You’re 80 Percent There Already!!

I said in an earlier Post.

80 percent of being a Professional…


Acting like it.

This is Your First Step to becoming
The Man.

The one “known in your field worldwide” or in your backyard, pick one or both…

Acting as if you are that what you said you are.

Yeah, I can fix that.

Well, you just said it…

So you’ve decided you’re it.

The Man

All while standing in a crowd…

And somebody said something.
My cams making noise.

So, right then and there,

You took a job.

Even if you have never done this trick before,
I’m thinking you Must have been 80 percent Sure You could do the job…

Could have been…Sheetrock



Name your flavor,

Pick your pick.

Jump out of the boat,

Can’t test your Faith “stayin in”


Oh, I forgot the Best Part

The Best Part of Being The Man
He Gets Paid “What He Wants.”

Get it??

Did you Catch That??

“freakin Paid…”What He Wants!!”


Give it a try.


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