Each Class Different

At Amen as we go thru stages of fabrication just like every shop does…

We work on different things, and

There are lots of cars here…

The most normal is below, but I sure can use it to blow the interstate miles away in custom kool style, save that motel money on the drive to splash around fun money when I arrive,

So here we go…

I Love Astro Vans
Old School, out of Favor now
I have
A Kool One
So and While
In the gas tank building phase of the week…
We’re stretching a bunch of small fun metal “patterns” that will really be used,

and not just bent sheet metal junked in the trash just to prove you could “stretch” metal.


That’s Easy

And fun,

That Shrinking Part , bending steel “in”, so to speak, is sometimes a real b itch.

You’ll see.


The machine next inline is an Ex Show Car: an ’89 Astro, chopped suicide on bags and 20’s. Bought that way, instead of laying out the big bucks for a Full size Chevy conversion van.

Being chopped with the windshield laid back, it really had a good Look to Start the project I had in mind.

I immediately cut it up.

Clear cut out the inner fenders so if a bag failed it would still “roll.”

Installed an Escalade Front end.

Then bought another Astro, a drive in and sell, at the junk yard for $400.00

It WAS a Conversion Van, do I immediately cut the conversion roof off (half thick,) and put it on the Chop van

Man, what a change, perfect look.

Will look factory, and this thing looks Waay smaller than a normal Astro.

With those 20’s (pretty much a real major amount of work would be needed for anything larger, and no need, really)
It looks Matchboxy which makes me happy enough.


Already have an ’87 Panel I drove to Shows early on, me and a bike in the back, front tire is my new arm rest.

I had it down too,
(2) 2×10’s would join together with this tube the same size, made me a big long ramp.
I could load a bike in 2 minutes then tie it down in another 2-3, very convenient for what I was doing.

Well, it had a 350 Chevy in it. I ran tall gearing and it Idled Down the highway.
(Tony just got back from a business trip and got……24.9 mpg, wow that’s good huh)

So … We have a race car motor here,
Came from Matt from Iowa, a Student from last school,

Well, I’ll have to stop now.

I’ll go introduce you to Matt.

Till I get back…


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