Man, change comes quick,
Most times…

And these quick ones are those that are kinda unexpected, the ones that catch you off guard…

These are the ones I dread, the ones that according to what type they are… The ones that can hurt.

You know, a surprise change, a quick happening thing in your life, the one you wasn’t prepared for.

Like losing a loved one.

Then there are the changes You Want To See…

These usually come very slow, seems like, and seemingly never to come.


When these slow changes you dreamed of finally come, take the time to savor and enjoy these.

Sux Change, tho.

I generally hate it.


Things change
Circumstances change
Plans change
Lives change

Change can be a real heartbreaker, too.

But Change CAN Be Good, and usually is.

Come dragging and kicking


Be Man and Walk straight into the face of it…

If done right, You Can Control Change.

I’m not real good at it, (only being a master metal teller what to do er) the people stuff is dynamic, with reactions that are hard to predict.

So, what are we going to be guided by when these various versions of change happen to affect us?


We have our life experiences,

What we’ve been thru ought to teach us something.

There ought to be some tool or lesson from going thru changes in out lives that should equip us…

Something we have faced in the past that we can refer back on, so we know how to react to these new changing circumstances we are facing.

Usually, we can dig our way thru and figure out the best way to deal with this new “spin” on life.

I personally Pray and straight hand it to God.

Then, I rest, knowing its not in my hands anymore.

Let life happen according to the good graces and provisions God provides.

I go straight to the Power,

He who inclines minds to think a certain way.

Makes even your enemies be at peace with you.

So, don’t be too concerned about life changes and new and different circumstances in your life.

Time tends to heal all and straighten out the road you’re on.


Peace and Rest be to you and your thoughts for the night.

Take the time to be thankful, watch with open eyes what your new thoughts on the subject bring.

And never forget what you’ve learned along the way.

Song: Remember the Future…Nektar


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