A New Day, A New Way

Didn’t I have a post sometime ago with that same name?

Never mind,
I’m not going to go back and look.

I’ve probably got something different to say since then anyway.


Got the web site back on, as being seen with the fresh new typing words appearing here.

I’m right Proud
I deleted the files myself and Bluehost blessed it and tuned it back on.
That’s progress.

Then I broke my IPhone last night…
I knew it when I dropped it.
It Made just the right sound when it hit,
That makes the 2nd time.
Going to have to Fix it I says, then started looking at when the new IPhone 5 will come out.

And I’m going to wait for IT.

This phone I have has been the best investment and money spent so far. A machine in which I have un-ending ability to do anything a business owner would ever want…

With the exception of what the new I phone 5 will have.

So I like my phone to be pretty scratch free perfect.

So this broken glass screen is going to bother me. It’s not in the viewing area at all, so I’ll live.

But it’s a new day.

And I’m not going to waste the work of typing on something that just Not important.


Ain’t going to waste the time.

Man, get ahold of Time.

Don’t let “slide” by…

I put things up in the shop building here with the last look being and meaning when the last look is occurring that I might not ever see or touch what I just put up…ever again.

Like, I’m gone and IT outlasted me.
It Could Happen…

So, I’m being aware of time.


Here’s another…

Never say Never.

When you catch yourself saying something, then curiously find yourself right in the middle of it, doing it.

I’ll never get a Tattoo…
I’ll never drive a Ford…
Then buy one,

A dozen things you say casually without thinking can sneak up on you and happen, if you don’t watch out.

Think back and remember something you said you would never do…

Then find it happened,


It fell on you,


You did exactly what you said you wouldn’t do.

Oh, Well

Live and Learn

I say it this way.

Try not to Crash and Burn.


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