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Mike Brown Here.


My Telephone is Always Open to Aspiring Builders and Fabricators

You can call me, anytime at 423-272-6000.

You can email me also at: precisionguesswork

Since the beginning, I have worn “every hat” there is and started Amen from the “red clay” under the concrete.

Taking into account the hundreds of Situations, organizing growth, people and tooling, I can pretty much “Tell You What Works, And What to Stay Away From.”

You’re probably not going to build “hundreds” of these in a production setting, but there is a lot of insight and information to save you from making some very costly mistakes, and help speed your learning curve immensely.

If you Dread going to “Work,”

Or just hate your present situation,

It is Time for a Change.

I will answer your questions on Business Start-up and How to Get the Knowledge You Need Under Your Belt.

You should Do Whatever It Takes…… To Get Your Confidence Built Up So You Finally “Make That Move.”

I’ll do my part with my best recommendations.

Work For Yourself, Start Right Where You’re At.

And I Know How to Get You There.

For your email questions;

Write to:

I have another website also. It has a good description of what we do at these Fabrication classes/Training sessions we hold.

It is located at :

Be sure to visit over there.

You Can Schedule a Visit here at the Manufacturing Facility but you Need to Call First.

The address here is:

Amen Design & Engineering (Amen Motorcycles)

603 Marble Hall Rd

Rogersville Tn. 37857

You make the decision and commitment….

I guarantee your progress toward IT will come.


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