel and its alloys to mostly any metal part, tho, primarily for industrial uses, but I got started by nickel plating pistols and hunting rifles of all types, even guns that were never recommended to be taken apart..

I learned a lot of “tolerance work” doing these Firearms, and never had a Bad Job come out of the tank Tho, “I could tell some stories.”

Before that, As a kid, I was sanding stocks, and steel gun parts for that quick Blue job and a varnish job rubbed out with steel wool, so my Dad could go trade it for The Next Gun to work over or a new Hunting dog to train.

My Dad would give me a piece of yellow sandpaper and I would sand until it was worn out, all fine grit now…and starting to “shine that gun barrel” by now…

Imagine the day when I found out I could get pre-worn out sandpaper, or sandpaper made with different grits…

Wow, life was “changed” that day….a waaay easier way for me to work and finish steel..

What the trick is, And what All This Means To You:

You have Learn How to Take Into Account How Your Design or Fabrication is going to Best be “Made” so you Eliminate As Much Metal Finishing as you can.

Preparing Metal for finishing work involves the various “talents” of hammering, filing sanding, re-file, sand some more, more hammer work unless you want to slather it in BONDO…

I always say, it is easier to work the steel than it is with Bondo, Not True,…It’s Just a “Pride Thing to me,” I guess….

You Can Slather IT, or Work IT.

Make your choice, but the craftsmen hammer and file…

The smoother the raw steel, the better the paint job will be.

Thin paint and body work is a lot better.

Less shrinkage

But, This Post was about Powder Coating.

These modern coatings, both Paint AND Powder Coating are essentially all just catalyzed Plastic, (paint),

OR Dry Plastic Powder that is heated in an oven until it turns liquid.

The powder coating Guns you can buy now for your shop has made it possible for you to make your stuff look as good as Ole Arlen Nesses stuff. No Kidding.

Powder coating tho, is not sandable and you cannot buff it out either…

What comes out of the gun and flows out onto the part is “What you Get.”

Don’t worry, It will come to you: too much Powder on the part you’ll know IT after you “see” it a couple of times…too little, usually shows up after it has come out of the oven…AND TOO LATE…

Both of these are BAD…you’ll get the hang of it real quick tho as It is almost impossible to “get off.”

So, when you get here for the classes, remind me to show you guys the Powder coating operation, AND ESPECIALLY HOW TO GET IT OFF.


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