Life Changes: In A New York Minute

Sitting here doing the Coffee thing.

Phone rings, message left…

It’s TCT TV.

I was featured there upon several times.

Something like 96 million viewers, probably more.

Worldwide and “even live” if they choose.

With access to Satellites, these guys beam you “everywhere.”

And, I always have a good message for these guys to use.

Wow, haven’t heard from them in a Long Time.

Wonder what they want.

When I do a show with them…

The calls come in…really, emails…

Nice to hear from friends in India and New Zealand, even Dubai, but it’s hard to do much else than talk…or Type…

But that phone…

It is probably the most often used piece of equipment

That conveys the message to you

That something in your life is about to change or is actually changing,

Right there on the spot,

Even As you’re having the conversation…

Life from now on may never be the same, ever again.

Pretty Big Stuff.

Kinda scary, too.

And having said that…

Change has arrived…

Simple as that.

Same with email…it comes in fast,

Even faster is those Text messages.

Yes, there is no hiding from change.

It can get you.

Change knows how to get “ahold” of you.

But don’t dread change,

Be ready for it.

As best you can.

Embrace change, even.

And if I can push the point a little farther…

Be Change…

Make Change Happen Yourself

For if,

You Are The Reason

For all the change that comes…

That it was you that put these Changes in Motion,

Why then,

You have just become,

The Captain of your ship.

Turning those wheels yourself, in any direction you wish, under the power ordained in you by God Almighty who says:

A man’s heart plans his way: but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

So, you go on now with your plans and those dreams of yours.

As really, Time is Wasting Away…

Better Get On With It.

I’m going to call TCT…


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