Sunday Sermon, Our Lives: Our Show

I speak of our Lives as a Business.

And We Ought to Analyze our moves and decisions so we maximize the enjoyment of it.

We do that best in our Worldly Thinking as…having Money…or Freedom…

Which we think will make us happy and usually Does…if your Spirit Side is Right.

If not, we Chase “Happiness” with dozens of versions of things we think will make us happy.

I’ve certainly had my share of stuff I went for and chased thinking it would make me happy.

And I wasted a lot of my life hunting for Happiness,

When you hunt for happiness in the wrong ways,

You also lose that natural ability to gain your wisdom,

Knowing what good decisions or bad decisions are.


If you’re screwing up…

There is no wisdom in you, I’ve gradually found that out.

Now I “teach” attitude.

You Can Do It kind of stuff.

But you have to have your Spirit Right.

Begin by Knowing God and Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Stop being yourself, and Let God Be God…

He will take care of you.

So, in all this life experience, chasing happiness before I got my Spirit Right…

What did “people” get out of knowing me?


Just what has “My Show” been like?

Until my “Change”

I can tell you,


They got nothing….

Not one positive life changing/shaping “good thing” did they drag out of being around me…

How sad…

That was 22 years ago…

I have changed my ways…

Today I am still a big screw-up…

I still lose my temper, and get un-reasonable.

I do try hard to watch what I say tho.

I believe the spoken word puts “things” in motion and,

You Might Not Really want what you said,

To Come True.

So be careful with that tongue I say:

Lest we cry at our un-controlled silly selves, when it would have been so Easy to Not Have Said…


Make your Show be,

Something People Remember.

Make it that,

Just From Knowing You:

They are changed…

And “their” Change spreads…

And that “their change” gets passes on…


That The Whole World is “feeling it”

All because of You and The Show you made…

Using that Great Mind of yours,

And a bit of control called Wisdom,

That resulted in you being,

Many, many times,


Than We Think We Are”

Remember this:

Everybody IS Watching.

Just look around…

You’ll see…


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