You Think You’re Stuck?

I’ve gotten myself in some predicaments here at Amen, like buying a ten thousand dollar engine or something I don’t need like a Nascar Liftgate like Jeff Gordon uses on those flagship Featherlite trailers those guys pull around to the races.

No problem, the above purchases, if I Had The Money, but I went ahead anyway.

I figured with a name like Amen, why worry about money when God’s name is on the building, and on the bikes, and on the wheels, and In God We Trust on every dollar we spend.

So, I guess I don’t pay much attention to worrying about “my needs.”

I just happen to have very large needs sometimes.

Mom, years ago would call, “Mike, you have seventeen thousand in bills, you only brought in eleven. What do you want me to do?”

I would say, “Put your hand in the bag and what ever you pull out…Pay.”

I did that for years,

I never did “run out”

That’s the way I live,”

Gets on people’s nerves, especially the wifes.

“Ain’t had a “real job” since ’82,” I says, in an ole timer dialect, as if I was slightly making fun of those who do have real jobs…but absolutely hate them.

You know, you might be one of them…

Hate the job…
No challenge to it…
Too many bosses who do nothing and know nothing
Bored doing the same thing
Got debt because you bought something you thought would make you happy…
but all it done was make you have to keep working for the company,
to pay off the debt you made,
when you bought that thing you thought would make you happy.

The most common one… They offer health insurance, and I can’t afford to buy it.

Man, tough one that last one.

But please do not let that job of yours stop you from doing what you want.

I played music after I got out of factory life and another musician was talking to the crowd, what he said was these simple words,

There’s life after the Factory.

I was used to that steady paycheck and not having it was a little scary, that was before I got my life straightened out, too.

So when he said that, it stuck.

There is life after the factory job is over and gone.

You have all the time in the world to figure out what to do.

The answer will come, too.

So, remember, you’re never stuck.

You will be paid, and usually you will find yourself doing what you like with your time anyway,


Go do what you like.

Guarantee somebody will like your work and say,

Hey man, can you fix me up with one of those?

Yep, he says, and under his breath…says:

There IS life after the factory.

So, try it out for yourself,

Go for it.


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