Yeah, I Built It

Well, I Did…

But I’m not writing in rebuttal of the most outlandish and un-supportive comment I’ve ever heard to come from a fellow countryman and The Actual Head CEO of Our Country…America, saying

You Didn’t Build That.

What I need to know from “him” is:

Where were you when:
I had no eyeglasses for a year and a half
When I had no toothpaste for 3 months
When I was living on $15.00 a week as my food budget,
When I was buying 2×4’s for $1.00 each instead of that McDonalds hamburger, and sit in the parking lot and fret all about it, figuring the 2×4 would last a lot longer …(I really needed that wall I was building, but man…that hamburger would sure be a nice break from all that rice and beans I’ve been having last few months…)

Well I started that company a painful sacrificial dollar at a time.

It went on to provide jobs to 12 people,
And about 4 or 5 outsource people, plus the many many companies we bought their products and services from to keep it going, and I’m sure they had Payroll expenses and taxes too.

What “they” don’t get is this:

Just how much Aggrivation can they “add” to us and our businesses before we say it’s not worth it.


This blog is about….

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