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It has been a while since I’ve updated here, and I find the time has quickly “slipped” by, so to speak.

Changing objectives, people and personnel changes, new directions, different goals, heck, if you’re like me in any business, you better be on your toes.

Economic and political situations are adding to the complications of having good and clear thoughts…

See, these days, making decisions, and trying to make sure it is the right decision is more critical than any time ever before.

You have to know that you know it’s “right”

The right time

The right product

The right knowledge you are investing your time and money in.

And believe me, if you aren’t learning,
You’re slipping backwards, and quick.

I can’t “afford” to make mistakes.
So the decisions need to be “right on.”

That complicates your thought process in many ways.

I do say this:
Since time is going by anyway,

Why don’t you commit to something

Something new

Something even scary

“Why, I could never get that….”

“Well, That’s way more than I could ever afford to do…”

How do you know that???

Just because it doesn’t “Appear Possible” does not mean It’s Not…


Everything is possible…

With a commitment that originates in your mind,

That in itself

Puts it in motion…

Believe that???

Something to think about.


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