Man, Get You A Hobby

I picked up an old habit/hobby/semi-employment, (meaning getting paid),


What Was It?

Mine was guitar playing.

Always said I have a mean 8 seconds.
Well, maybe you havent thought about it much during daily life, but 8 full seconds of flat out blazing on a guitar is a really Loong time..

8 full seconds of Pretty fast guitar strumming finger moving movements…

Get the picture?

No you dont.
Not unless you really like guitar.

Gary Moore who I bothered to count (makes a guitar sound like a helicopter)
Plays 25 licks a second (funny…typed while Gracie my dog is actually licking me on the side of my face off the back of the couch…)

Well back…
Had to take Gracie “Outside”…Funny life is…

Gary Moore, just this “one” guitar player….25 notes a second.
First heard it, made me mad.

Could hear all of it, each and every note he played…couldn’t play it….

So, I “strive” …
nah, not really, just having fun with something I enjoy.

I can’t play Gary Moore helicopter licks for even 2 seconds without “much” effort, but I “like it” I guess…

That which we do…


Another subject…

I Do have the usual “signs” of a hobby tho,

like doing stuff without actually thinking about doing it??

Like Natural Baby as Tony would say.

What’s Your Hobby?
Well, then,
Get You One, Man.

Get you Two,

Nothing wrong with that.

It may even be one of those classes I spend time with

showing you your next move in the fab bizness, as they say…

Man, I tied “that” right in, didn’t “I,”

Can’t help “it.”

Think about it.
Your hobby

Could it be?

Get..your hobby equipping info and yourself here, in Rog-Vegas…Amen Motorcycles, lots a stuff to look at, and more than you want to learn.
Mike Brown
Guitar Slinger (literally).
That’s another (3 minimum) stories…

Classes are “humming” right along.

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