The Mike Brown Era The World Has To Endure

Began Today…

That means…

The fact that I am on the planet,

Means that I will have an effect upon it,

And the people who live on it.


That could be scary.

But that’s just the facts when you look at the big picture.

So my era began

in 1954 on this day, January the 4th.

The day I began this Journey here on Planet Earth.

That was a good many years ago.

Tho I am a real gear head,

It somehow comes back to a few moments that capture your attention


Those moments can and often do

help form or shape you into what you will eventually begin to be, or

Hope to be,


I believe too,

It is never too late

to do what you really want to be doing in life.

But know this:

You effect people just walking thru this life.

If they Love you, then certain things happen…

If they Hate you, then other actions happen,

As Both effect your thinking, thereby
“your actions.”


Certainly effect “their actions.”

It’s just the way it is…

Waking around, living our daily lives sometimes as a weak, fickle, easily offended human is hard enough,

Even if Love is all around you.

Add negativity and doubt, jealousy and the 20 other emotions you “could” have to your life,

and it would be hard to make Wise Decisions Everytime,


We in effect





All actions tend to “spread out.”

Something to the effect the butterfly flapping his wings here in the U.S. had on affecting something that goes on in Japan.

There is some writing about this subject to which I remain ignorant of the rest of the story and the reasoning behind it.

Some things I just don’t care to know,

Often, an overview of The Idea is all I need…

So, to say it the way it needs to be said…

We really are:

A Pretty Big Deal…

If everything we do

And everything we say

And how we act

Places in motion


Chain reaction event

That starts a “wave.”


Go start YOUR Wave.

Make it a positively lively big and wide wave


go make that wave make a real “splash” with your life…

Make it Something to Remember.

I want to thank you guys, too.

Here is to all of you that come here and read these blatherings.

I sincerely Hope your 2012 is a blow out year for each of you.


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