The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing,


What Is IT?

The Next Big Thing:


You Are The Next Big Thing

That is, Able and Equipped,

To Making Something Happen In your life.

A New Direction…

A decision to Enjoy this thing while here on the earth.

This “making something happen” part,

If controlled by you…

Will be better

Than someone from “the outside” calling “your” shots.


The mistakes of your past has equipped you for the next move in your life.

Just don’t Think It To death.

Let it just happen,

What you dream you would enjoy,

Just might be what you need to do.

After all,

If you enjoy something,

Would you not work a little harder,

Or longer?

Probably be a lot more successful in seeing it thru to the end, too.

What is it that Peter Drucker says?

The best way to predict the future


To Make It Yourself.

That is a good saying


Are the next big thing.

Totally in Your Control

Sleep is optional too, for Some of Us…

If you like what you’re doing,

There is nothing better than “Getting into that Zone,”

A virtually indescribable place few know of,

Where tools drop in your hand,

Where ideas flow at such speed it makes you anticipate your next set of steps to take,

A place where technological problems become the most enjoyable of all missions to solve.

Maybe even to “See” the future.

The above best describes

The newly Found YOU, or the You that you have “to Develop.”

Or, at least the part of you who has decided to Make a change in your life

The one,

Who is reaching out, reading information like this in hopes of helping you to know how to make the next move.

So, in closing,

You are truly “the only one in charge.”

A mans heart devises his way…

But the Lord himself Will Direct Your steps with help, money, new contacts, education, and more.

Just believe

Just commit

Just go get started.

Call or write, too if you like


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