Bring It All To The Table

What ever you get into…

What ever you are trying to do…

When you are trying to improve yourself…

When you are trying to improve your
position in life…

I don’t care what you do or trying to do…

Do the very best you can.

Even If you’re a sorry ass shit, then Be Good at it.

Be a “Professional” Sorry Ass Shit.

At least you will be known “as a good one.”

And, They Will Remember You Too.

Just remember, no half-hearted attempt.

Put it all out there…

In other words:

Bring It All To The Table.


When you are trying to get that dream job…

Or trying to start that shop of yours.

Then, go Learn.

Study, Practice, Think, Dream…

Then go make Deals that get you started.

But you will need to:

Bring Everything You Have

To This New Direction

You are Investing your Life into…

No half-way effort…

Not a half hearted attempt.

Not just trying to get a job.


Not bringing in the baggage you have with you.

Just you, and A Real Determination that you are going to do the best…

And, prove to yourself…

You Are The Best at this Profession you’ve chosen.

If you choose right and put your time in,

I promise the world will recognize it and the work you’ve done.

Now go “do” something.


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