That You Think Important



Just how Bad
Have You Got IT.

“Got the Fever for the Guurl” as Springsteen says in the song…


Just how Bad YOU got it?

Are you In Love With IT

As bad as it appears to be in that song?

You got the FEVER?

You know…
There are Many ways to describe it..

Sleep deprived, coniving, planning, designing, hatching that plan.

But finding it to be you are putting yourself thru paces so natural,

Searching and reading everything you can find, and looking for more.


What Ever THAT IS, is what you Made Important to you.

Because You Chose

Man, what a subject…


Important IS Important, ya know?

IT really should be taken seriously…

Because you choose this… your path.

Fine, now you can relax,

You’ve made the Choice


You’re prepared to “Pay your way IN”

Well, a BiG part of Payin is


Bet you might not have thought of this…

Here it is…

People Are Going to Get Hurt,

Comma, no… Period.


And it ain’t fun, It’ll make you cry.

So, you Pay,

But I don’t care What Ever You Would Have Chosen…

You Would Have Payed Anyway…

You would have made a bunch of people mad, or Lose them straight up.


If you have this One Time Run Thru


Would Like A Good Run at it..this thing called Life…


Apparently by reasoning it out,

You Might As Well Do What You Want To Do.


You Might As Well Do What You Want To Do.


If we’re going to Have To Pay For It Anyway, this Trip thru our very own One Life.


I say,

God Bless You All That
ChoseTo Make Your Choice.

To you,

I say:

Run, Baby Run.

Bet there’s a song in there somewhere…If I think hard enough.


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