A Longer More Happy Life: Free

What if You Could Have That:

A Longer More Happy Life.

And It Not Cost You a Thing?

Well, what have I been thinking?

And Why This Post??

We all go around Beating and Pushing
Worrying and Working…

Doing all that we think we have to do to make a living and Hating all of it.

There’s got to be a better way.

Well, there is…

And Here It Is:

Just Go Do What You Like.


Make That Your job…

Just what brought this up?


Fishermen think that.

They believe the time they are Fishing

is Not Costing them any time out of their life.

Or, to say it another way…

Time Not Being Counted.


What if it was true?

Time Not Being Counted, at least not at the present pace

we seem to¬†feel when doing something we don’t like

At Least True Enough to Follow this Next Point…

That you could spend your time

doing what you love and

the enjoyment you get,


Make you Live Longer.

And Comparing That to a

Stress Filled Life of Dread

Doing what you can’t stand…

And facing That Everyday.

I would bet The Difference between Dreading Something You Do Everyday


Truly enjoying something you Could Be Doing,

Would At least Help

In making a person live longer.

This Week is Thanksgiving and a time to reflect on what your earnest efforts have produced.


If there was a “just get by result that hasn’t produced a bit of excited happiness from doing it”

Then, Why not sit real quiet in the big Chair and Ponder.

What would IT Be that You Could Do
To Make a Change.

A Real Change in your life…

Be Not Afraid of this world.

You are Equipped for the job you would really Want To Do.

Just Believe in yourself and I promise the world can come knocking at your door.




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