Don’t Want “Just” a Job? Then Get Yourself a Real Career


Where are you in your thinking?

Why whine and cry about this economy when you’re standing in the middle of “work” available everywhere…

And not enought people to fill them.

Why do I say that?

Look around…

The coal industry

The refineries

The suppliers that make the parts for the automakers.

Caterpillar and John Deere who are exporting everything they are making to other countries who are building their country and businesses wildly.

Look for companies that supply our daily needs.

These are called: Consumables.

The stuff we have to have.

Vehicles in which we use to move about to “get” these things we need listed above.

So, there’s jobs.

Every company in the world needs you, too.

Provided you got yourself a trade a company can use…

Hint: They already have enough Managers and Department Operators and Indian Chiefs.

What they need is Professionally Skilled and Qualified Workers that have specialized in cultivating Their Talent or Interest.

But, you think you have to go to College.

That college education you’re aiming to get (or Got Already) isn’t going to allow you to slide right into that cushy middle-upper management position you think is made for you.

It just isn’t going to happen.

But, say you were one of those “lucky enough” to circumvent actually working out in the field…

You’re inexperience of the “real-world” situations out in the field,

and your lack of hands-on experience,

Would result in you making commands, decisions and work orders that would immediately be recognized as being from:

“somebody who don’t know what their talking about….” says that guy who has done his time in the field…

A guy that actually knows much more than you.

So, the end result is turmoil among the workers


a more complex and costly decision you’ve made for the company.

Now nobody is happy.

Those pencil pushers…I’d like to see them come down here and…

You know the spiel…

Here is the real facts about the matter:

You just can’t get from living in a class room or office all day every day and expect to be as smart a decision maker as that guy who has made it his living to be out there in the field, actually knowing his profession and the best way to do his job.

So, now that you’ve read this do far:

Why don’t you look into becoming one of those Skilled Tradesmen Professionals the country and companies so desperately need?

America has a very real shortage of actual hands-on professionals that make America work and thrive.

A job that provides satisfaction while Making Real Money too.

Do you know how much a Plumber makes???

So, why is your sorry broke ass wondering where the jobs are.

Open your eyes.

Can you weld?

Can you get certified at the tech school?

Why Certainly…

Then go get your job…and your money.

You all have to understand the average age of “hands-on” Skilled Labor Professionals is 45 years old.


There is nobody coming up behind them.

No younger aged folks coming on stream.

What do you think this situation will look like in 10-15 years???

Make a wise choice and decision for yourself.

Good money
Challenging and satisfying
Never the same
And badly needed

Now that’s something to sink your teeth in.

Go for it


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