I’m In So Much Control, I Don’t (Even) Know It

Wow, what a statement…

Read it again…

I’m In So Much Control, I Don’t (Even ) Know It…

So here, I lay out my case.

In a nut shell:

I believe it’s WE Who are in Control of:
Everything We Are, Want, or Need.

I believe We Personally,

Are running/directing and steering our lives.

I believe the snapshot we take right now of our lives, is exactly what we want it to be “right now,”

“But, I’m unemployed,” You might say,
“I’m not doing what I want in my life.”

The life you’re living right now and what you have settled in to be, right now at this time does not mean you’ve stopped, or stuck…

Life and time is dynamic and ever moving and so are you.

What you are today may not be what you are or do tomorrow.

It’s your Mind that makes true what you are today,

And it’s your Mind that makes what you are today, Change to be what you want to Be tomorrow…

So, here it is…

You are what you want to be, according to the thinking of your mind.


If not right now,

In a short distant future, you will be what you want.

If you wear it, “are it” already in the I Am Part of you that exists in your mind.

So relax

Set on motion your natural you and be what you want.

Just Believe It in that fine Mind you have parked in your head.

That’s it.
That’s All I Got.
Designer and Fabricator
Mike Brown


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