January 23: Get Here If Possible

Announcing the next set of Sessions and Classes here in Rogersville, scheduled for January 23, 2012.

These highly successful classes and pretty much non-stop Sessions were very successful last time we held the classes in November.

The New Live-in Format…

No Motel Needed While Here…

Really brought us close, so we could spend a greater number of hours getting specialized information to the guys who attended.

All this in the comfort of the house/kitchen/2nd story sky-scraper we have here.

I know of 2 of the guys who have totally went a different way in their lives after attending.

You will see and be part of a non-stop 24 hour Everything Custom Experience
while here.

Here is an overview of what we are doing:

6 Days and Nights of Training, covering all aspects of Motorcycle Building and Fabrication.
No Motel Fees, Stay here at the Home/Shop.
Food provided.
Come Build the Discovery Channel Great Biker Build-Off Bike, The Get Er Done.
Hosted by Industry Veteran Mike Brown, Owner of Amen Design and Engineering (Amen Motorcycles).

The sessions are:
Gas tank fabrication,
Stretching and shrinking metal and understanding why, and what the metal is trying to tell you.
Complete the spot welded tank, done, throw it under your arm, carry it home.
“not bad for 3 dollars worth of steel” I say at the end of that class.

Frame fabrication
Every town has a place to teach Welding.
Nobody teaches complex suspension design and fabrication of motorcycle frames and chassis, except here at Amen.
When it’s all over (frame class) I tell you how to do it all with a trick that don’t cost you the 600k I spent.

Assembly Class, 2 days.
Ins and outs of every technological development and a complete background history of everything custom

Along a complete 2 day hands on assembly class building the actual Tv bike off the Discovery Channel Great Biker-Build off. Unheard of, and never done before.

Includes complete chopper wiring explained, and many secret fabrications techniques opened up to see on this machine.

These highlights in a few sentences in no way cover the “every couple of minutes nuggets” of hints, helps and insights that will save you a bunch of Time And Money

Things you can go on with and do the day you get home.

This will help you make a new start, doing what you really love…

getting paid for it is a really nice bonus, too.

So, get yourself ready and try to come to this one.

It might be a while before I get to hold any more sessions for a while, as we are getting the shop ready to open the doors here to the public for the first time.

I know there have been a lot of people who have been trying to get in here for years.


Now that time has come…

The Signature Handmade Bikes are bring loaded on Display Tables…

Formal Seating and Entertainment is next,

The VW Pusher out for all to see…

A Top Secret Build going on in my room for everyone to try to get a “peek”

Plus Lots more soon.

Should be a very exciting time here…


Get ready
Get left behind.

Come be a part of these classes beginning January 23.


Call or write for more information



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