Your New Life in The Biz: Begins Shortly

As I sit here and ponder, looking out the 2 Story Skyscraper, I see the weather changing for the better. (tho Angela, my wife is sitting in the middle of 9″ of snow, just north of here.)


I’m getting the “itch.”

It’s time to get out in the shop.

Not just any old shop,


I bet you fabricator/builder types who read this stuff I type here, have a good start on your shop or store already.

It’s all about being about your business,
Nose to the grindstone, if you will…

And indeed, if you are about your business…

Either studying, learning, doing, practicing, buying the equipment, or browsing the Internet for inspiration…

Then you know…

Or “should know,”

You are doing what it takes,

For you to take yourself,

To the next level of progress and ability.

So in doing all the above, and even more…

You are putting in motion the work you will be doing in the future.

And getting more professional.

And Believe me, you had better be a professional these days.

You better know your stuff.

And you had better be able to do it in a pretty fast and efficient way, if you are going to compete.


There is another way…

The only way to rise above “All” in your industry, I’ve found…

And not have to “compete” with anybody…

Set up your Business and Profession so you can do this:

Produce and Build Very Technical, Over The Top Machines.

The fact that you can even “make” these machines from “nothing,”

Let people know you have more than enough ability…

To do that job “they” want done on “their machine.”


How are you going to get this knowledge???

So many shops will continue to keep their “how to” information secret,

End result: there is a very limited amount of help and insight you will get from them.

People tend to keep “secret” their hard fought knowledge, too.


You will soon learn, you will get some seriously “bad advise” too from some of them…

There are countless reasons for this, too…

Something as simple as “tripping you up, slow you down,

Make you spend all your money…For nothing…

Maybe you’ll even forget “all this nonsense…”

Different subject, for a different time…

What to do:

The Only Way to get the Proper Insight and Knowledge to Build Such Machines,

Is to come to one of the week long sessions we hold here at Amen Motorcycles.

I guarantee you will come out of these sessions,

Fully prepared and ready,

Equipped with the knowledge you need, so you can begin doing what you want to do as a Fabricator.

I know this:

Once you See IT…

It stays with you forever.

It’s up to you how good you get with IT.

I teach it all, too…

•Metal Stretching…easy…

•Metal Shrinking, very hard, 3 techniques demonstrated…

•Welding with the Mig and Tig rig set-ups here.

•Plasma Cutting “shapes”

•Poster Board “patterns”

•Belt Sanding Tricks and Techniques that make you look like a Pro…

•Welding up the Gas Tank you have just made, ready to take it home at the end of the classes.

This is just Day 1 and 2.

So, get ready for a life changing event.

Get your schedules cleared up for a week long class session to begin:

April 2, coming up pretty soon.

Call me when you get the chance, so I can go over the details:

Highlights are:

6 Days and Nights of Training, covering all aspects of Motorcycle Building and Fabrication.
No Motel Fees, Stay here at the Home/Shop.
Food provided.
Come Build the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off Bike, The Get Er Done.
Hosted by Industry Veteran Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Design and Engineering (Amen Motorcycles)..

Call me at 423-272-6000 and I’ll get you the Low-down on all we cover.


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