Progress: Life is Progress

Failing is progress.


Failing is progress??


And if you did Fail…

At least you Established “Something”…


You can take it too far, too.

Failing isn’t an “excuse” to use Any Of The Following:

If I didn’t…
If I had…
If I did…
If, If, If…

Don’t do “ifs”

“They” (if words),

Just get you to begin the habit of making excuses of why you failed, or worse,

Didn’t even try.

It’s so easy, too…

If I had the money
If I had the help
If I had the time


Do a “try” instead…

Go try something.

I tried this…

I got to There then…


At least you did “try something.”


If you found…

“That” didn’t work…whatever That was.

Then, you made progress.

And so it goes…

Keep on trying, go at it from different angles.

You keep it up, you’ll get there, somewhere different from where you’re at now.

Might as well give it a “try.”

These days, they ain’t handing it out “free” to you, either.

It’s tough out there, so get your armor on and get out there in the middle of it,

Go see what you can make of yourself.

You never know what “can happen…”

Trust me, on that one…



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