So, Here You Go

All this fixing and planning we do…

Look out the window

See that?

That World.

Look closer,

See…it’s moving.

And, you are either pushing it,


Helping to Drag it down.


Ponder upon that.

No wonder I can’t rest.

And I have this crazy thinking:

I figure the only time God truly gave me to do nothing…

Is that part of the day I get to sleep.
About 8 hours credit.

So, I either sleep it the full 8 (for a change) or go for 5 or 6, and waste the other 2 or 3.

Even sitting and appearing to be doing nothing…

I am running stuff thru my mind 100 mph, (I Love Doing That…)

Figuring and re-figuring

Until an exciting and challenging

De-sign pops out,

(as “they” stand back, and appear to be laughing at me.)

So, apt to being happy like, I am most happy running stuff thru my mind…

Everything is possible there.

I can write me a check for a cool $100K to “start” if I want.

And then I picture me running, making, driving, or using

What ever it was I done with the money.

Yep, imagine and invent,

Problem-solve, and De-sign…

All in your mind.


Don’t wait too long.

I just about have…

I’ve been building and re-building Amen Motorcycles that have been sold from their original owners and the new owners want me to go thru them.

This is my mainstay work, along with the schools I teach.


Its now time to build a bike.

But not really…

I’ve wrestled with one and have come full circle.


Believe me I was surprised it went this way.

I have a bike design that is needed in our industry…

And I am going to build a running personal prototype.

A bike that Has to Be Changed Later.
(Changed Completely too, as in Brand New),

That the new bike won’t look nothing at all like This Bike I’m beginning in the next couple of days.

So, I’m building a bike…
That won’t look like the future bike…
I’m building later on…
That will go into production.

Sounds normal-like to me, especially around here…


This 1st one is:

Not for sale to the general public…


The next one will…

Not a really good business move.

But, there is too much of this 1st one built already and mocked up…

I might as well go on with it.


Now you know,

What’s Going On,

Around here…

Up to the minute.


Could change…


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