Build This Bike September 3

This Fine Motorcycle is hanging up on the wall here in the shop.

It is hanging there because it is “retired”
Slightly out of date (tank style and size showing its age).

But we’re building a custom one-off Handmade version of such a machine beginning September 3.


The bike were building is the actual prototype “Savior” I dug out of the attic for my apprentice friend Matt as pictured below.


With a big 127″ motor and a 250 tire, it ought to be spinning that rear tire “at will.”

I know I blasted mine around with a 113″ Nigel Patrick Racing Billet motor and was that thing fast.

So, here we go…

Build a custom handmade Savior motorcycle

Build a custom gas tank shaped like the tank on the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-off: The Get er Done Bike

Might as well put a picture here since I seem to be in a “picture mood.”20120819-104333.jpg

Next, we get out the jig fixtures the frames are made from. Spend a couple days working the tubing and parts to explain the ins and ours of frame building…pic next…


We ought to have Randy’s bike here, fresh off the build table based off the production Savior chassis with its rear fender and shorter Swingarm


Lots to look at

A ton of info to take home

A hands-on Experience

Friends met from all over the country (and world sometimes)

Don’t miss it.

Call me anytime at

I have 1 more bike pic.

It’s a shocker….


There is always something big going on…come “see” for yourself…


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