Big Ramble: Read

All our lives are living “lessons.”


Do these lessons cost…

Each and everyday we make choices.
Each choice does the life experience make.

Each of us can know either automatically or by slowing down everything and replaying the day we just lived,

Whether we did mostly “good” today,

Or just kinda skirted thru it without really getting anything done.

So, are you really committed to this progress stuff?

You know already.

So, go on with it then…

Get ahold of your life

Call it what it is,

Simply this: A Big and Complex Business,


Lack of saying it any better:

The Business of Life.

And you’re conducting this business of life right now.


And at the end of even this year,

You should have done better,

Someway making it, What…

More painless
More free
Not having anyone that says anything to you that makes any of the above “appear?”

And what would be more nice than


The Debit Card Always Works…


Wouldn’t that be nice?

You know

The Life of a Proverbial Rock Star

Maybe, not really…


Sure would be good, huh.

Do your business as you see fit

Make it Big

Make it Simple

Make it Whatever you Want

Just don’t let People Get in your way.

And They Will if you let them.

Then there are those decisions you make everyday.

Wow what a mess, huh.
Those decisions that are permanent
And life changing.

The goal is to make as smart as a decision you can by being armed with whatever knowledge you can muster up so you know all the “angles.”

But I shoot from the hip a lot and I miss a lot…

So is the life of:

Knowing Where You’re Going.

Here is A Big Problem:

People can’t keep up…

They don’t like Change,

Beware when you see IT…
Get real light on your toes if you’re around someone who has IT…if you want to keep up.

Might be a nice ride to go on tho.

Probably sure to be “memorable.”


What is It?

Determination is IT…

Or worse

Intense Determination, which is almost a Loner guy, because he’s out of control (I ain’t mentioning anybody particular)

If you have IT…

You have seriously launched an unstoppable train.

(Made a pretty big decision in your life, so to speak,)

Then there’s The most powerful tool or weapon in the world:

The Tongue

Choose wisely your use of it.

It can set in motion things that change your eternity…

Yes, even THAT BIG…

I think the tongue is the most dangerous weapon or tool there is in man alive.

Wow, do I fall for “words”
Man, do they shape your thinking,
How easily, too.

And those words do slide right in So Fast…

Without even thinking…

These Word are Hard to catch, too.

Could be lies,
Probably are

So watch out you people.

Be ye armed and prepared and pray all you hear is good and true.



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